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Guinea-pig passengers will use their smartphone to check in, choose their seat and obtain their mobile boarding pass.
At check-in, passengers hold their smartphone, carrying their booking details, over the tag. BA said the hi-tech tag can be used a€?time and time againa€™ with a different bar-code programmed for each new flight. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Please note this site has financial relationships with American Express and this post may contain affiliate links. This means that Boston – Dublin costs just 12,500 Avios each way in economy (the same as many awards within the United States!) and 25,000 miles in business class.  Whether you decide to go in economy or business class, that is a fan-tas-tic deal to get from this country to Europe, or back! As soon as they verified the availability over the phone, I transferred the Ultimate Reward points I needed to top off to the award threshold and they posted instantly so I could book the tickets.  I could have used Amex Membership Reward points, but honestly I am hoarding those these days for transfer bonuses or to book ANA awards as their distance based award chart can be very valuable for United flyers like myself. Over the next 11 months we will move him to our flight if availability opens up since British Airways has a reasonable $55 change fee, but being on slightly different flights is not a big deal in our book.  We could have booked his ticket on our flight using United miles, but United wants 70,000 miles for the exact same flight that costs just 25,000 British Airways Avios, so we passed on that option. Starting to earn miles is an important step in this hobby, but the next step is figuring out the best way to get where you want to be on miles by leveraging award chart sweet spots.  No one program is the best value to get everywhere, but most programs have awards that are better values relative to other options. We would be excited about this journey and this flight regardless, but it does make it a little extra exciting to know that Aer Lingus is updating their business class seats next year, so maybe we will get lucky and be on a flight with the new seats.  Either way, spending some time as a family next summer in Ireland should be amazing! Editorial Note: The opinions expressed here are mine and not provided, reviewed, by any bank, card issuer, or other company unless otherwise stated.
I feel like this in this case, it’s just so much easier for your husband to fly coach on the same flight. I think the reason Stannis asked that is because if you depart from somewhere other than the UK, and don’t stopover (meaning less than 24 hours in the UK) you are not subject to the UK departure tax. So if the CP is good departing from DUB it would be significantly cheaper to book this trip the other way around. In my experience with Aer Lingus, I was once or twice able to book something with Avios that wasn’t available to United.
We contemplated splitting up but, honestly, that’s WAY more trouble than its worth IMO.
I’ve been holding BA Avios for some time, not having much luck using them in the States … but getting to and around South America is a great use for these! Nick, yes you can just lose the taxes online for canceling, which makes it very cheap to back out of some tickets.
Since New York was the international gateway city on my AAdvantage award, I planned a six day stopover there (yes, international stopovers were eliminated with the latest changes to the AAdvantage program). In the end I made it to New York shortly after 7PM for what was scheduled to be a 9:55PM departure to Vancouver.
American uses Terminal 8 at JFK Airport while British Airways uses Terminal 7, so I took the AirTrain between terminals, which was a quick ride.
Once inside Terminal 7, British Airways and Cathay Pacific first class check-in is located at the far left of the terminal, just past the ticketing desks (like, not check-in desks, but actual desks where you purchase tickets). While I could see that the general security queues were really long upon entering the building, there’s a premium security queue located to the side of first class check-in, which had only a few people in it.
Once through security I walked to the other end of the terminal, where I took the escalator up to the British Airways Lounge.
It is a fairly decent size and tends to not get too crowded, given that really it’s only oneworld Emerald and partner first class passengers. The lounge features some comfortable lounge chairs, some tables with chairs, and even a small business center. The food spread was okay — it featured soup, finger sandwiches, cheese, veggies, salad, etc.

But the food spread in the First Lounge is kind of moot for many guests, since British Airways also has a pre-flight supper facility in the Terraces Lounge. In the past when I’ve visited the pre-flight supper room it was packed, so I was surprised by just how empty it was this time around.
Let me frame this within the context of the lounge’s major competition, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. I’m gonna go with the toilet paper further away from the toilet than normal and the seat covers look to be unusually high on the wall. I noticed the TP too, but I’d be more bothered by the shower mat already spread out (and the possibility that it may not have been changed from the last person).
Just to let you know that whenever you go through the premium security line, you don’t have to go through the scanner nor get patted down which is seamless.
I have a OW First class ticket(on JJ), I know that I get the AA First class lounge in T8, would you stay there (4-5 hours) or get over to this lounge for a visit? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I figured the 4th of July was a good day to publish my collection of American coin objects that I’ve scanned over the past week. Back in November of 2006, in the first month I started this site, I scanned an Air Canada boarding pass at a high resolution, edited out all the identification information on it, and posted it on this blog. These objects are free for personal use, but commercial use is prohibited without permission.
The first such instalment is for a personal project: I needed a blank plane ticket or boarding pass that I could customize to use as part of a surprise for some friends, so I went to Google and did some image searching. The app then automatically updates the digital bag-tag with a unique barcode, containing new flight details and an easy-to-see view of their baga€™s destination just by holding the phone over it. The phone then transmits these details wirelessly to the tag, which then displays them on the mini-screens in the form of a bar-code and in summary form as written words.The electronic screens a€?fixa€™ the image on the tag for the duration of the trip a€“ allowing it to be scanned electronically when going through luggage handling at departure, on to the plane, and through to the luggage collection carousel in the arrivals. Heathrow Airport is also helping with the trials.BA said that over the next five yearsA  it is investing more than A?5billion in new technology, includingA  its first new Airbus A380 a€?superjumboa€™, which arrives next month. And BA fuel surcharges are lower UK to US than US to UK, presumably because the departure taxes are so high flying westward.
During that time I spent the first two nights in New York, and then I spent the last four nights in Tampa visiting my parents.
What was supposed to be a smooth journey with a nearly six hour layover turned out to be quite exciting.
The agent was polite and informed me that the flight would be delayed about 30 minutes, which worked just fine for me given that I didn’t mind extra time in the lounge to get some work done. I find the queue usually gets long, but I guess that’s the main benefit of flying on a Saturday night (along with the fact that a Krug hangover is better on a Sunday morning than a Monday morning).
To the far right of the bar is the liquor selection, packaged snacks, coffee machine, and fridge with soft drinks and beer. Further to British Airways’ credit, one of the awesome things about the Concorde Room is that they Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle, which is the same champagne they serve in first class (see this post for more about which airlines serve the best champagne).
The catch is that only British Airways Club World and first class passengers can use it, along with first class passengers on Cathay Pacific. The Clubhouse is fun, fresh, modern, in immaculate condition (read: no leaks), has amazing service, and the food is all a la carte.
He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences.
Unfortunately, its only open at night so if you have a morning or afternoon flight, you either have to go through the scanner or get patted down.
But at a hotel where I can have a buffet or a la carte breakfast, I’ll always go with the latter.

I’d consider a longhaul to be 10+ hours, medium hall to be 5-10 hours, and anything shorter to be shorthaul.
I did this because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to create it and share it with others. None were quite right – most were low-resolution, making them impractical for what I needed to do which was layer some text over top and make a print out that looked almost as good as the original. Each time the passenger flies, the electronic bar code on the tag changes.Employees from software giant Microsoft using Nokia Lumia Windows Phones have been selected to take part as the first passenger guinea-pigs in the month-long trial.
Only when the customer checks onto a new flight will the bar code be changed and updated for that service. The Tampa to Miami flight was normal, though the Miami to New York flight was delayed by an hour, then we had a two hour ground hold due to weather, then we had a medical emergency, and finally we had a go around.
The irony is that the first class isn’t actually for British Airways first class passengers.
Best of all, if you have lounge access you get access to the restaurant area, unlike British Airways, where you have to be flying in first or business class on British Airways or first class on Cathay Pacific (meaning if you use the lounge on account of traveling on a partner in business class or through status, you don’t get fed). Little did I know how popular that blog entry would become, and how many people were looking for exactly the same thing. So the objects I scan will be posted to this blog, with the goal of creating a collection of high-resolution, transparent objects in PNG or JPEG (if transparency isn’t required) format. Some of these posts will seem like nonsense to you, but as strange as they might be, I figure that if I’m looking for something, someone else out there is probably doing the same thing. So I fired up my scanner, did a 300 dpi scan of a recent boarding pass from my trip to Thailand, and used a clone brush to delete the elements of text that I wanted to customize. From Dublin I will pay for a ticket to Sarajevo to visit friends who are living there for several years and then I plan on using United miles home from SJJ in Economy. And then you have the business class lounge for business class passengers and oneworld Sapphire members. Over the past 12 months, that one blog entry has gotten 22,868 page views, making it one of the more popular pages on this blog. The digital bag tag is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to developing new technology and holds the promise of making checking in for flights even quicker and smoothera€™.
When they checked in at SNN they asked to be put on the BOS flight rather than the JFK flight.
Have the United miles for business but want to go to Asia on the next trip and need the miles for that.
Instead the first class lounge is for passengers traveling in first class on partner airlines, as well as for oneworld Emerald members. I estimate that since first posting it in 2006, around 100,000 people have visited that page.
Took make 15 minutes total, and the results look awesome when cranked out on my colour laser printer (an HP 2600n).
And if you’re looking for another blank airline boarding pass, check out this British Airways blank boarding pass that I scanned. And for those in the first class lounge with access to pre-flight supper, should they be eating at the first class buffet (which also has food), or at the pre-flight supper facility?
That equate to about 1 in 200 bags and is simailar to that of Virgin Atlantic, which flies mainly point to point.

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