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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Of course, it helps that Piers is an architect by training, a former design fellow of Cambridge university and currently co-presenter of the BBC series, The House that A?100k built, but many of the jobs were as new to him as to any budding self-builder.
The Definitive Guide to Building Modular Spend a few minutes to get a general idea of the process, or take a few hours and get to know modular building inside and out. Modular Home Manufacturers: Top Modular Home Builders Find out about modular home manufacturers, browse their homes, and see which one is right for you!
The general impression on modular homes used to be that they were created with inferior workmanship, but since the industry has evolved over the past few decades, modular homes have become known increasingly not only for their affordability, but also for their superior construction quality. Since modular builders typically waste less raw material and manufacture and ship in massive amounts, the construction of a modular home is almost always more environmentally friendly than the construction of a similar site-built home.
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This article is part of our Definitive Guide to Building Modular.  When asking how much a modular home will cost to build, many different sources will give you many different answers. Lightweight timber constructions are the easiest to self-build, wet trades involving stone and plaster are much harder. With a tight budget, they finally found a quarter of an acre of land with sweeping views of the Kerswell valley, Devon, with planning permission for a dormer bungalow for A?110,000.
The couple drafted an absolute must-list for every stage of the build, which helped them stick to their budget of A?260,000.

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