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The holidays may be over, but the winter weather is just getting started for most of the country.
CarMax, the largest retailer of used vehicles in the country, recently conducted a survey that discovered nearly two-thirds of Americans are not fully prepared for winter weather, meaning they do not have a vehicle winter emergency kit.
Melanie Batenchuk founded Be Car Chic in 2009 as a way to help consumers make smart decisions when buying and selling their cars.
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Winter storms often result with millions of people being left without power, heat and fresh running water. 1) Ensure each family member has an emergency kit packed and ready with at least 3 days of food and water.

7) Bring pets INDOORS and ensure they are prepared in the case of evacuation or emergency situations.
According to the survey, one in 10 car owners reported having none of the essential supplies for a winter emergency kit, but more than half said they had jumper cables, a flashlight, or an ice scraper in their car. If you have a larger car with extra storage compartments, get creative and store items where possible to leave more room in the main cargo area.
Her prior work at the dealership, trade association and manufacturer levels has provided her a deep understanding of the complex facets within the auto industry, making her a leading woman in her field. Some are excited to dust off the skis and winter jackets, while others may be dreading the months ahead.
Being prepared before a winter storm is extremely important, since they hit quickly and leave dangerous roads and conditions in their paths.

If you drive a smaller vehicle with minimal trunk space, then use your glove box and door compartments to store the smaller items.
But no matter which category you fall into, one thing is certain: Being prepared for winter is a MUST!

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