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For those looking to buy a kit outright, there are plenty of available products on the market. Pre-assembled first-aid kits like this one from Adventure Medical Kits are a great place to start, but they can be expensive and limited in terms of your sport-specific needs. She is a certified Wilderness First Responder and AIARE Level 1 avalanche instructor who guides in the backcountry year-round with both White Pine Touring and through her own wellness guiding company, Inspired Summit Adventures.
With more than a decade’s worth of backcountry guiding experience in a variety of disciplines, Shaun Raskin shares her go-to list of first-aid items below. Hiking groups require an extra bit of everything, plus, depending on the location of the trip, an emergency blanket and bivy sack. Below, Raskin outlines her three favorite safety items along with the first-aid products that should make it into your baseline kit before you head out into the wilderness. Professional guide Shaun Raskin never leaves home without these three items in her first-aid pack.
While these are Raskin’s guide-tested and go-to items for a baseline wilderness first-aid kit, there may be other items necessary depending on the location of your journey as well as your own personal or group medical needs. Additionally, because of the variances in differing terrain, sports and weather conditions, this is intended as a baseline guide only and not a complete list for every backcountry adventure.
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From Celox, QuikClot and Israeli Bandages to Suture Kits and our huge First Aid Kits Refill Section - you will find no better price or selection anywhere on the net!
The SWAT-Tourniquet allows a more rapid means to control extremity bleeding and allows application higher into the groin and axilla than other tourniquets. At the very least, a well-stocked kit will help you deal with irritants like blisters or bee stings without discomfort. We suggest checking out REI, Lifeline First Aid or Adventure Medical Kits for some of the best and most complete options. For those looking to build a kit from the ground up, however, we turned to professional outdoor guide Shaun Raskin for some tips. Skiing and snowboarding groups need more ACE bandages and medications, but also temperature-stability-related items such as hand warmers and an emergency blanket. SAM splint: Made out of a thin core of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam, the SAM splint comes rolled like an ACE bandage and is exactly what you need to stabilize breaks or immobilize a neck in case of spinal injury. Voile straps: These mini-belts made of tough stretch polyurethane and a hardened aluminum buckle are an all-purpose workhorse that can be used in a first-aid emergency to make a rescue sled, traction splint or to help immobilize limbs. Its name provides a description for usage Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck, but also the communities for whom it was developed - military and civilian Special Weapons and Tactics teams. Its ease of application is one of its greatest benefits; individuals can effectively apply it in seconds with little to no prior training.

Accidents can happen anywhere, but when you’re in remote areas, untreated minor injuries can quickly become major.
Prices range from $15 to $400 depending on the kit size and the number of people it will support. Based in Park City, Utah, Raskin has been making her living as a ski, rock climbing and mountain bike guide and professional big-mountain skier for more than a decade.
A biking group means she’ll throw in more abrasion-related items, like Band-Aids and gauze, while a climbing group means more medical tape for blisters and raw fingers. A CPR pocket mask will help you work quickly and safely to attempt to resuscitate another person without worrying about their germs. These teams operate in an environment that has a high incidence of penetrating trauma, and most (two-thirds) of preventable deaths in the operational environment are from extremity bleeding. At a third of the cost and weight of other combat used tourniquets, this tourniquet should find its way forward with every tactical operator. Made of non-latex and can be used on any patient with extremity hemorrhaging or in need of a pressure dressing.

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