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This is a NOS weatherstrip for the RIGHT or passenger side door for ALL 2 door models [VIN 23 & 29] for the years and models listed below. This is a no reserve auction for an all original 1966 Buick Wildcat 445convertible with the 401 Nailhead 325hp engine and the automatic transmission.
We are going to run a clean auction and no one with less than a feedback score of 10 will be allowed to bid without contacting me first. If you are alegitimate bidderthis should not be a problem for you.We are offering a true barn find and only want to encounter serious bidders that can afford to paywhat they bid. We are not going to tolerateanyshill bidding by those wishing todrive up the price, scare away legitimate bidders, and ruin this auction.
If you want a $20,000-$35,000+ showcar you should be prepared to recondition this jewel in the proper manner.
Ihave beencharged with finding a new owner and I have the authority to sell the convertibles. With that said, if you know that you are willing to pay $7200 please letme know and we can set up the buy it now feature for you through Ebay.However, if no one is willing to pay this amount prior to someone bidding on this 1966 Buick Wildcat duo the family has agreed to let the high bidder haveeverything at the end of the auction.

This Buick has patina if you want to cruise it like it is and it has a decent interior for comfort. About 5 years ago new dual exhausts(it has a nice growl when you press the gas), brakes, and brake lines were replaced. When we pulled it out and examined it we found everything was ready to go except for the low brake fluid inside of the master cylinder.The old gas was drained and the fluids were checkedand it runs really strong, great response,great shifting, and it pulls really good. There is no 6th digit so that is probably 131,822miles, but it responds like 31,822 is actual. I am assuming it was manual because there is no evidence of cylinders or a pump ever being on this car. I haven't detected any flat spots in the tires, but I have not driven over 55mph or got on the expressway.
I really did want to stretch it out on the highway though and see what that Nailhead would do with the 4 barrelcarb opened up.
The tires look good, but please consider the fact that the tireshave been on the car for at least5 years before you try and drive it over1-2 hours on a hot day.

That will be your call, but if you media blast these areas they will be fairly simple to repair with a basic mig or tig welder. The floor pans, trunk pan, outerrockersbeneath the back of the lower door, lower rear of the fenders, and lower quarter panels. The back of the frame has some rust at the bottom of the frame underneath the trunk on both sides.
These areas can becut out and repaired to factory specs with the most basic welding skills.
However, if you want to use the GS as a parts car it has a perfect frame.This is an unmolested vehicle ready for you and your families enjoyment or it is ready for your vision.
A deposit of $500 is required within 24 hours after the auction endsvia PayPal, Wal-Mart Money Center, bank wire transfer, etc.

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