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To send your question you'll need to ENTER THE CAPCHA CODE SHOWN ABOVE into the verification box! The K-car chassis was nothing if not flexible, and to prove it, consider the 1990 Chrysler LeBaron Landau. One may not like the looks of these things, but in rust country, these things are still plying the roads. That weekend we went to dinner with them and I got to enjoy riding in that car and several times after.
I’m glad you didn’t mind the direction I went with it, because I was a bit nervous! As for the LeBaron, anyone paying attention knows I like cars like this with lots of fake lux, especially if it’s a Mopar. And, ten-to-one, Chrysler would still be with us, as an independent company – and probably a healthy one. I can remember before the boxy LeBarons came along, you could get a regular Aries K optioned up to like $11K (in 1981 dollars, not cheap) and one of the options was a console similar to the one shown.
I have to admit that I sold the Acclaim when the tranny started to slip in part because I knew what was coming…. The Corolla is about as exciting as your fridge, but it is comfortable, cheap to run and is about as reliable as a hammer.

Actually if you don’t have much expectation from your ride, these are actually nice, basic runabout, just the thing from going from point A to point B, comfortably and not much else.
Is the Ultradrive trans also from Mitsubishi, because they had terrible autos in the late 80’s?
It matches mitsubishi in every detail including the endless faults Chrysler never spent money developing anything they had none so veneering the awful Magna seens all Lido was capable of. Without looking at the sales numbers, it seemed like these remained popular until the very end. The successor for this car-the Stratus and Cirrus-were engineered with excellent ride and handling, a stiff and space efficient body and all the features buyers wanted. After I sold the Acclaim, I bought a two year old (1997) Plymouth Breeze because it was, I thought, a good deal. We all know the HPI Baja 5B is the daddy of 1:5 scale off-road buggies but a new one weighs in at around ?700. The buggy comes fully ready to run with radio gear – just add your mix of unleaded petrol and oil and you’re away!
Perhaps the Spirit was homely, but our 1990 Acclaim was one of the greatest cars we have ever owned. Not sure what motor they had, perhaps the 3.6, been ages since they had it, they eventually replaced it with 1991-95 Grand Voyager, I forget what year though as it seemed they kept the Acclaim 2 years or so due to the piss poor tranny.

The later ones were better if you did not drive the car too hard and like Fred states, change out the ATF at regular intervals with the correct Mopar fluid.
Dad kept it well maintained, either at the dealer or the Goodyear place, so I’m sure it got the ATF service Fred specifies above. They were relatively healthy at the time of the merger, and later in the relationship, providing profits to keep the foreign mothership going.
These ought to be just the perfect cars for older people with strong preference for the traditional, Detroit-style luxury. I had an alarm and stereo installed at fry’s and they screwed up the wiring harness and ignition switch.
A landau roof, an easy to read digital instruments, tufted velour upholstery, bench seat, all in a roomy yet compact, easy to drive package. Which is probably what Lido had in mind with these cars anyway, he was around the same age with the same kind of values when these debuted.

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