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Let’s consider some of the best survival vehicles you can buy that help you get out of dodge when SHTF during TEOTWAWKI. The SUV is often a good choice for a survival vehicle; it can carry a lot of supplies, is available in a 4X4, can tow, and can carry 7-8 people. An enduro motorcycle is designed to take on the streets, the gravel, and everything else you can throw at it. Don’t forget that you can also travel on foot which is why we always encourage our readers to maintain good physical fitness in the event they have to bug out.
For the most part this vehicle can get you anywhere you need, paved or unpaved and can also be used every day.

In this same respect it can’t exactly carry as many supplies or people in the event you need to bring a lot of passengers or gear with you.
Just type in the words “Enduro Motorcycle” into Google and you will see articles on the BMW R 1200 GS. After all, a sailboat requires limited fuel, can carry multiple passengers, the ability to make its own fresh water and offer the freshest food all the time. A mountain bike is also a good means of self-propulsion that you can use to go off-roading or on the pavement. These are generally considered great for quick get-a-ways where limited protection from the elements and limited number of passengers is not a prerequisite.

This bike is designed to be easy-handling off-road and on, is able for touring, and can carry one passenger as well as moderate cargo. You may also consider a bug out truck, camper truck, RV, Humvee, or tank, whatever floats your boat. Sail boats can be equipped with battery powered desalination devices, solar power, full kitchens, private quarters, and an endless range provided the wind is blowing.

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