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Dennis Buyacar Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD (GB09151058) (FRN:667368) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
The cars feature matte black paintouts on the front and sides combining with the Vector hood scoops and side vents to immediately communicate a sinister edge.
The interior features a unique finish on the console, instrument panel and steering wheel while special edition sill plates, Onyx leather trim, matte black badging and a subtle lip spoiler on the ClubSport R8 complete the package.
A unique build plate is also fitted to every vehicle to identify membership to this very exclusive range.
Available in Alto Grey, Nitrate, Sting, Heron and, of course, Phantom Black, only a limited number of vehicles will be produced. The SV Black Edition is limited to just 100 ClubSport R8s, 100 Maloo R8s and 25 ClubSport R8 Tourers. Opel is benefitting from a $13.4 billion investment by GM Europe in new products over the next three years. The biggest question still to be answered is the pricing of the Opels, and how they will sit against the Volkswagen Polo, Golf and Passat - as well as benchmark cars including the Mazda3 and Ford Mondeo - in showrooms. The Corsa is chunky and solid, with the driving feel that will impress people who might shop it against a VW Polo. The recent emergence of Opel in the Australian car market makes for interesting times for small car buyers.
Opel, a division of General Motors since the 1930s, hopes to gain an image that’s European, thereby pushing itself further upmarket than the Asian produced small cars. Made in Germany and Spain, the Opel Corsa offers buyers the chance to own a sporty looking hatch - albeit with less-than-sporty performance.
There are three variants – Opel Corsa, Corsa Colour Edition and Corsa Enjoy; bright and breezy names to give it a different place in the overall scheme of small cars. Prices start at $16,490 for the Corsa three-door manual and top out at $20,990, plus on-roads, for the Enjoy five-door automatic.
The Colour Edition comes standard with a black painted roof, 16-inch alloy wheels and is available in range of bright exterior colours, which are carried through to the interior where the colours and instrument panel patterns create a two-tone effect.
Added appeal comes from Opel Service Plus, with the Corsa costing a reasonable $249 for standard scheduled services in the first three years of ownership. The Australian Corsa has been the subject of serious design upgrades recently in a move to give the hatchback more road presence.
The Corsa joins the rest of the Opel range by incorporating wing-shaped daylight running lights in the headlamps. Black plastic surroundings and dark material seat coverings give the interior a utilitarian look, the only contrast being a matt silver centre stack panel.
With room for up to five occupants, shoulder space with three in the back is not the best and not up to the legroom, which is ample for the average-sized person.
Thanks to a rigid passenger cell with computer-modelled deformation zones and high strength steel sections in the doors, Euro NCAP awarded the Corsa the top rating of five stars for passenger safety.
Neat styling gives the Euro Opel Corsa a head up in the affordable car stakes. Anyone wanting more performance from an Opel Corsa – a lot more performance – can opt for the recently introduced Corsa OPC, the acronym standing for Opel Performance Center, which is to Opel models what HSV is to Holden. The report comes as Holden contemplates building V6 Commodores in China after delivering a car industry bombshell on Wednesday by confirming Australian manufacturing would end in 2017 following a directive from GM Holden's American headquarters and a failed gamble with the Federal Government. News Corp Australia can reveal the death sentence to the Australian-made legend has resulted in V8 Supercars secretly plotting a name change and category shake-up with the "V8'' Holden facing extinction. The sport will move away from the long-serving V8 power plant amid the biggest shake-up in Australian car manufacturing history and avoid becoming another NASCAR, which use uniform bodyshells that are nothing like a road car.

GM Holden is understood to be considering several options, including building a new platform Commodore in China, but The Daily Telegraph understands there will not be a V8 Holden on the showroom floor for the first time since the Kingswood was born in 1968. The Australian icon may also decide to follow Ford in an American muscle showdown and axe the Commodore for a Camaro to war with the Mustang, which will be a Falcon substitute for rev heads.
News Corp Australia last week revealed international racing giant Roger Penske had sent his first lieutenant to Australia with global Ford heavyweight Jamie Allison in a move that could see the Mustang and V8 Supercars spearhead a Ford led industry shake-up. While Holden refused to reveal their master plan after a failed bid to snare public cash, News Corp Australia can confirm Holden have indicated they will remain in V8 Supercars beyond 2017 sport likely to become the brand's most important marketing platform. Whether it is a foreign made V6 Commodore, a mid-sized substitute, or an American legend, the company will need the help of V8 Supercars to sell the non-Australian substitute to their legion of Aussie fans. V8 boss James Warburton, the former TV boss, was confident Holden would continue its famous Australian motor racing legacy, even though it will be a new look war against bitter enemy Ford. With Nissan already entering the V8 Supercar series with a V6 road car, the sports move away from the V8 engine would allow further manufacturer to join the series and see a major shake-up in the sports rule. The offshore shift will leave up to 3000 Holden workers without a job by 2017 with the announcing causing uproar when Victorian Premier Denis Napthine made the announcement in State Parliament. Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss said Holden boss Mr Deveraux told him around 1.50pm the decision had been "made in Detroit" that the company would be "closing a significant part of their operation" in Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2017. Devereux has been appointed to a role in China, where many are predicting he will be part of an all new Chinese built V6 Commodore.
That's the position of Mitsubishi Fuso, which has taken the bold step of introducing a new generation Canter with an engine 1.9-litres smaller than the one it replaces as well as an industry first dual-clutch automated transmission. Working Wheels can confirm, after an on-road test, that it certainly has ample performance. We had a steer of the newly-introduced narrow cab model, which is 200mm narrower than the regular cab and serves as the basic entry level model. It had a hefty steel tray on the back, but it was empty so we still don't know how the rig will perform running the 1500kg-odd payload on the back (taking into account the heft of the tray) that allows it to be driven on a car licence.
The new engine is an advanced unit with a variable geometry turbo and piezo injection which allows for extremely accurate combustion (it injects four bursts of fuel for every bang) allowing it to generate 110kW and 370Nm of torque. It copes well with several steep hills on the drive route that takes in some suburban driving and a trip to Lorne along Victoria's surf coast.
Dual clutch automatics, found in more and more cars including the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, can get a bit confused in city conditions, but the Canter's works so well I don't even think to flick it into manual mode. The gearbox also has a special creeper mode that means it can ease forward or backward at low speed like a traditional automatic, which is handy when backing up to loading bays and such.
Mitsubishi Fuso can't say how much because it varies depending on the body fitted to the truck and its usage. Our test truck did bounce around a bit, not surprisingly given it was empty, although the bumps are likely to have made more of an impression given it has a fixed driver's seat.
Mitsubishi Fuso has moved to a rack and pinion system for the steering (like a car) and the Canter steers and handles extremely well.
The cabin layout is clean and practical, the plastic quality is high and there are lots of thoughtful hidey holes for all your gear and also for paperwork.
These are minor niggles though and, on the whole, the new Canter is an extremely impressive truck.
Our standard charge for England and Wales is included in your finance quote and you can choose enhanced or longer-distance delivery here. Our arrival in Australia will be something special," says Bill Mott, managing director for Opel Australia.

The car once sold here as the Holden Barina is back, this time carrying its original name of Opel Corsa.
A seven-speaker audio can be controlled via steering wheel-mounted controls, while USB connectivity has just been added to Bluetooth with voice recognition plus auxiliary input. Also available is Opel Assist Plus, an Australia-wide 24-hour roadside assistance program for the first three years from registration.
The lower of the double radiator grilles is expanded, giving width to the front of the car. Analogue instruments are clear and simple to read, while audio, fuel, air-con and other information is displayed on a screen centrally located on the dashboard. With power front windows only, the folk out back are left to twiddle the window winders by hand. However, fold the backs down and there’s 700 litres and up to a maximum of 1100 litres to take bulky items.
Opel’s patented Pedal Release System and front active headrests are standard throughout the Corsa range.
Best kept in the upper rev range, the five-speed manual transmission calls out for the extra cog. From a marketing and sales perspective there is no greater platform than V8 Supercars and the audiences we bring to any manufacturer, regardless of where the cars are built. The biggest concern is whether opting for a smaller engine has transformed the truck into a gutless wonder. It passed several tests including making the correct changes on some hills that had completely befuddled the Eco Canter's automated transmission (which is a different unit). That and the new engine, which is also considerably lighter than before, make for some good fuel economy. All Canters have a fuel consumption calculator which is great for checking how economically you are driving. Its independent front suspension system has been overhauled and now uses coil-over springs instead of a transverse beam.
The better specified regular cab models all have more comfortable suspension seats as standard. The only other niggle being the high-pitched screech it makes when you leave the key in the ignition and hop out of the cab for something (thanks to the immobilizer). The Opel Blitz (lightning) badge is incorporated in a sculpted chromed bar, adding to the assured appearance. Like all of these, it may require a manual burn from time to time when it can't manage one on the run, although we didn't need to do so on our test. The deal ended in 2014 when Renault bought out Caterham's stake in the project.The Alpine brand was born in the early 1950s when garage owner Jean Redele started racing lightweight cars powered by Renault engines. His on-track success led to demand for production models and he launched the A106 — a fibreglass-bodied coupe on Renault 4CV running gear.The last Alpine — the A610 — rolled out of the Dieppe factory in northern France in 1995. Renault has since used the plant to produce RenaultSport models but has promised the reborn Alpine range will return to its spiritual home when a production version is eventually signed off.

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