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Typically, the problem with allowing organic waste to decompose without controlling it is that it produces large quantities of methane, which is a greenhouse gas more than 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Biogas plants are a way to collect and use organically produced methane for heat or power, in the same way natural gas is typically utilized.
One leader in biogas use in NYC is the Freshkills landfill, which will become Freshkills Park. Of all the garbage discarded by New Yorkers, nearly 30 percent is easily compostable on a local level. To harness the potential energy in compost, Bloomberg plans to hire a composting plant to convert up to 100,000 tons of compost a year into biogas and usable soil. This entry was posted in Lifestyle and tagged biogas, compost, composting, Freshkills, Mayor Bloomberg, methane, natural gas, renewable energy on July 2, 2013 by Matt Sanders.
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It has been widely adopted as an alternative energy source to power vehicles, generate electricity, and provide heating in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. Big methane producers are landfills and livestock, as well as leaks from natural gas pipelines. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The next round of plant material, or Chipotle left-overs, that forms the basis of the biogas supply had taken in new CO2 as it was grown, keeping the overall system in balance. Freshkills produces enough methane to power 22,000 homes a year and is a source of $12 million in annual revenue. A pilot program running in Staten Island was met with enough participation that it will expand to five percent of households in NYC next year.
The UASB's structure, operation and managemnt are simple, the cost is low and the technology os matured. This would reduce landfill volume greatly, as organic material represents thirty percent of city garbage.

Not only would recycling this waste benefit the environment, it would save the city a chunk of the $336 million it annually spends on residential garbage disposal.
The three-phase separator at the top of the reactor will help to separate the gas, the liquid and the solid.
Entered from the bottom of the digester, the material reacted with the activated sludge in the digester, and them was decomposed rapidly.The generated organic solid and zymogenremain in the digester by naturally subsiding, and the super natant fluid is overflowed from the top of the digester. And the active area is spread all over the reactor, so the efficiency the CSTR reactor have more significantly improved. It is applying the process of the hierarchical fermentation, and it is an efficient sludge retention-time reactor. During the primeval fluidization in the EGSB reactor, the expansion phase (volume expansion rate is about 10~30%), the velocity of the water flow is very high.

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