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EDCs (man-made compounds used in many plastics) have been found to interfere with hormonal systems in several types of organisms—particularly in reproductive and development activities. The researchers started by collecting data gathered by other researchers and medical entities. To discover which EDC in particular was in the water samples, the researchers used mass spectrometric simulations to winnow down the likely candidates. There was one glitch in the study, however—to date, the team reports, there is evidence implicating DEHF as only being antiestrogenic, which suggests either that there is another EDC in the water, or that more research needs to be done to discern if DEHF is also antiandrogenic.
Wagner M, Schlusener MP, Ternes TA, Oehlmann J (2013) Identification of Putative Steroid Receptor Antagonists in Bottled Water: Combining Bioassays and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry.
Abstract Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are man-made compounds interfering with hormone signaling and thereby adversely affecting human health.
In an analysis1 of commercially available mineral waters, the researchers found evidence of estrogenic compounds leaching out of the plastic packaging into the water.
Water, water everywhere—just not in plastic bottles, says a town in the US state of Massachusetts. The phosphate ion is almost insoluble and is one of the most inactive of Earth's most abundant phosphate minerals. A team of researchers from several institutions in China and Germany has found a way to create a synthetic type of nacre—more commonly known as mother-of-pearl. A well-known family of natural compounds, called "terpenoids," have a curious evolutionary origin. Both hobbyists' pottery and engineered high-performance ceramics are only useable after they are fired for hours at high temperatures, usually above 1000 °C.
Lead crystal was used as carafes and drinking glasses for a very long time, I'm not sure how many years. Their self-condemnation will prove their undoing when they die and each one's Soul is forced to remain in the body and can FEEL the agonies of being part of a rotting corpse.The Soul of an evil person will feel all the pains of a hellish existence as it is placed in the ground in darkness that is blacker than night.
Only one of many problems associated with our stupidity in paying $2 for two cents worth of tap water.

In their paper published in PLoS ONE, the team describes the methods they used to isolate the EDC found in the water samples. They have come to light as it has been determined that several types of EDCs are present in plastics that are used to store food or water.
They looked for specific instances of antiestrogenic and antiandrogenic activity among 18 bottled water products.
The authors note also that no one really knows if DEHF is harmful to people, or if it is, how much must be present for it to present a hazard.
Recent reports provide evidence for the presence of EDCs in commercially available bottled water, including steroid receptor agonists and antagonists. In particular, one question relevant to future drug discovery has puzzled scientists: exactly how does Nature make these molecules?
I would like to see the same analysis done on tap water, along with the source water for those bottled products, as DeadCorpse said. But some years ago, it was discovered that the lead leached out of the glass and into the brandy or whatever was in the bottle.I would prefer a perfectly sealed glass bottle to store water or other liquids, except that the weight of the glass in relation to its thickness rules out its extensive use, plus the danger of breakage. It has time for reflection of its evil ways and evil thoughts, words and deeds that it had while it lived. Bisphenol A is one such notorious chemical that was until recently found in the plastic makeup of baby bottles.
They found that 13 of the samples displayed antiestrogenic activity while 16 caused antiandrogenic activity. Thus, more research must be undertaken to find out if DEHF, like Bisphenol A needs to be banned from use in plastics used to process or contain food products. However, since these findings are based on biological data the causative chemicals remain unidentified and, therefore, inaccessible for toxicological evaluation.
In this new effort, the researchers sought to determine if there were EDCs seeping into water consumers buy in bottles, and if so, which ones they might be. Thus, the aim of this study is to assess the antiestrogenic and antiandrogenic activity of bottled water and to identify the causative steroid receptor antagonists.

They had a lot to choose from, however, as their study revealed 24,520 different chemicals in the water samples. We evaluated the antiestrogenic and antiandrogenic activity of 18 bottled water products in reporter gene assays for human estrogen receptor alpha and androgen receptor.
Using nontarget high-resolution mass spectrometry (LTQ-Orbitrap Velos), we acquired corresponding analytical data. We combined the biological and chemical information to determine the exact mass of the tentative steroid receptor antagonist. Further MSn experiments elucidated the molecule's structure and enabled its identification. Nontarget chemical analysis revealed that out of 24520 candidates present in bottled water one was consistently correlated with the antagonistic activity. By combining experimental and in silico MSn data we identified this compound as di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate (DEHF).
We confirmed the identity and biological activity of DEHF and additional isomers of dioctyl fumarate and maleate using authentic standards. Since DEHF is antiestrogenic but not antiandrogenic we conclude that additional, yet unidentified EDCs must contribute to the antagonistic effect of bottled water.
Applying a novel approach to combine biological and chemical analysis this is the first study to identify so far unknown EDCs in bottled water. Notably, dioctyl fumarates and maleates have been overlooked by science and regulation to date. This illustrates the need to identify novel toxicologically relevant compounds to establish a more holistic picture of the human exposome.

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