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June 25, 2014 by Standby admin Portable generators are convenient to have as you not only use it at home in case of a power outage but you can take it on various outside events including camping and tailgating parties where you need power. If you cannot spend any more than $500 then you will find a number of generators that will provide you with the necessities but will not have as many features or conveniences as other larger generators will provide. This item – Generac Portable Liquid Propane LP 3250 Powered Generator has its own tank holder for the propane tank and it weighs about 151 pounds. It comes with a 6.5 hp OHV 4 stroke engine and it has a standard gas grill style appearance.
Consumers like its easy start up and feels this item offers great flexibility that makes this highly ranked among consumers as one of the best propane generators you can buy that is within your budget. DuroMax Portable Propane Generators for Home Use in 2014 Portable Propane Generators for Home Use in 2014 3 years ago by Genset Comments Off --> Having a generator at home is convenient especially if you experience a power outage. To find the best portable propane generators for home use, do a search online for reviews of what consumers who bought the product had to say and determine which one is best for you. This Sportsman GEN 7000 LP Propane Powered Portable Generator has a quiet operation of 80 dba and a wheel kit for easy portability. This Generac 6000 LP 3250 Liquid Propane Powered Portable Generator runs on 3,750 watts surge and 3,250 watts continuous and has a 212cc OHV engine.

This Generac 6001 LP 5500 Series Liquid Propane Powered Portable Commercial and residential Generator is carb compliant and is sold in all 50 states and it comes with a two year warranty for residential users along with a one year warranty for commercial users.
It costs about $800 online and it received 4 stars from Amazon reviewers, making this one of the best portable propane generators for the money. These are all among the top choices when looking for portable propane generators for home use. The Steele Products Propane SPGL 350 Powered Portable Generator has a wheel kit that allows for better portability. It has covered outlets that help protect them from outside elements and it has a circuit breaker that prevents overloading. The Sportsman Propane GEN Powered Portable Generator runs quietly at 68 dba and it has an overload protection. They all provide multiple features that make them stand among the rest and make it worth having around your home when you experience a power outage or need that extra power for tools or to go on a camping trip. You don’t have to worry about going days without electricity of your neighborhood has a bad storm and takes down power lines. It has a five foot propane fuel hose that has a regulator, making this one of the top choices for portable propane generators for home use.

It has covered outlets that protect them from outside elements and there are circuit breakers for an overload protection.
It can run up to nine hours on half load and it has 9.5 inch solid never go flat tires for easy portability. They offer multiple features and accessories and make it easier to operate power tools and machinery in your home as needed. There is an air cooled AVR automatic voltage regulation and a low oil shut down when the oil runs low to prevent damage to the engine. You can feel self assured that your portable generator will provide lights and power for your air conditioner and heating as well as appliances.
It has the ability to shut down if the oil is too low to help protect the life of the engine. It costs about $850 online and it received 4 stars from more than 45 Amazon reviewers, making this one of the top choices for the portable propane generators for use at home.

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