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This page contains proprietary information and is the sole property of Interstate Batteries.
Date codes are engraved into the cover of each Interstate battery at the time the battery is shipped from the manufacturing plant.
With these types of batteries, you're looking for a four- or five-digit shipping date code engraved into the cover.
Usually, a battery is sold during the first three months after it is received from manufacturing plant. If the battery has been recharged by an Interstate Batteries wholesale Distributor, then there will be another date code on the cover of the battery. See Figures 1 through 6The engine code is represented by the eighth character in the VIN and identifies the engine type, displacement, fuel system and manufacturing division.The engine identification code is either stamped onto the engine block or found on a label affixed to the engine. Today much of the manufacturing of Taiwan has moved to China and Kaohsiung has dropped rank to sixth busiest. Just add lights, windows and a pretty girl (missing below) and they quickly become a Betel nut stand.

It is not surprising that the Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival is held here. Keep an eye on the Shipping Containers album in the photos section for more recycled containers. I have attached several photos of what we have and would appreciate any advise or any wiring diagrams you might have. BGW Sponsored Links __________________ This advertising will not be shown in this way to registered members. Re: Wiring for EZGO 3 wheel electric golf cart I can't figure out how to post multiple pictures, so here's another. Similar Threads Thread Forum Basic Ezgo electric golf cart wiring and manuals Electric EZGO Two ezgo electric golf cart wiring manuals are missing Electric EZGO Electric EZGO golf cart wiring diagrams Electric EZGO ezgo golf cart electric two solenoid wiring Electric EZGO 2001 Ezgo Golf Cart Electric-wiring Diagram For 36v Electric EZGO All times are GMT -5. If they are shelved longer, it is Interstate Batteries' policy to recharge our batteries that are on a dealer's shelf or in our warehouse every three months in order to keep them fresh. It will either be a two-digit code that is branded into the cover or on a small, round label on the cover.

This code supplies information about the manufacturing plant location and time of manufacture. In 1989 I remember being able to count 20 to 30 ships at anchor off Chichin island awaiting entry to the harbour. Though total containers have increased over the years, Kaohsiung harbour today does not have the same hustle and bustle feel as it had back in 89. It is simply the prevalence of the twenty foot equivalent units (TEU) that make them so striking as you wander around. This code tells when the battery was shipped from the factory to the local Interstate Battery wholesale distributor.

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