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During the school holidays, I brought our little crafty boy to the mall for some fun holiday crafts.
He loves it so much that he wanted to make more for his teachers so he can give them when school reopens.
Refer to the video we shared on how to cut letters from paper here and we’ll be making alphabet teaching aid again today. Anney was planning to arrange the fruit skewers into a terracotta pot but she saw this picket fence planter box and thought it was cute.
She used a floral foam for the base and embellished the planter box with vines and a ladybug.
Remember the fingerprint bees we did not too long ago?  Well, let’s develop it a little bit more and create a garden with butterflies and flowers. Once it is all dried up, you will need to help the little ones decorate their garden a little bit using markers.
Although bagworms can feed on a variety of different plants, 128 by one count, they generally prefer arborvitae and bald cypress in my part of Texas.  The most common species of bagworm (there are 20 species in North America), and one of just a few known bagworm pests, is the evergreen bagworm, Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis. One way to confirm the bites are from bed bugs is to check your bed, bedsheets and pillows for signs of bed bugs.
If you find that you do in fact have bed bugs, treating the bites is only treating the symptom, you will want to treat the bites in the short term, but get rid of the bed bugs in the long term. In most bed bug bite cases, over the counter medications work great for bed bug bite treatment.
Oral Antihistamine allergy medicines are also very effective at reducing the itching, burning and swelling of bed bug bites. While not as effective as the hyrdo-cortisone cream or Oral antihistamine’s, Calamine lotion works well for some people and has the added benefit of protecting the area during the healing process. Plantain is a common weed that is excellent for soothing skin irritations like bed bug bites.

White cosmetic clay can be mixed with water to make a paste can be placed on the bed bug bite and allowed to dry.
Head lice have been living on humans for centuries.  The infestation is most common in children ages 3 to 12 years old, with an estimate of between 6-12 million cases each year in the US alone! How are lice transmitted?  Only live lice can spread to another child, usually directly from head-to-head contact.  Indirect transmission- from hats, hairbrushes, headphones, is very uncommon. Where are most lice transmitted?  Usually at home!  The majority spread through households with direct contact.  Other routes are sleepovers and bed sharing. If my child is treated, when can they return to school?  Your child is not contagious and should not miss any school, but many schools have policies that your child needs one treatment first.
How can I prevent lice?  Check your child’s head before and after sleepovers or camps, treat all members of the family if one child is found to have lice. What do lice eat?  They eat small amounts of blood from the scalp, with the itching occurring from components in their saliva. Chemical method: Often shampoos or rinses, which need to be repeated in 7 to 10 days after the first treatment to catch any new lice that have hatched from the nits. Pyrethrins plus piperonyl butoxide (RID, A-200, R&C, Pronto, Clear Lice Systems)- More resistance to these agents.
Lindane 1% (Kwell)- High resistance and risk of seizures with therapy, not first line treatment.
Recommend rinsing agents from hair over the sink to reduce skin exposure in the shower or bath. Other “off-label” products are available if your child has a stubborn case of lice.  And a few locations have the “LouseBuster”, similar to a dryer chair at a hair salon, which uses hot air to desiccate the lice.
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Draw one half of a butterfly making sure the top wings are way above the butterfly head to enable it to balance.

The next time you have a party, why not place all the little goodies in a plastic bag and tie it up to look like a butterfly? Click on News Updates below, or use the categories search to find the information you need. Live lice lay the eggs (nits) on the hair shaft, they hatch into baby lice after ~1 week, then they live in the scalp for ~3 weeks. Available as a shampoo or mousse- apply to dry hair and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse off. The paint spreads beautifully across the paper and once dry, can be cut into any shape you like.
If you would like to receive Updates automatically, as they are posted, subscribe via RSS feed or by entering your email address in the "Subscribe for Insect News" box below. Look along the scalp, especially behind the ears and along the nape of the neck, for nits attached to the hair shaft or live lice- which are more rare to find. There are resistant groups of lice to every type of treatment, so speak with your physician if you have treated your child appropriately, usually 2 rounds of a topical agent, and still find live lice on your child’s scalp. Apply to damp hair (without using a conditioner first, as the chemical is not able to adhere to the hair shaft); leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. You can also comb your child’s hair with a fine-toothed comb to see if you can remove any nits. Just a reminder- your teens need their meningitis vaccine and booster before 7th and 12th grades.

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