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Over the last decade, credit card fraud has been a hot topic amongst consumers, credit card companies, and merchants. While it was a growing trend in the past, bin checker sites have helped reduce the problems.
A bin checker was only available to brick and mortar companies in the past, but now they can be used online. The best thing to do is consider a bin checker as insurance against unauthorized purchases. If you're not familiar with bank bin numbers, they are the first six digits on a credit or debit card. This website is created to inform online merchants and everyone interested in fraud prevention while processing cleint credit cards online.

In order to understand bin ranges for credit cards, you have to realize what they can do for you. Bin ranges for credit cards help differentiate the brand logo, as well as the card being used.
When a purchase is made with a card, reputable sites will send the number through the bin ranges lookup database. Bin ranges for credit cards can help each business provide a better security blanket for consumers.
Here, you'll find basic information about BIN lookup and BIN database, as well as some tips how to use it for your business.
Once you have access to additional information beyond a simple string of digits that is the card number, your risk management components can use that data to better estimate likelihood of fraudulence based on country of issue versus country of intended delivery.

Canceling transactions that are fraudulent or carry high risk of chargeback is the only guaranteed way of keeping that ratio in check in Bin checker.
Questionable orders, for example where the card is issued by bank in Canada, but is being used to order a product to ship to Moldova, can be flagged for review and additional screening before order fulfillment can proceed with Bin checker.

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