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There are links within this post on which we can earn a commission if you purchase something, but it doesn't cost you any more money. Cordage, fire-making tool, knife, cotton bandana, flashlight — these are a few of the things you have packed in your bug-out bag.
You most likely keep most (if not all) of your identification in your wallet, but it would be a good idea to make copies of everyone’s cards to keep together in the book.
Behind each of your Child ID kits (in the same sheet protector), you can keep that child’s birth certificate & shot record. You should keep a written copy of all your log-in information for your various online accounts including banks, insurance, cell phone, school loans, Facebook, email etc.  (Again, be sure not to let anyone know where you hide this folder!) DO NOT SAVE THIS ANYWHERE ON YOUR COMPUTER!!
While there is some concern about putting everything in one place, I believe there is an even bigger concern not having the stuff together at all. Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching.
You reminded me of a couple of things i forgot, like my weddingbooklet, it’s also handy if something happens for example if my husband dies or gets sick, so i can arrange things.
So, as usual I spent days thinking about the problem, looking at the bike, and rejecting possible ideas. I decided to design a mounting bracket that would have an aluminum frame attached, which would protrude out forward of the bike.
The next mission was to design a mounting bracket that could exactly fit under the mounting hardware for the a€?Roch Shoka€? suspension system.
A closeup of the bottom of the aluminum frame with mounting bracket that would be attached using the existing hardware for the suspension system. Closeup view of the frame attachment to suspension system using the original mounting hardware. This shows the center of the bike with an extra water bottle and just below that a small hand pump. A side view of the rear of the bike with the panniers in place and the Maxpedition Typhoon riding over them.
Short answer; no!  The full or partial burying of shipping containers or connexes has been very popular for the last decade among the prepping community. There are two main factors that contribute to the unreliable nature of shipping containers, they are not designed structurally to handle this type of usage and they are prone to corrosion when exposed to moisture. At a glance a shipping container doesn’t look all that different from prefab bunkers made by several survival construction companies. Underground storage tanks are actually built to extremely high specifications reflecting the difference in engineering design from simple shipping.
So what is the corrosion difference between shipping containers and other subterranean containers?
Underground containers on the other hand focus on a non metallic moisture barrier and utilize a 360 degree coating of polyurethane at least 70 mil thick with an epoxy top coat.
For my part, when I get around to building my actual bunker, I think it will involve cinder blocks and concrete.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A family communications plan is essential for all kinds of situations – from every day occurrences to SHTF scenarios.
Internet – The internet has become the second most popular method of communication immediately behind texting (at least from my observation). Walkie Talkies – Every kid I know of wanted a walkie talkie at some point in their childhood. Community Bulletin Board – This may sound primitive or ridiculous, but leaving a message on a bulletin board somewhere may get you closer to connecting with your family in dire emergencies. Tap Code – Similar to Morse code, the tap code has a different tap combination for each letter.

Teaching your family members multiple communications techniques can be very helpful and could potentially save lives.
I was also recently watching a video with a guy who put a series of maps and books detailing bug out locations and he strongly recommended learning multiple languages.
This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links!
Take your bug-out book with you in case of fire, tornado, flood — these are just a few things that can not only take you out of your house, but destroy it in the process.
Personally, I think the risk of not having it is scarier than the risks created by having it. He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live. I do have several additional pages that are scans of my vital certificates and identifications.
Shipping containers will last years and years above ground if maintained, and can be converted into shelters easily. They also don’t seem that farfetched when considering how many bulk liquid storage tanks are used all around us every day.
Shipping containers are manufactured of corrosion resistant corten steel, as they do have to withstand saltwater exposure and other shipping conditions; but most companies still put little more than a 3-5 year warranty on a new container.
Unfortunately this coated is substantially different that latex paints and enamels and requires specialized application, that I for one don’t have the skills or tools to accomplish. I like these blocks because they can be stacked to fit personal design and specifications, and can be hauled into an area without arising great suspicion. Unfortunately most of these are prone to failure due to power loss or catastrophic loss due to an EMP strike. You’re almost guaranteed a connection, so long as the phone lines are still operational.
With email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and a myriad of other options for communication, it’s an excellent way to stay in touch. Yes, I know, this is one of those “this will never happen” situations, but what if it does? You can actually use Morse code with signal lights, hand signals, taps, or even over radio waves.
It’s most commonly used by prisoners (and most likely originated from American POWs in the Vietnam war) to communicate by tapping pipes or the bars (and sometimes the wall) to communicate with one another.
Check the link I provided in the walkie talkie section – those specifically say they have a 50 mile range. That is simply marketing hype and range is 5-6 miles AT BEST and under 2 miles in most cases.
This is also good protection in case your wallet ever gets lost or stolen – it makes things much easier when cancelling to know all of your information. Include a recent picture of your child, along with their full name, date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color, birthmark descriptions, allergy information, and take their fingerprints.
However, I also have many pages of important instructions and chemical formulas – as well as illustrations and photos for everything from making gel fuel and distillation to making anesthetics, disinfectants, etc. The appeals stems from many things, easy availability, relatively low cost, a prefab structure, and an optimal size for many preppers.
In the Middle East many soldiers lived in shipping containers on established bases, called CHUs (container housing unit). While corten steel does display great longevity when compared to untreated steels and alloys, and is by no means corrosion proof and shipping containers in use have to be regularly cleaned, patched, repaired, and repainted. Even when the power goes out, phone lines still work (and actually generate a little power themselves, as well).
In fact with most cell phones, you can also access the internet (which we’ll talk about next).

You can hold a Google Hangout with all your family members to make sure everyone’s alright, or formulate an evacuation plan if things start getting too hairy. Many local libraries and even grocery stores have public bulletin boards where you can pin advertisements, business cards, and other messages for free. I have even heard of people being held captive that were seated next to one another but not allowed to talk who carried on conversations by tapping their feet on top of the other person’s feet in Morse code.
In a 5×5 matrix box, the alphabet is inserted letter by letter from top left, going across, then dropping to the next line.
Somewhere closer to home or some other spot more personal than a library or grocery store may be a better location to leave a message for your family in an emergency situation.
Each given situation may call for a different train of thought regarding communication, so you’ll have to make the judgement on the fly.
You may need multiple modes of communications in order to communicate with different family members.
There are mobile and base units available, so this is also a viable option for all family members. They operate on different frequencies, and you don’t need a license to operate a walkie talkie. If you all know multiple languages, you could rotate what language you’re speaking to throw everyone off. The more comfortable you are using it, the more comfortable you’ll be in a high stress situation, as well. If you lose your connection due to your ISP going down, the internet soon becomes the INERTnet. Leave a coded message to your family so that other people won’t understand but your contacts will.
This is one you can use across a distance or in close quarters when you’re trying to move as silently as possible. Everyone will report in to this location on set intervals to make sure home base knows the location and situation of each family member. The good thing here is that power won’t likely affect this mode of communication at all (unless they put the building on lockdown). Should emergency arise, this hub would also act as a dispatch center to send one person to another location for recon or retrieval of another family member.
The entire copper network is run via VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol (or in more common terms phone service over the Internet)) in North America now.
But even if you have great reception, there’s always the possibility of a power outage.
If the power grid goes out, your mobile units will still work on battery (and you can hook your base unit to a car battery, as well). The bad thing is that a natural disaster may render it impossible to reach your bulletin board checkpoints.
It’s up to the tapper and listener to figure out the spacing between taps, sets and letters. It doesn’t matter if the copper from your house to the switch is fine if the gear at the switch is fried.
If the power dies, eventually your phone will, too (unless you have an alternate method of charging).
If a catastrophic event takes out a cell tower, it will totally take out this method of communication (until you can get to an area covered by another tower).

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