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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Bug Out Clothing: Essential Requirement 1- DurabilityOur first strategic element in choosing clothing, is our requirement for durability. To mitigate that risk, we need high quality gloves and boots to protect those appendages from rocks to rebar, broken glass to barbwire, spilled chemicals to miles of gravel road, ice rimed streams to bubbling asphalt (or rescuing a hot canteen cup from the fire).
Ditch the basic bug out bag list and buy this ultimate ready-made emergency preparedness kit. This Ultamate Survival Bug Out Bag includes enough meals and water for at the very least 4 days (96 hours). Adventure Medical Kits SOL Escape Bivvy (sleeping bag) in low visibility OD Green, Hand Warmers, Double Palm Gloves, Mossy Oak Deluxe Big Game Bags and Field Dressing Gloves, UST water resistant note pad with pencil, emergency ponchos and blanket, N95 masks, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet tissue and even more.
Simply put weneed strong and tough clothing that will withstand the rigors of fleeing disasters and otherpotential life-threatening situations for an extended duration. Go with quality and as comfortable a fit as you can find.
Housed in a tactical backpack is enough food, water and survival gear that some might say it is a zombie survival kit. The Tactical Backpack is the Eberlestock G4 Operator Pack (Dry Earth) - Measurements 27" x 12" x 10" (not expanded).

If need be, save money on some of your other clothing layers to get the best possible protection for both your mitts and tootsies.
Use this survival backpack to help you escape from an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or any other natural or man-made disaster.
Really we are lookingfor clothing that will protect our skin and carry small items comfortable, and do it under harshconditions for possibly a month or more. Our company set aside the right to incorporate or even swap products of equal or even better worth.
There I learned that one of the key factors in our calculation of aperson’s likelihood of survival was if they were properly dressed for both the weather and theiractivity.
These concepts and tips were hard won, and I’m delighted to be able to share practical knowledge that can greatly improve your likelihood of survival. And as you’ll learn when we talk about shelter, hypothermia is the biggest killer inthe woods these days.
So proper clothing is a very important element in our overall bug outsurvival strategy.Four Key Categories Your Bug Out Clothing Must CoverOnce we cut through all the noise and conflicting opinions, you only need to address four keycategories when selecting bug out clothing.
The simple reason for this is that we very much want to avoidattracting unwarranted attention from the two-legged predators that seem to swarm neardangerous situations that often necessitate our getting out of dodge in a hurry. Sure I could really complicate this, and go intographs and charts and variable tables, but you’d probably rather I give you the practical corestrategies you need to just make it work.

We don’t wantto be running around in fluorescent colored outerwear that rasps with every movement andturns you into a walking billboard that screams dumb prepper with cool stuff and no commonsense.
Its this entire article you can print, and includes a very spiffy 1 page Checklist you can use in your bug out bag prepps. There are two reasons for this.First, layered clothing allows us to adapt to microclimate changes and exertion levels that we’llface as we travel toward our bug out destination.
Second, layers provide well, layeredprotection, so that if one piece of clothing gets damaged and can no longer protect that portionof the body, we still have one or more layers underneath as barriers against skin breach, andsubsequent infection risk.Bug Out Clothing: SolutionSo how do you find clothing that meets all our criteria of durability, comfort, being subdued, andlayered? Yep, go with whatpeople who work hard with their hands in tough environments every day wear.
It’s surprisinglyeasy to find clothing that’s tough and durable, roomy and comfortable, of subdued colors thathide dirt (and in our case don’t catch the eye), and are designed to be layered.

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