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But there’s a second step that’s just as important to becoming an organization that is built around the buyer. To design a sales organization that is truly focused on the buyer, you need to take what you know about the buyer and operationalize it in a few different areas.
You should develop a detailed buying process map that shows the key activities, objectives, and conversions that a buyer engages in as they make a purchase.
With a buying map in hand, you can now overlay your sales process on to the buying process map.
In fact, it’s critical that you understand how the different stages in your sales funnel map to the buying process. The sales process should incorporate the key activities that sales will use to engage the buyer. Your sales process should reflect how long it takes the buyer to move through each phase in the buying cycle. Given the importance of content to buyer touch points, it’s remarkable how many sales teams use content as a blunt instrument. The themes and topics around which you develop content should reflect the buyer’s priorities and objectives. Once you have content packages developed and mapped to specific types of buyers, you need to make sure that your sales and marketing content is up to date.
You also need to update the emails, call scripts, and presentations that sales uses to communicate with buyers. The foundation of buyer-centric communication is to understand how the buyer prefers to communicate throughout the buying process.
Another basic building block of buyer-centric communications is to make it easy for the buyer to communicate with you. Even with the move to digital communications, In-person meetings are still a common way for sales to interact with buyers. A good starting point for thinking about how to design a buyer-centric organization is to think about overall organizational structure. Your job candidate profiles should incorporate who the buyer is and how they make purchasing decisions. Look for performance bottlenecks in the sales process that are caused by a mismatch between the sales process and buying process.
Finally, on a regular basis, make sure that sales management and reps receive detailed, qualitative data on the buyer. While these 25 tips can get you started, creating a sales organization that is buyer-responsive is an ongoing process.

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Companies that become truly customer-centric (given that we focus on sales and marketing, we prefer the phrase buyer-centric) tend to outperform their peers on a number of fronts, including faster revenue growth, higher conversion rates, shorter buying cycles, and lower churn. This step involves taking everything you’ve learned about the buyer and operationalizing it.
In other words, your sales process needs to be about how the buyer buys, rather than how sales sells. For example, you might decide that your sales qualification phase should overlay with when the buyer is trying to understand their requirements. A simple example of this is making sure that the buyer is ready to gather pricing data when sales sends out proposals. The idea here is to design these activities to provide the buyer with what they want when they want it. One thing that our research consistently shows is that different types of buyers prefer different types of content. In fact, your voice and tone matters a little over 5X more than the words you actually use. The stay-at-home mom who is looking to buy a new car likely has a different set of priorities than the father of three who is looking to buy a new car. Too often, we see sales using old content that doesn’t incorporate the buyer simply because it’s what’s familiar.
Sales people often like to do their own thing when it comes to these tools, but it’s critical that you provide sales with the content they need to more effectively touch the customer.
Common offers include things like free trials, pricing incentives, demos, and starter packages. There’s some low-hanging fruit here that you can take advantage of, such as not relying on the phone too early in the sales process. A lot of sales people are conditioned to push for phone and face-to-face meetings, but many buyers now prefer email. It makes sense – most buyers don’t want to talk on the phone with sales people, even when they do intend to buy something.
Although it’s a nascent tactic, it’s worth understanding what social media platforms your customers use. For example, a good profile might list subject areas that candidates should be well versed in that are only tangentially related to the product you sell. Look for candidates with direct experience in the buyer’s industry or people with high levels of emotional intelligence (EQ). Most training programs focus on product and process when they should in fact focus on the buyer.
To overcome some of the reporting challenges that you might encounter in this area, start by simply tracking metrics like number of leads, pipeline opportunity, and closed business across different buyer types.
Pay particular attention to changes in the buying process and how sales should adjust their touch points accordingly.
There are a number of reasons for this, the most important of which is that today’s buyer is constantly changing. TOPO is a research, advisory, and consulting firm that believes in a really simple, but powerful idea – that all revenue can be distilled down to a series of conversions.
Patients everywhere have been experiencing excellent results and value from their LegAssist™ – TH compression sleeves.
Of course, the first step in becoming a buyer-centric organization is to understand the buying experience. This has implications for the entire organization, but you need to pay particular attention to the sales team, given that they are on the front lines of many buyer interactions (it’s also important that marketing get on the buyer bandwagon, but we find that this is less of a challenge given that marketing often spearheads the buyer research effort).

You should also think about whether the factors or probabilities in your funnel correlate to the probability that the buyer will actually buy something. That’s fine – just remember that most buyers are on their own timeline and most process design won’t have a dramatic impact on buying cycles.
In the sales world, content can take many forms, from collateral, to presentations, to email templates, to voicemail scripts. Creating content packages that are specific to different types of buyers will increase engagement and conversions. Financial professionals don’t want to buy ERP software – they want to close the books faster. Providing these different buyers with content that is tailor made for them helps increase conversion rates.
Buyer who are trying to justify a purchase financially want tools that help them understand things like total cost of ownership and return on investment. There are now a variety of communication techniques you can use to touch your buyer, including in-person meetings, the phone, email, and social media, so it’s important to have a good understanding of how the buyer prefers to communicate with sales. That’s because buyers are typically 50% to 90% of the way through the buyer journey before they want to talk to sales.
The general rule here is to keep phone conversations and voicemails short and sweet whenever possible. Try to keep meetings to 30 minutes in length and never break the 60 minute threshold – sales people lose the buyer’s attention when they let their meetings run longer than an hour.
One way is to think about whether your buyer wants to work with “farmers” or “hunters” (two common sales personas) and design your team accordingly.
Furthermore, a lot of buyer research lives in a vacuum (usually somewhere in the marketing organization) and sales training is the most effective way to release this information to the front lines. To segment this data, look for easy-to-use filters such as industry, company size, or geography. Most sales organizations would blame pricing for this, but in point of fact, many buyers simply aren’t ready for a proposal when sales sends it. Furthermore, it’s essential that individual sales people have a buyer-centric mindset that is reflected in their day-to-day engagement with buyers.
By connecting everything we do back to this core idea, we help sales and marketing organizations exceed their revenue targets. For more information on how to really understand your buyer, check out our recent post on buyer research. There are a number of techniques you can use to truly incorporate the buyer into your sales process.
Communication can take place using the phone, email, in person meetings, and other online modes such as social. In fact, 82% of consumers enjoy consuming content from brands so long as it’s relevant.
Given that offers are a critical touch point when it comes to converting leads into customers, it’s essential that your primary offers deliver something that your customer actually wants. For example, voicemails that are 25 seconds or less generate higher response rates than those that are longer.
Focus on getting sales to understand the buying process and the key touch points that can drive conversions.
The only way to ensure that this happens is to continuously make the buyer the foundation of everything you do in sales. Most buyers want sales people to be understanding, caring, friendly, and responsive They also value consistency – they don’t like it when sales people have a voice and tone that’s all over the map. In fact, including something as simple as a headshot in your signature can increase response rates.

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