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Celluon, the geniuses behind the laser keyboard for the iPad have stepped up their game with the evoMouse, which is a mouse you can’t touch.
Why waste time accumulating apocalypse supplies for cheap when you could drop over nine hundred clams on the Premium Family Bug Out Bag? Besides, it’s not like you could just walk into a store and buy Clif Bars, duct tape, and sporks. So to get a starting point for how much you may be able to carry (for an extended distance), simply take the percentage that I listed for each fitness level and multiply it by your weight. For instance, if you weigh 160 pounds and have a fitness level of “Average” – multiply 160 x 0.15 (or 15%) to get 24 lbs. So if your goal is to carry a 100 pound pack day after day – the Army or Marines may be your ticket to happiness.
Well, the best way to accurately know what you can carry is to pack your BOB and get out there are hit the road or the trail and test yourself under different loads in different conditions. Regardless of the outcome of your weight carrying experiment, you will learn something about yourself… enjoy being outdoors and will probably be looking for ways to ditch weight out of your bug out bag AND get in better shape.
I just finished checking my bug out bag to make sure everything was up to date and functioning properly when I found this article. I have made 72 hour kits that weighed in the single digits, then went out in the field and used them. Looks a little like my bigger 2 person north face tent, the military tent back about 15 years ago was based on a NF nebula, two vestibules and 4 season. Ideally you are supposed to use the Catoma tent with the ECWS sleeping bag and the 7 layer clothing system together in concert.

I havn't been able to convince myself to buy a tent, I usually just build a shelter, or use grass. I don't have all the ECWCS clothing, as I don't want to appear as US military - as it can cause issue, even with just some kit like a jacket on without any US insignia, occassionally people once in a while ask me if I am in the military. Freedom · Liberty · Awareness & Preparedness · News & Opinion -- Please consider disabling adblock to support this site! This may not seem like much weight, and you may be able to carry more, but this is a good, wise and realistic starting point.
Age and just not being able to keep up fitness wise with where I used to be has aided in deeper appreciation of carrying less. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way.
I learned early on that in bad weather you want more than one layer of walls and ceiling for your tent.
I got the MSS bivy as my old emergency bivy internal lining wore away and started letting moisture in. I threw in a wool sweater layer, a synethic fleece layer, used the silk weights and occassionally had equivs. I have been contemplating getting a foam ground mat but I'm use to useing deadfall logs or grass or leaves as ground cover. It’s crazy, insane and sometimes stupid how much weight some folks think they are going to be able to carry in their emergency kit, backpack or bug out bag – on foot – if they have to flee for their life.

Layer 7 is a little bulky though but compared to snow boarding pants or skido stuff it is tremendously lighter.
This, my friend, is a great time to ask yourself; “Am I being stupid?”, and hopefully, you’ll answer that question with “Yes” and proceed with your escape. The tarp cost quite a bit (10' X 12'), but it's very light and durable, and you need cordage to rig it. Bear in mind I'm not the type to stay outdoors once the snow starts falling, sleeping on ice sort of sucks, imo. The third and last tent is in very good condition and could be used for emergency shelter for my wife and self. I have a GENII nylon jacket it is way heavier than the genIII shell I Have but it is a very sturdy jacket with really good zippers. The internal pockets however stitching can tear as it isn't one piece but rather the seam is sewn - this could be used however to drop stuff into the jacket itself.
If you can't wait until 2019, to get the jackets which are a little expensive compared to cheaper kit then look around.

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