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The Ruger LCR (38 special) is very lightweight, so it works well for thigh carry or as a nice backup gun for ankle carry. 5'1" and 125 lbs: SIG P238 in a Naturally Concealed Bra Holster (bra size: 34D) ("I love it!
5'3" and 160 lbs: Ruger LC9, Pistol Wear Trump Card (sub-compact size), worn IWB with exercise shorts or pants and skirts with loose waistbands. 5'5" and 189 lbs: Ruger LCR, Simply Rugged silver dollar pancake holster, OWB ("I am curvy and wear it just about near the appendix outside the waistband. 5'6" and 150 lbs: Kahr CM9, Looper Ava IWB Holster, canted all the way forward, about 4 o'clock position.
5'8" and 139 lbs: I did a lot of searching to find a purse that I liked and could adapt for concealed carry.
5'7" and 177 lbs: Springfield XDS and 1911, CrossBreed SuperSlide and OWB Double Mag Carrier ("I dont care if I print, I care only for the ease to draw.
I have the SnapSlide (all black) for my Ruger LCR (38) and I have the SuperSlide for the Walther PPS. What can I say about these other than the fact that they are excellent quality leather holsters? My only complaint is that the holster is universal so it's large - with my little .380 it has excess material.

I had to customize some to make it work for a smaller chest size (when I first tried it the snap stuck out a bit)").
The magnet is super strong and it's easier than most clips I've tried to put on & take off.
I found one with a separate outside pocket that was big enough for my holster & gun (with quick access), and it's absolutely perfect. I use Lexol leather conditioner on the horse hide of the SuperTuck once a month and that seems to keep the leather in the right condition of pliable vs.
No files are cached or stored on the our servers, all data comes from various different sources on the internet. I like the SnapSlide a lot for my Ruger LCR at the range (It looks nice & works very well).
This works well in a winter coat pocket, but very few of my coat pockets are large enough to accommodate my LCR inside a pocket holster. A few pairs of my pants are loose enough at the bottom to allow for ankle carry of this gun, but most aren't, so I rarely use this holster (which is too bad because I really like it).
I'm using the holster out of a Gun Tote'n Mamas purse (the Raven Bag was just too small for what I carry), and I'm also using the wire-reinforced strap from that purse.
I bought an inexpensive lacy one from a Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale and it works fine for me.

I used Aquaseal (from a dive shop) to glue Velcro inside the front purse pocket (to attach the GTM holster to), and it's as secure as the GTM purse. There is a nice grippy area around this holster to help with that (so it will stay in a pocket when you draw your gun - if your pockets are large enough for it). Third (this is super important!), I think all ladies interested in thigh carry would be better off purchasing a Remora Thigh Holster instead - When I got my Clament thigh holster, Remora didn't make one yet - But now that they do, it's less expensive, you'll get it quicker, you don't need your own garter (the elastic leg strap works well), and it'll give you a good taste of what thigh carry is like.
4) Springfield XD9 3" barrel - in a Galco belly band worn high, directly under the breast.
The front pocket on my purse has a magnetic closure and is completely snag-free for drawing. The Supervisor’s Onboarding Guide does just that—it guides you through the first months of Download Free Download Manager Checklists for Hiring New EmployeesManager Checklists for Hiring New Employees .

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