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Kris Jenner reportedly suffered a broken wrist after her white Rolls Royce collided with a Prius which ran a red light.
Peace is a wife and mother who reports and analyses global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change. During the past few months we have seen an increase in the number of motorbikes on our roads. Unfortunately we have also found on the Road Safety websites and blogs many more reports of motorbike acidents. The cause of the accident and the series of events leading up to it remain unclear and will form the subject of a South African Police Force investigation.
Common cause information indicates that all parties had been travelling in the same direction when they collided. Netcare911 Paramedics arrived at the scene to find that the rider had been thrown from his bike and was in a critical condition lying near the wreckage in the middle of the national freeway. The man had sustained multi-system traumatic injuries and Netcare911 Paramedics immediately initiated care. Another woman, seriously injured in the crash, was transported to the same hospital by ambulance.
The fatal crash of a Tesla Motors Inc Model S in Autopilot mode has turned up pressure on auto industry executives and regulators to ensure that automated driving technology is deployed safely.

Proving fan anticipation trumps critical disdain, audiences turned out in record numbers to catch Suicide Squad, leading the DC Comics flick to the highest August opening in history with an estimated $135.1 million. The film’s massive debut also marks the biggest opening weekend of Will Smith’s career (and his first $100 million+ opener), blasting past the $77.2 million gross of I Am Legend’s first weekend in 2007. Judging by the film’s B+ grade on CinemaScore, audiences were seemingly less enthusiastic exiting the theater as they were heading in.
As expected, Universal’s Jason Bourne took a nasty tumble in Suicide Squad’s wake, falling 61.6 percent to No. After 10 days in wide release, Spy had amassed $56 million on its way to a grand total of $110 million; at the same checkpoint, Bad Momscurrently trails the Paul Feig flick by a mere $5 million, meaning Mila Kunis and company could be looking at a final number approaching the $100 million mark by the end of their run. Rounding out the top five is Star Trek Beyond with an estimated $10.2 million, which continues the film’s downward spiral as it drops over 58 percent for the second consecutive weekend.
Outside the top five, EuropaCorp’s critically panned Nine Lives, which features Kevin Spacey voicing an animated cat, meets modest expectations as it earns an estimated $6.5 million over its debut weekend. This increase might have been brought about by traffic congestion as well as the sharp increases in the cost of travel. The motorcyclist was unable to stop in time and slammed into the rear of a stricken vehicle.
The man was intubated and placed on a manual ventilator and once stabilised was transported by ambulance to the Netcare Unitas Hospital for the specialist lifesaving care that he required.

The $175 million David Ayer-directed film, which also stars Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, and Viola Davis, amassed a further $132 million from 57 international territories for a worldwide haul of $267.1 million. Mike Birbiglia’s Don’t Think Twice continues to impress in limited release, adding $395,637 to its growing total of $701,485 after notching some of the year’s highest per-screen averages during its first ($92,835) and second ($31,022) weekends in theaters. IMAX numbers accounted for $18.2 million of Suicide Squad’s receipts, the strongest-ever August showing for the format. The stocks fell in after-hours trading on Thursday after an investigation of the crash was made known.Advocates of automating driving point to research that shows 90 per cent of accidents are caused by human mistakes.
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told Reuters earlier this year he planned to propose regulatory guidelines by mid-July to clear the way for wider deployment of automated driving systems.a€?This technology is coming," Foxx said.
The regulatory system is not being used," Claybrook said.Tesla's Autopilot system "is explicitly denoted as a beta product," said Jason Corso, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Michigan.

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