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Yes, quite correct about Aythami having the rallycross car, D750PDM wasn't the one Lorenzo used, Lorenzos car was on a Q plate.
David, do you know the history of this car from the first rally it competed on until it's trip to Norway when bratlie bought it? Thanks for the warm greetings 'bigears' - I'll do the same with the 1989 event when I get a chance, which won't be till at least next week now. Firstly, there was the Rothmans sponsored rally car used by Jimmy McRae on the 1986 National Breakdown Rally. When it was sold by DRA, they removed the actual VIN No and Reg No and fitted a DRA VIN No to the car as they knew that it didn't really need a pukka VIN No and Reg No for rallycross, ice-racing and hillclimbing!
Secondly, the VIN No and Reg No were fitted to a standard right hand drive Clubman by DRA before it was sold to Brian Bell for rallying, and then to Aiden Creegan for rallycross. Thirdly, the identical Reg No C84 RBD was also seen on a left hand drive Clubman rally car that DRA built for Finnish rally driver Mika Arpianen, and it rolled heavily on the 1986 1000 Lakes Rally. You know where the first car is, I'm pretty sure that Lawrence still has the second, but I don't know what happened to the third.
Looking back at one of your posts on the previous page Mike, the name Paxti Arbelaiz crops up. Interesting about C84RBD, I wonder who has the registration papers (are they still called V5?).

Paxti Arbelaiz, I don't know much about Paxti, other than I have been to his house and it is huge! His son was using a Nissan GTiR at the time, and as I was involved with Nissan Motorsports Sweden at the time, I got a very low ratio GTiR gearbox made for Paxti, which would top out at 100mph on standard wheels (they were using HUGE diameter Paris-Dakar style tyres). My money is on the second car having the V5 and Vin No, as that originally had it when Brian Bell was rallying it, and indeed I believe Lawrence Gibson still has that Reg No on the back of one of his rallycross cars. From vague memory, when Creegan used it in rallycross, the car remained white, possibly still with the stripes over the roof- I think his sponsors included Bank of Ireland at one point? Not many of the cars had the little pictogram on the gear stick indicating where the often elusive reverse gear was hiding!
Thank you for taking the time to post details of the car here, and if you leave it with me for a few days, I will see what I can find out about the Reg No C84 RBD and maybe who actually owns it. DRA stands for David Richards Autosport, which is basically what Prodrive used to be called. I think I sent you all the results I had previously, but I will be able to upload some photos and supply you with some sponsors details if that would help.
It was then converted to left hand drive, and used by Billy Coleman on the 1986 Manx International Rally and Cork 20 International Rally, before being sold to Norway for rallycross, ice-racing and hillclimbing in January 1987. He crashed it at the 1988 Rallycross GP and the car was then reshelled and rallycrossed by Aiden Creegan, Norman Kittle, John Haffey, John Moloney and more recently Lawrence Gibson.

He was going to be the next individual I was going to ask you about, along with Inaki Arbelaiz (which I assume was Patxi's son?) and Javier Izagirre? His neighbour was the famous spanish golfer Jose Maria Olazabel (spelling?), his metro was heavily modified for off-road rallying, his garage was full of motorsport toys, mainly of the off-road variety.
I could do with knowing a little more about that car when you get a moment, ie VIN No, 6R4 No, date acquired, acquire from, condition when acquired, past history, plans, etc - if you would prefer to do it by email, then that's fine by me.
I think that when you screwed the gear nob on tightly, the threads popped through the gear nob and popped the pictogram off, deforming the plastic gear nob so any attempt at replacing the now dimpled pictogram was hopeless! DRAprepared and ran the Rothmans sponsored 6R4s for Jimmy McRae, Billy Coleman and Turk Ali Karacan in 1986, as well as preparing the privateer cars of Jean Luc Thevenod and Mika Arpianen. Garcia is his mothers maiden name, and sometimes he used both names, sometimes one or the other. I am still very keen to get my hands on the video footage from the races as I recall someone saying that there was some onboard cameras in some cars in the 1989 race.

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