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House Plans Queensland offers a drafting and design service specialising in houses on acreage blocks which compliment your rural surrounds. Having a database of standard plans available makes the choice of acreage living designs even easier.
We can also turn your sketch ideas into reality by coming up with a plan that works and can be built to suit your budget. Designed within the budget range of an acreage house, this layout still provides all of the requirements of acreage living with large bedrooms and two living areas but at an affordable build price. This spacious yet intimate home offers a number of outdoor areas while providing separate living spaces. With spacious rooms and a large living and dining area this popular acreage design compliments the rural setting for which it has been designed for. Do you require that extra area for a relative then this design comes with it’s own private granny flat. Along with the main residence the extra retreat area  compliments the rest of the house with an innovative design. If you would like to talk with House Plans Queensland about our great acreage designs please contact us. Our home designs are available as far north as Kalbarri, Esperance in the Lower Great Southern, Augusta in the South West, east as far as Merredin and just about everywhere in between. Can’t find time to exercise in between work, chores, fetching, carrying, cooking, washing and more?
There is nothing better than a parent taking the lead at home to encourage exercise…if you get out there, they’ll be guaranteed to follow you, not that they’ll need much encouragement with a cubby house, but turning it into an exercise heaven can be just as much fun. Now we’ll give you some ideas on how to get that exercise in and around your cubby house and have fun at the same time! WARNING: All content on this site is copyright and it is illegal to reproduce, reuse or republish it without permission. Register or Login Advanced Search Renovate Directory Login to Your Account Remember Me?
Join Date Aug 2012 Location Innes Park Posts 2 Queenslander colours Hi - I'm new to Aussie - originally from South Africa. Join Date Jan 2004 Location Kilmore, near Melbourne, Australia Age 58 Posts 2,228 First of all Ralph - Goeie more - welcome to the forum. A Queenslander is a wonderful home to own and well done for wanting to honour its rich history by painting yours in colours that compliment the home's style. Join Date Sep 2010 Location Brisbane, QLD Posts 169 Agree with the light main colour- also better if you want to paint over in the future.
Join Date Aug 2012 Location Brisbane Posts 3 Another nod for light colours as the main colour.
Granny flats are an ideal solution for the extra room to house teenagers, aged relatives, workers or backpackers without the need for major renovations to your existing house. If you’d like to talk with House Plans Queensland about our great granny flat designs please contact us. At House Plans Queensland we have a number of pre-designed granny flat plans to suit your needs.
Whether you want something for the backyard to house relatives or out in the country for a weekender then all of our granny flat plans can be changed to suit your requirements. Should one of our granny flat designs appeal to you then we are able to provide you with this design for a small fee to take to your builder for quoting. Our granny flat designs can and have been modified to provide for temporary workers accommodation, miners lodges and backpackers accommodation.
So how to build a granny flat that will cost less or in fact nothing to run in terms of energy costs?
These  design ideas and products can be adapted to granny flat designs in a much simpler way than in a power hungry 4 or 5 bedroom home.

At House Plans Queensland we recommend the use of the Paneco SIP system to provide for a high energy star rating as well as a fast, cost effective installation. We have made use of this innovative product on a number of occasions and the reduced cost in installation and the savings generated on eliminating the need for wall and floor batts is in the thousands of dollars. Add to this a basic solar panel system when installed will often provide for a zero dollar power bill and can even generate money back from power companies when connected to the grid.
Find out how you can build a granny flat that will cost nothing to run and one that you might be able to build faster than a conventional building.
Painting the exterior of your home should requires the same amount of time and energy you would spend on decision of doing say a $20,000 renovation project, or a new kitchen. Recent PostsStunning Hamptons Style HomeIf you love Hamptons style mixed with clean & contemporary Australian living then this is the perfect house for you to swoon over. With a range of Queenslander designs also on hand containing large sized rooms and ample living space to suit a rural lifestyle, you can rest assured there is a design for you.
Alternatively you can make use of one of our unique designs and make any necessary changes to suit your requirements. The indoor living area flows through to the generous outdoor living space to make full use of the surrounding views. You’ll see the difference in our designs, our building techniques and the materials we use. So you can kill three birds with one stone – you get fit, your kids get fit, you’ll have fun by spending some great quality time together. Create a little mini garden around their cubby house and let them help toil the soil, plant the plants, water them and continue to take care of their very own garden.
Literally go crazy – shake your muscles, run around like a wild thing, jump, scream and well, go crazy!
Google is always your friend in this respect as well of course, but I have found nothing beats driving around and finding homes that appeal. Dark colours do get hot, so wont help with keeping the place cool in the middle of a Queensland summer. A detached granny flat design offers an affordable alternative to an extension and our designs and construction methods are eco-friendly as well. Whether you require a simple 1 bedroom design or a larger 2 bedroom unit we will have something that suits your requirements.
Alternatively we are able to undertake the complete drafting service of this design for you so that a council approval can be obtained for the construction of your granny flat.
A simple bedroom with ensuite design can easily be replicated to provide a modular design that “connects” onto the next and provides for a series of individual rooms. With the coming of the carbon tax the residential construction industry is going to be clearly challenging in the years ahead and the cost of energy will go up.
This product can often obtain 10 star energy ratings on houses which when compared with other construction methods like brick veneer and weatherboard cladding leaves it far more effective in providing a comfortable living space.
With governments now offering rebates for clean energy incentives a small solar powered system will pay for itself in no time flat and allow for a cleaner greener environment. I believe that choosing the right colour for the exterior of your home is the most challenging paint job EVER!!
If you are hiring a professional painter then chances are its going to easy be a $15-30k job.
Break it down in to the important things you should know about exterior colours & materials if you are planning, renovating or building.
Boasting a continuous open plan from front through to back it is ideal for entertaining purposes. Most importantly, you’ll notice a difference in how we treat our clients and the environment.

Most parents struggle to find time to fit a bit of exercise in, but what about exercising with your kids on their cubby house? Dance around the cubby house, in the cubby house, on the veranda – wherever the music takes you! Get all the plastic toys out that they keep around their cubby house, a big bucket of soapy water and sponges and clean away.
Play cowboys, spies, and pirates, flying fairies, riding on broomsticks, magic castles or anything.
Get it onto the floor of the cubby house and jump, jump, jump until all the bubbles are popped. An easy drive up to Sandgate area will provide a LOT of gorgeous architecture to drool over, but there are many areas that have great examples. Personally, I lean towards the lighter colours including white as the summers can be brutal and white reflects the most heat.
And if you can’t find something in our database then we can design a granny flat plan to suit your requirements. As our granny flat plans have already been designed and drawn to the necessary regulations, we are able to provide a full set of plans at a very competitive price.
The beauty of this system is that if additional rooms are required it is just a matter of providing an extra unit on the end. That’s an expensive mistake to get the colour wrong and believe me I see so many homeowners who are desperate to right a wrong outcome.
Why pay a builder to use their designs and then not be able to obtain quotes from their competitors? Not only will you be getting a great workout, as we’ll show you how, but you’ll be having fun and bonding with your kids at the same time. Not only will you have nice sparkly toys but you’ll all be getting a great workout at the same time. They may not get the perfect finish, but it doesn’t matter, it’s the effort that’s important and of course fantastic exercise! In your games get some props like swords, broomsticks or wings, run around the cubby house, run up the stairs, run down the stairs and have fun! You can even pretend to be animals and hop like a bunny, canter like a horse or pretend to fly like a bird. That said, there are so many insulation options these days that one can enjoy any colour preference and still maintain a comfortable interior temp. Grab a heap of exterior paint brochures and look at the schemes for some inspiration and also take a walk around your neighbourhood and figure out which combinations you like. They can also be designed so that the granny flats can be moved on to a different location if and when the need arises. Dulux make a heritage colours brochure for something authentic (beautiful pictures too!) and on their website there is a colour selector where you can 'paint' the houses in different combinations to get a feel for it. Looks like there may be patterns and specific colours for different parts when I look around. I personally sketched up my house over a photo in Powerpoint and coloured it in different colours (fill as picture with the paint swatch jpg) to see the finished product.

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