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Stuffing and grilling a flank steak is not all that difficult, but it does take a bit of know-how to ensure that you butterfly it cleanly and in the right direction (open it up the wrong way and rather than tender slices cut against the grain, you'll end up with a steak so stringy and tough you'd be better off using it as a doorstop).
Flank steak has long since moved from being an inexpensive economy cut to being one of the most desirable pieces of meat for the grill, costing almost as much as any of the four high-end steaks you should know. When shopping for flank steak, look for an even, deep red color with a fair amount of fine fat running along the length of the muscles. Holding your free hand flat against the top of the steak, insert the knife along the trimmed edge of the steak and start slicing horizontally through the middle.
Keep working the knife across slowly and carefully until you get it all the way through from one end to the other.
Lay the meat out flat, then pound the seam with the palm of your hand or a meat pounder (gently!) until the whole steak lays completely flat in a perfect rectangle. I've tried seasoning the individual pinwheels after cutting them, but one of the major advantages of rolling your steak like this is the ability to season inside and out, giving you better flavor and more moisture retention as it cooks (salt can help loosen the muscle structure of meat so that it contracts less when it's subsequently heated). Start by spreading your moist ingredients directly over the surface of the meat, leaving a one-inch border at the top and bottom. Next, layer your dry ingredients—like cold cuts—in a very thin layer, again leaving that one-inch gap at the top and bottom.
Start rolling the flank steak away from you, keeping everything as tight as possible and trying to prevent the fillings from squeezing out of either end. Measure the width of your roll in inches, divide it by 1.5, subtract 1, and cut off that many pieces of kitchen twine—about a foot long. Slice the steak cleanly into cylinders using long, steady strokes in between each piece of twine.
Work slowly to make sure that your slices are completely even and that the string ends up in the center of each one.
In my Complete Guide to Grilling Steak, I recommend starting thick steaks over the cooler side of the grill, then finishing them off with a sear for more even cooking and better moisture retention.
In this case, however, that method doesn't work out so great—the cheese melts and drips out of the pinwheels as it warms up. Instead, I found that by building a two-zone fire with all the coals piled under one side of the grill, and grilling the steaks over direct heat, I could cook them fast enough that any cheese that starts to drip out ends up browning, forming a firm crust that prevents the rest of the cheese from oozing out.
Make sure to use a good instant-read digital thermometer like the Thermapen to take the core temperature of your meat. Cooperage is the ancient craft of barrel making; an artform, really, that results in a water-tight, wooden vessel held together by nothing more than the hoops that surround it. Wooden barrels have been used store and transport all manner of goods for more than 2000 years.
As the crafting of the barrels must be absolutely precise, the value of the men creating them increased and the art, and trade, of cooperage was born.
Although a wooden barrel is, at its simplest, a collection of wooden staves held together by hoops, it is the culmination of talent and craft that produces the resulting work of art. It is the selection and preparation of the wood that goes into making a barrel that determines the quality of the barrel in the end.
The best barrels are made from oak that is hand split to preserve the grain and keep the veins intact, but often saws are used today to reduce both time and cost. Staves are created in varying widths to accommodate the construction process of alternating stave widths to increase strength. Staves may be create by a junior cooper but are always inspected for quality and standards by a master cooper. The final construction of the barrel is an integrated process that includes piecing together the staves, using the hoops to pull them together, toasting the inside of the barrel, inserting the head(s), and drilling the bung hole. First off the chime hoop is used as a template while the staves are added one by one around the entire diameter.
Once the barrel staves are all inserted in the primary chime hoop, a quarter hoop is placed to more firmly secure the staves.
The barrel is now toasted over an open flame – although sometimes this process is completed at the same time as the stave shaping above.
Although no one really knows for sure when Trifle originated, they do know it was in the United Kingdom when Ireland was still part of it (all of Ireland except Northern Ireland became independent from the UK in 1922), and has been a popular dessert ever since.
Since Easy Irish Cream Trifle goes well with any Irish main dish, it will be a no-brainer to serve it on St.
Spread the bottom side of six of the sponge dessert cups liberally with ganache (save a little for drizzling over the finished trifle); top with another sponge dessert cup.
Cut the sponge dessert cups into eights; place in a bowl and toss with the liqueur or coffee syrup.
Place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the pudding; refrigerate 3-4 hours or until chilled through. To serve, whip the heavy cream with the powdered sugar until stiff peaks form; cover the trifle with the cream and drizzle any remaining ganache over all. So you are looking to hire a band for an event or function, well you couldn’t have found a better place.

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When cooked right, it has a mild, beefy flavor and lean texture, with just the right amount of chew when you slice it thinly across the grain.
Poorly butchered flank steak will either have a thin membrane still attached to parts of it, or will have had that membrane removed so aggressively that its surface has been shredded.
Plan on cooking a pound of flank steak for every three diners, a pound and a half if your friends are as hungry as mine.
The goal is to work the knife through, cutting with the grain, from one side to the other, leaving the back edge intact like the spine of a book. Any number of flavorful stuffings work, including relishes and spreads, thinly sliced meats and cheese, or vegetables. Now you could just grill the sucker whole like we do with this chimichurri-stuffed flank steak, but you'll get more flavor out of it if you cut it into individual pinwheels first.
The trick is to cook them without flipping or moving until that first side is well-charred. Even with very clean grill grates, the cheese can stick a bit, so work slowly, making sure you don't yank any of the cheese off.
This will allow them to finish cooking through gently (with the cover on), and opens up that hot side for grilling up some quick-cooking vegetables (like the asparagus stalks and king oyster mushrooms I've got). Charred, tender beef with crispy bits of browned cheese and a flavorful stuffing, seasoned inside-and-out, and pretty easy on the eyes to boot! Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Chief Creative Officer of Serious Eats where he likes to explore the science of home cooking in his weekly column The Food Lab.
Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats, and author of the James Beard Award-nominated column The Food Lab, where he unravels the science of home cooking. There is evidence that the Romans first used barrels as early as the 3rd century AD, replacing the clay pots and other breakable vessels they had been using previously.
Coopers are so called after the German, and Latin, terms for the barrels they create; kupe or cupa which, when expanded, became the term cooper.
A barrel made today is made in very much the same manner it was back then; the selection and aging of the wood, the preparation of the staves, and the end construction are all still very similar.
You can see that the processes in both videos are very similar even if some of the tools have evolved. Created from oak that must be straight, knot-free, and properly aged, they are shaped and fitted together in a precise pattern that will render the finished barrel water-tight. As each barrel is completely unique, each head must be measured and created specifically for the barrel it will fit.
French and American oak dominate the world barrel market with American oak being used much more often than French these days.
The grain should be tight and predictable and the tannin content should be high in order to impart as much flavor into the aging liquid it is intended to hold. Once the wood is roughed into stave length it is stored in tiers, exposed to weather and elements, to age and mature. The wood is cut to stave length, tapered on every edge (both sides, top and bottom) to an exacting standard, hollowed slightly on the inside plane, and sanded to a smooth finish. Some coopers use staves of one equal width but many coopers now use a pattern of narrow, mid-width, and wide staves around the barrel.

This part of the process is called ‘mise en rose’  which translates to ‘setting the rose’; at this point the barrel resembles an opening rose as the still straight staves bloom outward from the primary chime, hence the term.
The partially built barrel is typically set over a steamer to soften the wood allowing it to bend.
Coopers use gas flame, oak fires, or torches to char the inside of the barrel to whatever level of toasting the client has requested. Each barrel may have the same rough measurements, but the exact diameter and shape of each is quite varied.
The talent and skill of those who craft wooden barrels is unmatched today as a manual artform. Patrick’s Day with easy favorites such as Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage or Irish Salmon in Cream. We do supply cover bands too for other engagements and parties, so give us a budget and we will pick the right band for your event.
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TER Group last year supplied to over 1800 weddings all over the UK and wedding acts and entertainment is something we are experts at. Butterfly that flank steak and stuff it with flavor-packed ingredients like Italian cold cuts, cheeses, and punchy condiments, and you're really in business. Since we're going to be rolling the steak into a clean cylinder, square off the edges using your boning knife.
We like this version with salami, two cheeses, and bread crumbs, or the one we have pictured, made muffuletta-style with Italian cold cuts, provolone, and an olive salad. Tie the steak working from the outside in, so that the final piece of twine you tie is in the center of the steak. The skewer helps them keep their pretty shape until served, which means better presentation, more even cooking, and better filling-retention. As soon as the steak hits it, transfer it to a plate to rest, in order to maximize its juiciness. A restaurant-trained chef and former Editor at Cook's Illustrated magazine, he is the author of the New York Times best-selling cookbook The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, available now wherever books are sold. Interestingly, much like the trade of blacksmithing produced the surname Smith, the trader of coopering produced the surname of Cooper. There are nods to technology such as the use of band saws and sanders but, at its heart, the process remains unchanged. Coopers have terms for every part of a barrel and specific ways that they should all go together to make the perfect wooden barrel. They’re interested in the age of the trees, the location they are grown in, and the growing conditions of the area. This is due to changing taste palettes (American oak imparts a stronger vanilla flavor than French oak, which is more popular today) and cost considerations as American oak is a much less expensive wood than French oak. This makes the wood stronger and removes any unwanted odors and tannins that may impart a harsh flavor. This increases the strength of the barrel and allows the forces to be disipated more easily.
These days a cable system is often used to bring the lower portion of the staves together so that the final hoops can be applied. For this reason, each head is crafted individually based on the exact measurements of the barrel it is intended for.
All our acts have been signed to the agency after performing a gig for us, we look for image, musical talent and performance before we even consider a band to join our rosters. Just ask the brides and grooms and civil partnership clients what they think of the service we provide. A nice flank steak pinwheel is one of the fastest-cooking and most impressive-looking pieces of meat you can throw on the grill; the kind of thing to pull out when you want to impress the neighbors. They are the final decision makers as to what wood is used to craft their wine barrels, whiskey barrels, and bourbon barrels. The shape will be set once the barrel cools and dries resulting in a water-tight barrel without the use of any glue, nails, or screws.

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