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Ne croyez pas que la pollution de l’air se trouve uniquement dans les zones industrielles et aux abords des autoroutes, elle est veritablement partout.
L’agence de protection environnementale aux Etats-Unis avait statue que les toxines chimiques trouvees dans l’air des maisons americaines ont trois fois plus de probabilites de causer un cancer que les polluants exterieurs. Faire passer le message a nos politiciens que l’environnement est une cause chere a vos yeux est bien, mais ne suffit pas. Sympa comme idee, a voir apres les futurs resultats!je reste assez reserve la dessus mais si ca fonctionne vraiment c’est top! Mais nous pouvons aussi trier nos dechets et faire du composte cela facilitera la tache pour la tecuperation d’objets recyclabe !! Faut vraiment preserver la planete car si sa continue comme je sais pas se qu’on va devenir !!!! Faut vraiment preserver la planete car si sa continue comme je sais pas se qu’on va devenir !!!! Je trouve qu’il manque des information pour ce qui est de la pollution faite par les usines.
Pensons aussi a manger des produits locaux plutot que des produits bio venant de l’autre bout du monde !
Either way, you could save on average ?73 per year[1] by paying by Direct Debit, find out details of the Direct Debit savings.
The date each month that you'd like to pay your direct debit - choose any day between the 1st and 28th of each month.
Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 048 0202[2], our phone lines are open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 8am-6pm.
When you get your bill each quarter you can choose to pay online, by SMS text message, by phone or the Smartphone App with your debit or credit card.
Whichever way you choose, you will need to have your Customer Reference Number to hand, as shown below. Alternatively, call our automated payment line on 0800 107 0224[2] anytime to make a payment by phone. Make your cheque payable to Post Office Ltd and write your Customer Reference Number on the back. Make your cheque payable to British Gas Trading and write your Customer Reference Number on the back. With a Payment Card arrangement, we calculate the cost of your energy for the year ahead, and divide this into equal fortnightly or monthly payments. Paying by phone, using our 24 hour automated service on 0800 107 0224[2], using a debit or credit card. To set up a Payment Card arrangement with us, or request a replacement card, call us on 0800 048 0202[2]. Billy Durant created General Motors in 1908 by consolidating Buick Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Pontiac. There are 1.6 Billion people in the world without electricity [that means no refrigeration, too].
Studies find that married couples with a rich vocabulary of teasing nicknames and formulaic insults are happier and more satisfied.
CHALLENGE #150: What do the ancestors of these have in common: rye, oats, turnips, radishes, beets, leeks and lettuce? HUMOR [?]: The economic crisis appeared worse in Asia as Japanese banks are the latest to be hit. Now ya know: In the Palace of Versailles, Marie Antoinette demanded a system of locks so she could bolt her bedroom doors from her bed, furthering rumors of infidelity. Someone who is saturnine [SAT-ur-nyn] might be sad, gloomy, melancholy, sullen, morose, sour, surly, sardonic, and slow to shift moods. Since the 1970s, the government of Bhutan bases decisions on Gross National Happiness rather than GNP.
After being home schooled, he started at the University of Glasgow at age 10 and was the top of his class in mathematics, logic and classics. If you've ever invented a new word, you've created a neologism [nee-ALL-uh-jiz-um] and you are a neologist. In 1824, after a series of financial embarrassments, his family moved to a a€?mean, small tenement,a€? and he dropped out of school, at 12, for 10-hour days at a shoe-blacking factory.
CHALLENGE #150 was: What do the ancestors of these have in common: rye, oats, turnips, radishes, beets, leeks and lettuce?
CHALLENGE #151: In 1970 in NYC, 127 people started something that has become a major attraction to foreigners. FACTOID: Equality of people and natural resources was the reason so many western states look rectangular. Peculiarities: Pikes Peak is spelled without an apostrophe by law, according to the CO legislature in 1978. CHALLENGE #151 was: In 1970 in NYC, 127 people started something that has become a major attraction to foreigners. CHALLENGE #152: He refused a seat at Forda€™s Theater the night Lincoln was shot [1865], but was present at the assassination of Garfield [1881] and McKinley [1901].
Featured Quote: a€?Markets need certainty and predictability, and the administrationa€™s actions have actually increased uncertainty and unpredictabilility. BIG Q #65 : An industrial farm with 5,000 hogs produces as much waste as a town with 20,000 people. Ornery is a dialect use of ordinary and has also been spelled awnry, o'nary, onery, onry, ornary, and ornry. As children, we typically feel slightly older than we really are, but around age 25-30 we begin to think of ourselves as younger.
CHALLENGE #152 was: He refused a seat at Forda€™s Theater the night Lincoln was shot [1865], but was present at the assassination of Garfield [1881] and McKinley [1901]. BIG Q #66: Can we really understand our own religion without a deep and sympathetic understanding of at least one other?

HUMOR [?]: Did you hear that Somali pirates were issuing a new ransom-backed security to buy Citigroup? Gore's Law:A  As an online climate-change debate grows longer, the probability that denier arguments will descend into attacks on Al Gore approaches one.
Conservative Republican Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover [some of our worst until now] appointed eight Justices to the Supreme Court.
Deuteronomy means a€?2nd lawsa€™: the 5th book of the Bible containing a recapitulation of the Ten Commandments and much of the Mosaic Law.
CHALLENGE #154: What do the following have in common:A  Eugene Oa€™Neill, William Burroughs and his wife, Charles Mingus, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Charlie Parker and Sid Vicious? Bonus Q: How much new debt and new obligations were piled up in 8 years by the Bush administration? EXTRA Bonus Q: a€?I never felt that anxious any other time during my presidency, curiously enough.a€? GWB said about what? Words that sound like what they mean: sarcastic, grisly, moist, esoteric, effervescent, awkward, delicious. Unlike a politician, a statesman must have: a bedrock of principles, a moral compass, a vision, ability to build a consensus to achieve that vision. Remember Bill Clintona€™s farewell speech where he truthfully said he was leaving the country a€?on track to be debt-freea€? by the end of 2009? POLISH is pronounced two ways, depending on whether or not the first letter is capitalized. EXTRA Bonus Q answer: When asked by People magazine what moments from the last 8 years he revisited most often, W talked passionately about the pitch he threw out at the World Series in 2001. CHALLENGE #154 was: What do the following have in common:A  Eugene Oa€™Neill, William Burroughs and his wife, Charles Mingus, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Charlie Parker and Sid Vicious?
Featured Quote: Multiculturalism is having conversations of respect across significant differences. Now ya know: More than 90% of known chemicals contain carbon--and, therefore, are part of a€?organica€™ chemistry. Peculiar--The origin of the word: from the Latin meaning a€?private propertya€™ from pecu a€?cattlea€™ meaning cattle as private property. CHALLENGE #156: He had alcoholic parents, flunked kindergarden, was a poor student, stammered badly and was dyslexic, but excelled at sports and drama class.
BIG Q #69 : Why were two of the greatest teachers [who never wrote a book], Socrates and Jesus, executed on trumped-up charges? HUMOR [?]: A very elderly gentleman (mid 90s), well dressed, hair groomed, great looking suit, flower in his lapel, smelling slightly of a good after shave, presenting a great image, walks into an upscale cocktail lounge. The QWERTY keyboard was designed in 1873 to force typists to type as slowly as possible since typewriters at the time easily jammed.
The major killers of humanity throughout our recent history--smallpox, flu, TB, malaria, plague, measles, cholera and AIDS--are infectious diseases that evolved from diseases of animals.
CHALLENGE #156 was: He had alcoholic parents, flunked kindergarden, was a poor student, stammered badly and was dyslexic, but excelled at sports and drama class. BIG Q #70 : Does an absolute morality exist; are some things always right or wrong in all times, places and circumstances?
Now ya know: The Athenian trial, of Socrates for example, lasted no more than one day, with 501 jurors--they were the rules in the democracy of Athens. Every time an animal eats a plant or another animal, the conversion of food biomass into the consumera€™s biomass is typically 10% efficiency: it takes 10,000 pounds of corn to grow a 1,000-pound cow. Medieval Islam had far higher literacy rates than contemporary Europe and assimilated the legacy of classical Greek civilization such that many classical Greek books are now known to us only through Arabic copies. In 2006, the FBI had 33 agents with a€?some proficiencya€™ in Arabic, while the NYC Police Dept. The sole foreign domesticated mammal adopted in Australia was the dog [from Asia around 1500 BC] and became the wild dingo.
The earliest attested precursors of ceramics are fired clay figurines made in the area of modern Czechoslovakia, 27,000 years ago.
CHALLENGE #158: Carefully weigh 200 pounds of nutrient-rich soil and plant a sapling in it.
Next up in the series of case studies on ‘active citizenship’ is an impressive bit of campaigning by Oxfam America’s domestic programme, in response to the horrendous BP oil spill of 2010. On April 20, 2010 an explosion in the Deepwater Horizon oil well started a spill that would ultimately release 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The final bill requires that 80% of civil fines (which may reach as much as $20 billion) are placed in a Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund, to be distributed directly to the five Gulf Coast states and to a newly created Gulf Coast Restoration Council that will oversee how funds are utilized in the affected region.
While individual states retain significant decision-making authority, the law establishes a series of guidelines, restrictions and oversight mechanisms to ensure that the funds are allocated for economic and environmental restoration. The opportunities for influence were particularly great as Oxfam was the only large social justice NGO involved in a field dominated by environmentalist organizations, whose priorities often did not include the immediate interests of local communities. An upbeat January 2013 evaluation found that the campaign had ‘largely’ or ‘significantly’ achieved its goals on ensuring adequate long-term federal funding for Gulf Coast restoration, investment in resilience to strengthen communities, investment in transitional workforce development and contracting practices promoting access to opportunity. Mather Economics’ modelling gave a mid-range estimate was some 22,000 jobs created over a ten year period. The evaluation highlighted feedback from external allies and core partners on the key factors contributing to the campaign’s success. The research products that were developed in consultation with them and which conveyed in layman’s terms their situation and policy positions.
For their part, Oxfam staff stressed the impact of working with non-traditional allies, especially conservative evangelical churches and the private sector, and working with Republican lobbyists.
Power Analysis: Understanding the nature of Gulf Coast politics and power was an essential prerequisite for the campaign. Change Hypothesis: The Gulf Coast campaign illustrates several aspects of ‘shock as opportunity’ – the idea that social and political change is often linked to disruptive events that open up new directions by weakening the powers that sustain the status quo, creating demands for change among both public and leaders, and dissatisfaction with ‘business as usual’. Oxfam’s Change Strategy: Luck matters in campaigning and the timing of the BP oil spill could not have been better, coming just a month after the launch of Oxfam’s Coastal Communities Initiative, focused on addressing both environmental destruction and poverty as two of the root causes of social vulnerability.

Advocacy directed at the federal level in support of the RESTORE Act, which included extensive alliance building and direct advocacy with policy-makers in Washington, DC. Support for partners’ programs, including local level advocacy on issues that were not directly related to the RESTORE Act, but which proved vital in establishing the relationships and partner capacity on which the campaign subsequently relied. This is a conversational blog written and maintained by Duncan Green, strategic adviser for Oxfam GB and author of ‘From Poverty to Power’.
An institutionalised silo, with its own dedicated teams and practices, tucked away in the rabbit warren of our organisations where it can do no harm? A transformative catalyst, that could really make a difference to the way development thinks and works?
Householders have been warned to urgently review electricity and gas tariffs as a string of deals end a€“ potentially adding an average A?100 a year to bills.Six energy tariffs finish on Thursday. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
D’ailleurs, saviez vous que l’air que vous respirez a l’interieur dans votre maison ou dans votre bureau est bien souvent plus pollue que l’air de l’exterieur ? Cette pollution d’interieur est presque toujours causee par une mauvaise ventilation au sein du batiment.
Que ces combustibles soient issus de votre voiture, de l’avion vous prenez pour vos vacances, de votre gaziniere ou de la centrale qui produit votre electricite c’est la meme chose. Aujourd’hui, je continue toujours a publier des articles de temps en temps pour continuer de brasser les idees recues. Such a personality is like that of someone born when the planet Saturn was rising, according to the ancient Romans.
Fields, Charlie Chaplin, James Brown, Billie Martin and Nicolas Ceausescu have what in common? What do the following have in common: Strawberry Fields, Solitaire, May Day, Tiffany Case and Jinx? Some other such words: JOB, LIMA, RAINIER, READING, NICE, NATAL, MALE, SAID, WORMS, EWE, and BAD. You arena€™t the first doctor to sleep with one of his patients and you wona€™t be the last a€“ and youa€™re single. And, 150 years after publication of a€?Origin of Species,a€? the majority of Americans dona€™t believe we evolved. By November 1923 a dollar was worth 630 billion marks, a loaf of bread cost 140 billion marks, and Germany was disintegrating under the strain.. Here’s the draft case study (Draft AC case study Gulf RESTORE campaign June 2014: comments welcome), which I summarize below. Twenty-two months later, President Obama signed the Resource and Ecosystem Sustainability, Tourism Opportunities and Revised Economies of the Gulf Coast States (RESTORE) Act into law, in July 2012.
This was where Oxfam America, its Coastal Communities Coalition (CCC) partners, the Gulf Renewal Project, and a broad range of allies concentrated their efforts, representing the concerns of poor, coastal communities disproportionately affected by the spill and pressing an agenda that included focused investment in socially vulnerable communities, work force development and preferential hiring of local people, and the establishment of participatory governance mechanisms. Oxfam America estimates the total investment in the campaign over two years at approximately $740,000 (USRO, 2013). While only a rough estimate (eg it assumes attribution to the campaign at 100%, when there must were probably other factors at play), this provides an approximate figure of 1 job created for every $34 spent on the campaign, a truly remarkable return.
Staff also highlighted the importance of media work and the many lessons learned from its Katrina advocacy, including the need to engage in policy discussion immediately after an emergency, before deals “begin to be cut”. Republicans, Conservative Democrats, and evangelical Christians dominate the political map. Katrina had also left several lessons, both in terms of failures and successes, upon which advocacy could build. Moreover, off the back of Katrina, and prior to the BP spill, local communities had already formulated their demands for restoration – all that was needed was cash and political will, and the spill and subsequent fines provided both in abundance.
This personal reflection is not intended as a comprehensive statement of Oxfam's agreed policies.
Toute la pollution generee par la peinture, le materiel electronique et informatique, la cigarette, etc.
Ils contribuent tous a aggraver la pollution de la planete comme le montre le graphique ci dessous disponible sur Wikipedia Anglais. To authorise a payment you'll need to provide the 3 digit security code on the back of your credit or debit card. The word has two parts: neo-, from the Greek neos (new), and -logism, from the Greek logos (word, speech). They shrewdly cornered the market on a black, sticky substance to cover the roads they were building. It asked Mather Economics to model the potential impact of that spending in the area most clearly attributable to the campaign – workforce development and local hiring.
Political relations at local and state level are highly clientelist, based on personal relationships.
One negative experience was the way reconstruction had relied on shipped-in undocumented labourers, with few jobs going to local people. Its final report is expected in December next year.Experts are keen to remind customers of their own responsibility to change supplier and lower their own bills. Samurai Bank is soldiering on following sharp cutbacks.A Ninja Bank is reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black. Among the national NGOs engaged in the campaign, workforce development was considered Oxfam’s niche area and the area in which it had the greatest influence.
Tom Lyon, a spokesman from uSwitch, says: a€?Ofgem recently introduced a a€?switching windowa€?, allowing consumers to change supplier from the moment they are informed their plan is ending a€“ without having to worry about exit fees. But, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop.A Analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where it is feared that staff may get a raw deal.

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