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This sapphire blue dragonfly suncatcher is handcrafted and uniquely designed using a 20mm prism crystal on a silver bail, faceted sapphire blue crystal beads and silver dragonfly wings.
The dragonfly decoration comes on your choice of a silver chain with clasp (for ease of hanging on the rearview mirror) or a six inch chain with ring for hanging in a window, porch, sun room or wherever you choose!
Offering many unique and individually handcrafted crystal suncatchers and crystal rearview car charms!

Trump has a lot of hurdles to jump if he wants to become the next president— he’s said a lot of offensive and sometimes racist things in the past, instigated a few Twitter fights, and has a history of contradicting himself on important issues. Girls Memes on the Internet …You Will Laugh Hard   Page 1 of 1Post navigation Previous Story Next Story Like this Story?
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