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A good camping radio can ensure an enjoyable and safe camping experience.Buying the best camping radio is very subjective to one's needs. This budget radio comes with all the necessary functions at a low cost.It's a compact radio that can run on batteries, AC power, solar power or charge via the crank handle. Eton is a high-end manufacturer of solar and emergency radios and it won't be the only time you see their name on the list.The Eton FRX ticks all the boxes for a great camping radio. SightView™ is a Tactical Video Distribution System (TVDS) that is designed to enable a team with up to four cameras to capture and record low latency video in difficult RF environments. Battery gauge – 60AH (with Laptop & Radio average power consumption it gives 20hrs of work).
The Wave Relay® Tracking Antenna System enables two-way communication between the ground and an airborne asset.
The Wave Relay® Tracking Antenna System enables communication between stationary and mobile assets.
The family camper’s needs are vastly different than that of a serious survivalist who needs a hardcore emergency radio and there are makes and models to serve every camper's needs. 1 min of cranking will deliver 5 min of play time, 30min of flashlight or 5min of talk time for your cell phone. The system uses the excellent Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET) capabilities of the MPU4 Wave Relay® radios.
The system uses the excellent Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET)capabilities of the MPU4 Wave Relay® radios.

Together with the Quad Radio Router, the Tracking Antenna System provides an encrypted digital data link to UAVs, helicopters, planes, ships and boats.The Tracking System transmits real time command and control digital video and VoIP over 100mi. Parabolic grid antenna - Provides 26.5 dB gain for long-range, highly directional applications.
Components are transported directly into the field where the unit is easily and quickly assembled. We have found that having a radio with a built-in solar panel is one of our musts in buying a unit. NOAA and the National Weather Service broadcast weather warnings and information on dedicated channels and radios with these logos are enabled for it.
It's got a build-in micro-USB cellphone charger, a bright 3 LED flashlight and is NOAA weather radio enabled. With an installed Carabiner clip you can attach it to outside of your pack to continuously charge it.
The combination of the MPU4 Wave Relay radios with the high quality low latency video codecs and cameras provide good quality streaming imagery from up to four cameras to a laptop based commander’s viewing station.
Being a component of the MANET,the Tracking System acts as an extension to the existing network and allows for greater distances. The grid is open-frame die cast aluminium, making it durable,lightweight, and steady in the wind. Constructed with RF pass-through slip ring, only short RF cables are used and never tangle.

Capable of elevating to six feet for operation and collapses to less than three feet for easy transport. Most modern radio’s sip power if it's not loaded with a host of functions and should really be lasting a weekend on battery power alone (think around 25-30 hours).
The Sight-View™ and system management software provides viewing and recording functionality with the ability to store, review and edit using open source tools. This design enables the System to easily track an orbiting platform without everdropping communication. The Eton Scorpion is the slightly less tricked out radio, however it does have a crank handle for emergency power. The commander’s viewing station has a second Ethernet port to support an additional network, enabling onward transmission of the video files. Keep in mind however that it takes a fair bit of cranking for the dynamo to charge the battery for usage. Remember, the more features, the more power it will use, so only pick the features you think you are going to use.
Although the models differ greatly on this, it's fair to say that 2 minutes of cranking will provide 4-6 minutes of usage on low volume.As you can imagine cranking the night away to listen to music is not ever going to work and will only be for emergency situations.

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