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20K Houses, a visionary project of the architects at Rural Studio in Alabama, designs and builds innovative $20,000 houses. Rural Studio was co-founded in 1993 by the late Samuel Mockbee, an architecture professor at Auburn University, who went on to receive a MacArthur “genius” grant, among other awards.
It's a formidable challenge to design a home that will be affordable for people living under the poverty line, but will also appeal to prospective home buyers able to pay a higher price. Solar power component costs are dropping globally, with a 15 percent to 20 percent reduction expected by 2020.
The 1,348 square foot two bedroom definitely needs work, including a new bathroom and kitchen.
It was constructed for $20,0000 in 2011 by Rural Studio, a visionary architecture project of Auburn University. The program trains Auburn students to become “citizen architects” who understand that everyone deserves, in Mr. This January, architecture students at Rural Studio , Auburn University’s design-build program, finished their first pilot project in Newbern, Ala.
The Minneapolis house where Prince's character in Purple Rain lived is on the market for $110,000.

Rural Studio, whose mission is to design well-built, low-cost housing for the poor, plans to have three model 20K Homes on the market by next summer. The project, 20K Home , is a result of decade-long efforts from students and professors at Rural Studio, who hope to offer affordable homes out into the public’s hands. Rural Studio has built more than 150 innovative community and family structures in Alabama, ranging from a glass chapel in Mason’s Bend to a Newbern fire station to homes constructed of hay bales or carpet tile.The 20K House project began in 2005. The Rural Studio team spent countless hours tweaking details of the homes in order to reduce costs and maximize value. The figure was chosen because it was considered the highest realistic mortgage possible for someone subsisting on Social Security. The plan was to spend $10,000 to $12,000 for materials and $8,000 to $10,000 for labor.Each house has explored new design and construction possibilities. They are one-bedroom structures averaging about 500 square feet inside with additional porch space outside. Each has been built for and donated to a local resident in need.This summer, on a blindingly hot day in July, graduate students Tim Owen and Loren Prosch worked inside the 20K House being built in Faunsdale, not far from Newbern. Prosch and local electrical contractor Johnny Parker huddled at the circuit box.Over in the corner was a new element – a large closet that doubles as a tornado-safe room.

It’s built of concrete blocks and rebar and secured to a slab foundation.A porch, which will add around 100 square feet to the house, remains to be built.
They’re able to give time and thought to the process.McElroy was a former Rural Studio student who graduated from Auburn in 2002.
The Chicago firm Landon, Bone, Baker Architects has served as a consultant.Her job also includes figuring out the economics of large-scale construction and adjusting the design accordingly.
Labor, for example, will be a higher proportion of the cost when houses are built by contractors rather than students.Once the model houses are built in Newbern, Rural Studio will have something of a laboratory. They include people with special needs and those trying to consolidate and pay off debt.She’s looking forward having a finished design so that she can reply, “We’re ready.

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