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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Exclusive ShadeFX Technology allows coverage of large areas to protect you and your furniture from sun and rain. Resistant to both mildew and ultraviolet light and tough enough to withstand the extremes of Mother Nature so it remains beautiful season after season. Fits most existing and new pergolas and installs in less than 15 minutes with only a screw driver, tape measure, pencil, and ladder. We are absolutely thrilled with our new Shade Voila retractable canopy that we installed on our pergola! Esthetically, the Shade Voila canopy is appealing and we are pleased that the streamline design and colour helps to make it blend into the space. We at ShadeFX are thrilled to be partnered with Shade Voila to bring our monorail track technology to a larger group of customers. The new Shade Voila retractable canopy is engineered for the Do-it-Yourself homeowner who wants the benefits of ShadeFX but without the complications and cost that often come with custom installations.
Shade Voila canopies can be purchased online in standard sizes and colors to fit most standard pergolas. With an exclusive offering of shade products and outdoor accessories, Shade Voila will transform the way you think about outdoor comfort and style. Peter Joel Harrison has created a series of building plans available from Colonial Williamsburg. My original smokehouse plan was to make something big enough to cold smoke two pigs worth of hams and bacon at a time.
Smokehouse plans are hard to come by but one of our members built one and sent in some images to show how he did it.. This is a 5?.8? classic-styled hollow wood twin-fin fish in Western Red Cedar and Obeche with real abalone inlays and custom-made glass-on fins. There are a lot of people who would honestly rather own a small travel trailer instead of large one.
There is also an entire industry that has developed around the restoration of the old a€?canned hama€? style travel trailers. Another part of the small travel trailer market are the fiberglass trailers like the Scamp and the Casita.
Of course, there are many, many small travel trailers being made by mainstream RV manufacturers. Designed with ShadeFX Technology to cover large areas and protect you and your furniture from Mother Nature.
In the past, we have gone through with many umbrellas to offer some shaded areas but they always seemed to break or topple over and never offered enough shade. It really makes that outdoor living space a choice spot to hang out and was quick and easy to set up!

Functionally, the retractibility component allows us to accommodate for any climate, rain or shine!
The lack of stabilizers limits the width and wind resistance of Shade Voila canopies relative to ShadeFX, but quality and performance remain unparalleled. It has bright coloured inserts made from pieces of driftwood running down the centre stringer line on the deck. Follow these basic steps to construct a professional-looking fence made with western red cedar, an eco-friendly material.
Begin by measuring to determine location of the fence posts and marking each point with spray paint. When the concrete has thickened to the point of holding each post in place, secure a fence post level around the post to level it out.
Measure the height on the two outside posts and stretch a chalk line from these points across the others to get a line on each post.
Some people opt for pop up campers, but for the purposes of this article we are going to stick to traditional travel trailers. A vintage travel trailer like a Shasta can command high prices just for their restoration value. These are great little trailers that are really lightweight, practical trailers that can make even long trips quite comfortable and fun. Most trailer manufacturers pay close attention to the market and do their best to accommodate buyers needs and desires. Handcrafted and taking inspiration from the fish shapes of the early 1970s, the special feature of this board are the abalone inserts along the bottom that separate the two different types of wood, the one light and the other dark in colour. The depth of the holes will vary, but leave at least 4 inches of clearance on each side of the post. Check with local building codes for regulations on the depth of fence post holes, and be sure to check with local utility companies before digging to avoid damaging buried cables. Fill all the way to the top of the hole, or leave a few inches and backfill with soil later to hide the concrete.
There are vintage trailer shows all over the country and some of these small travel trailers are worth ten times more than what they sold for originally.
These trailers have a distinctive molded shape and there is a huge community of fiberglass enthusiasts.
While a large number of RV buyers want all the luxuries and comforts of home, there is a growing demand for smaller trailers that are smartly outfitted.
Install this self-staking wood picket fencing in soft ground around your garden or any bed or walkway that needs definition and protection. The abalone lines have a mother-of-pearl luminosity to them that is accentuated by the rich colours of the wood. Since the posts are 4x4, the added four inches on each side will require holes measuring 12 by 12 inches.

Make sure the concrete is churning every couple seconds or it will become hard on the bottom and dry on the top. For instance, if the height measure 5 feet, subtract an inch and cut posts to 4 feet, 11 inches. Small travel trailers are normally going to cost less than large ones all things being equal.
In addition to its distinctive styling, a teardrop camper is easy to build, super lightweight and it can be towed with almost any motorized vehicle. If you have one rusting away in the side yard, you might want to think about selling it or doing a restoration.
Owners have their own fiberglass RV forum where owners share experiences and provide help to one another. Since it’s made of wood from sustainable sources and colored with water-based paint, your new wooden fencing is the eco-friendly way to add elegance to your yard. Note: Do not space holes more than 6 feet apart, or the stability of the fence may be compromised. Again, these trailers appeal to those who prefer the minimalist approach to camping rather than being encumbered by everything that goes along with going big. Despite being shorter than today’s typical shortboards, the fish paddles beautifully and catches waves easily.
Towing a lightweight travel trailer is going to be easier and safer than towing a larger trailer. One of my friends is going to down size his home and as soon as he gets in his new place he going to call y’all to build his patio. Likewise, buying a small trailer may be the difference between being able to use your existing car or truck or having to buy a bigger one. Naturally, the homebuilders take great pride in their creations and some are quite simply works of art. But the truth is, many people want a small travel trailer because they just dona€™t want to camp big. You may have seen one of these great little trailers being towed behind a vintage car or truck where the paint schemes are perfectly matched. The teardrop craze has grown to the extent that there are several small companies now manufacturing teardrop travel trailers on a full time basis. Most of these companies are owned by homebuilders that saw the demand for the trailers they were building and turned it into a business.

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