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We only use nylon paracord, never polyester which is what you will find in most retail stores that are very inexpensive. While building our company and as we purchase new colors and patterns, we vet the color quality of cord we purchase to ensure we are getting the best color match for schools, teams, etc.
We also research and test other components such as buckles, charms and other accessories before deciding to offer them as part of our products.
Our guarantee to you is if you purchase a product and then were to purchase the same product at a later time, the second item will always be equal to or better quality than the first. Many customers try to purchase paracord items cheaper through online auction sites or at local retail stores only to find out they are not the same quality.
This website is independently owned and operated and is not affiliated with any amateur or professional sports team or organization. It has five sections of rail, a short quad rail that doubles as your handguard and a smaller section behind the trigger that gives you a little traction. The end result is a gun that folds down to just 16.5 inches long and weighs just over 3 pounds. This rifle is perfect for backpacking and camping, plinking, showing new shooters the basics, keeping one in the car, one in the truck, making a gift… If Chiappa prices these right they could sell them in six-packs.

Barring some crazy unforeseen shortcoming the Little Badger is going to be wildly successful, in a itty-bitty gun sorta way.
Features a plastic side release buckle or upgrade to a Rescue Whistle buckle or Stainless Steel Shackle. If we are not satisfied with a product or component, it will never make it for a customer!
We are constantly working towards continuous improvement when it comes to the types of products we offer as well as how they are constructed. Most of these cheap alternatives are made of imitation cord that is very soft and not nearly as durable as real 550 nylon paracord. If you have to unravel it for any reason such as an emergency or get yourself out of a jam, return it to us complete with the cord (or what's left of it), buckle and all parts, and we will braid you a new bracelet with NEW cord (and components if necessary) at no charge. One thing that makes the Little Badger so appealing is that it’s got nice adjustable sights on it. Paracord is very strong material and has many uses so having a length of paracord with you at all times as a wearable item can be handy or it can even save your life in a survival situation. The only condition is that you include a description of how you used your bracelet which caused it to become unraveled and you permit us to use your story and your name for publishing and promoting our products.

The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated.
The Little Badger, a survival rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle, may just push them into the spotlight.
Oh, and the stock carries a handful of cartridges in a nylon sleeve, and comes with a matching nylon carry bag. Think before you buy from another site or from auction sites and foreign countries, you get what you pay for in most cases. We are always looking for new and interesting ideas for items to make with paracord so if you have an idea, suggestion or a special request, please contact us and let us know how we can help. All Paracord Power™ items come with our Full Usage Guarantee so if you find yourself in a bind and have to use your Paracord Power™ item, we will replace it.

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