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Historically, Datalogics has been one of the few vendors that has been authorized to sell and support the Adobe PDF Library, the Adobe PDF Print Engine, and other PDF development tools.
I’ve got decades of experience working with the Acrobat JavaScript API and other web technologies like PHP and jQuery but Java isn’t one of my strengths.
The PDF Java Toolkit is something I’m really excited about so I’ll be blogging both here and at the Datalogics blog pretty frequently for the foreseeable future.

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In addition to projects related to Practical:PDF, I’m now also contracting at Datalogics as their PDF Developer Evangelist. Recently, they acquired the exclusive rights to distribute the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit which has been developed and refined for years at Adobe Systems and is now available to application developers and systems integrators. As a matter of fact, it’s been about 10 years since I took a class in Java programming and that was just a half day introductory course; I haven’t touched it since.

I have attached a sample barcode using the Native JavaScript Generated created with Code 39.
However, the PDF Java Toolkit is so easy to get started with that I was able to review the included samples and in just a couple of hours created my own application to populate fields with data and flatten the form; it’s that straightforward.

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