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Dubai: Car buyers in Dubai will feel more protected as the Department of Economic Development (DED) is planning to set up consumer protection counters at car showrooms by the beginning of 2017, officials have said. The DED officials held a meeting with seven major automobile dealers here to discuss plans to kick-start the initiative early next year, reported Gulf News. The Consumer Protection Counter initiative will enable consumers and traders to resolve complaints amicably and quickly before escalating it to the DED. Lootah reportedly explained that the automobile sector stood third in terms of consumer complaints, with a 15 per cent share, and up to 73 per cent of them were either related to non-compliance with the terms of the agreement, refund, or defective products. He was quoted as saying that the Consumer Protection Counter will contribute significantly to harmonious relations in Dubai’s retail segment and enhance the emirate’s reputation as a shopping destination and global business hub.
Officials from the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in DED visited major car agencies in Dubai, including Al Rostamani Automobiles, Al Futtaim Motors, Juma Al Majid Automobiles, and Gargash Enterprises to discuss plans to establish the counters, said the Dubai-based news portal. Although most automobile dealerships already have facilities for receiving customer complaints, they do not comply with the standards now set by DED, Ahmad Al Awadi, Head of the Commercial Protection Section at DED, was quoted as saying.
As per the standards collaboratively developed by DED, the Consumer Protection Counter will serve as the first point of contact for aggrieved consumers, he reportedly said. CCCP has also begun to receive requests from retail outlets to train their staff on the standards and procedures to be followed at the Consumer Protection Counter, reported Gulf News.
THE FILIPINO TIMES provides the information that the large Filipino community in the region wants and needs. I suppose driving around looking like your body shop went bankrupt after priming your car has a certain stealthy, edgy appeal. Many automobile dealers have turned to selling aftermarket matte wraps rather than profiting the piddling markup on the factory flat paint.
I have concluded that customers who buy matte finish vehicles reinforce that old car dealer adage: there is an ass for every seat. The infamous auction site has rolls of vinyl for the DIY’er for $200-300 depending on the size of car. Little do they know, peeling it out of every crack and crevice is quite the ordeal, and they never seem to get it all on the cars I’ve seen.

Seeing how the rear backup sensors are covered on the rear bumper, I’m thinking this is a dip job. My university recently replaced the car they use to chauffeur the dean and various VIPs around: From a S-Class to a 7 series BMW – painted matte light grey. When this silly fad is over, can the next owners of wrapped cars restore them to all their shiny goodness?
Stupidest trend ever — I see a lot of these, and the most egregious may have been a new 650i with a crappy matte paint job.
Nike as a historic brand is popular in all over the world,nike australia occupies a very important position. The spring came again, if you have love to choose a pair of christian louboutin shoes right now? NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump met with his newly-minted Hispanic advisory board in New York Saturday, sitting down with elected officials, business leaders and faith leaders, along with his new campaign team.
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Shortly after Claressa Shields punched her way through yet another elite opponent to reach another Olympic gold-medal bout, she spontaneously broke into song.
Consumers not satisfied with the response from the consumer protection counter can raise their complaints with the DED on the Ahlan Dubai number 600 54 5555, the report said. The counter should maintain a record of all complaints, whether solved or unresolved, as well as the action taken on each of them,” added Al Awadi.
More than just a source of information, we aim to be a hub that unites the Filipino community and bridges the thousands of miles between them.
Most luxury automakers offer this ugly flat paint option, charging upwards of $5,000 over a standard finish. The problem is that upkeep on the paint is a pain if you want to keep your car looking as dull as new. No problem, there are a host of specialty paint shops that will apply a matte wrap for a couple thousand dollars. This is a lovely $2,500-cost wrap job that a dealership is charging $4,995 for on a Mercedes-Benz C250.

According to a post on the 1996 Mystic Cobra Forum, that paint now costs $8,000 per gallon.  The current Manheim auction price for a 1996 Cobra in average condition is $5,567. Black and silver don’t look very good that way, but they have a coppery bronze matte that looks amazing on a compact-size vehicle.
While I have to admit that it doesn’t look that bad, the choice is simply preposterous for an academic institution that is more than 550 years old.
I never realized that the paint was so fragile, but it makes sense with how that car looked.
The wrap is actually a series of removable vinyl stickers typically used to turn vehicles into rolling billboards. Smart offered matte pea green and sky blue options which look rather nice on black and silver tridions, respectively. Just cosmetic, doesn’t affect anything important at all, but it makes the gun not as pretty as it was originally.
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I bought this gun very cheap, already complete with shiny spots, so adding some more doesn’t concern me, but if my car did the same thing, I would be pissed.
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BMW makes buyers sign an agreement acknowledging that they will adhere to the upkeep guidelines. Women like the bandage as the sexy details, they use replica herve leger bundle out of sexy figure concave and convex have send.

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