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Unmagnified optics, like an EOTech or an Aimpoint Micro or even a pair of regular iron sights, are perfect for close range shots.
Some variable power telescopic sights (like this Swarovski I reviewed) are manufactured to be able to have the magnification essentially turned off and let the sight work as if it were a red dot. Higher power scopes can go anywhere from 9x (like my Accupoint) to 25x, giving the shooter a distinct advantage with long distance targets. This video (now close to 2 years old) shows my first adventure with offset iron sights and nicely illustrates their usage. Offset iron sights give the shooter the option to have a high powered scope and a set of iron sights simultaneously available and gives them the ability to switch between the two almost instantly without changing the ergonomics of the firearm or altering the trajectory. You might want to consider the Surefire instead, the front post doesnt have any rabbit ears to protect it on the XS BUIS.
Yeah but for whatever crazy reason Surefire went with an A2 style rear which needlessly over complicates a BUIS. It seems that there was a SWAT unit stacked on a door up North somewhere during the winter. Lessons learned: Offset iron sights for when your optics get damaged or rendered unusable due to mother-nature, or some other act-of-God!
A new company by the name of Intrepid Tactical Solutions is developing a 12-gauge-equivalent shotgun upper for AR-10 rifles.
The upper is designed to work with AR-10 lowers, which is sure to be a hit with both law enforcement and shotgun enthusiasts alike.
By using the AR-10 as a platform, the RAS 12 shares the same controls and many parts with the increasingly popular rifle.
This problem can be just short of catastrophic, and the main reason people don’t recommend shotguns that feed from detachable box magazines for anything other than sport.
The shells are on-par with 12-gauge shells but use a proprietary design that is mostly polymer. The upper is similar, otherwise, to an AR-10 upper, albeit with an 18-inch 12-gauge barrel and adjustable gas piston.
At which point we’ll be the first to ask, where’s the 20-gauge equivalent upper for AR-15s that uses shortened shotgun shells? Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related.
I think I’d rather have something like a Remington 1740 if I were to get a multiple-barrel shotgun for HD. Back on topic, I really hope Chiappa takes the next logical step and makes a version of the Russian Cosmonaut gun. Sorry to slow Joe Biden that’s a assault weapon it has a extra barrel 3 not 2 that’s too much firepower!!!
Perhaps Shotgun Joe will advertise for them firing it blindly through a front door or standing in the front yard shooting it in the air to scare off the bad guys.
Best feature: it’s a more effective blunt weapon than a lead pipe after you run empty! I heard something like that is being sold in Russia (called Leopard 12) though I haven’t found pictures. Besides, much easier to make trigger mechanism for 4 barrels in the configuration I mentioned. That is probably what I was talking about, don’t know why i was expecting a fancy high-grade stock and 30 inch barrels.
Awww, I figured Chiappa was going to put the barrels UNDER the forearm like that Rhino pistol because, ya know, the recoil pulse thingy is more centered in your…oh, never mind. Understanding Flash Suppressors, Muzzle Brakes, and Compensators We often hear the terms flash suppressor, muzzle brake, and compensator used interchangeably, as some people are actually unaware of their separate functions and what they do. The choice of law enforcement agencies nationwide, Federal’s unique Hydra-Shok jacketed hollow point bullet delivers controlled expansion and efficient energy transfer to penetrate barriers while retaining stopping power. Guns, and gun parts tend to wear out over time, especially with the way shooting enthusiasts like ourselves tend to use our guns. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The 100 rounder MAG5-100 looks far to big to be useful, but the 60 round MAG5-60 looks perfect for the M27 IAR. If these magazines get any bigger, we’re going to have to swap out the forefrip for a pintle and spade handles.
The 60 rounder looks like the same length as a standard 30 rounder, albeit about twice as wide.
I hear mixed things about C-mags but if it came down to it, I’d take a C-mag over a 100 round Surefire mag.
I’m concerned about their article, where it states that with their product, the shooter can fire up 240rds in 30 seconds with their 60rd mags, and even higher with the 100s.
Ultimately, though, I’m glad because I want to get my hands on some of these big mags.
The 60-rounder looks useful to an AR-man, not so much for regular riflemen, for reasons stated above.

The only common reasons to go prone I can think of are to stabilize your shooting platform, which is only common for designated marksmen with longer rifles i would think. But these kind of high capacity magazines, and these are the only kind of mag I believe merit that designation, are just asking for a magpie style window so you can see how many are left. It was fixed barrels that prevent similar weapons (RPD, RPK) from becoming fully-fledged light machineguns rather than magazine capacity. During WW2 the guys with MP44 had to dig little pits for their long magazines so they could shoulder their weapons when prone. So these are made by the Surefire company that makes flashlights, NOT Surefire Gun Magazines (SGM)? The 100-round magazine looks about the same size as the 13-round Saiga 12 gauge box magazines. DvidsHubThe Navy SEAL who claims to have shot Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011 and is speaking with Fox News later this week has revealed his identity to The Washington Post.
The SEALs have some of the highest-pressure jobs in the entire US military and work under almost incomprehensible physical and mental strain.
In No Easy Day, his book about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, former SEAL Matt Bissonnette talks about what it takes just to get ready for a combat deployment. The senior SEAL stopped, looked at his new teammate and said:A "Dude, what do you think you need to bring for deployment? Steel plates at 600 yards are no problem for those with some glass on their gun, and when a precision shot is required there’s no substitute for a finely tuned and well zeroed scope. The loophole through which we competition shooters regularly drive our trucks is that iron sights (which are unmagnified and unpowered) don’t count.
However, the low minimum magnification limits how high the maximum magnification can be, so you end up in the 4-5x range as your maximum magnification.
Instead of having to remove your optic or reconfigure your rifle, offset irons gives you the ability to simply rotate the gun about 45 degrees to one side and then run the gun the exact same way you would if you were using the primary optic. On a variable zoom scope with a 1x setting you would need to manually operate the controls on the scope to bring it down to 1x or live with the higher power setting when going for the four close targets behind the barricade, costing you time or possibly throwing your shots off target.
For those who fancy themselves precision shooters and live for the distance shots yet still want to be able to post a competitive score offset iron sights offer a cheap option that keeps them in their current division but still lets them have that leg up over the other competitors. When they made their dynamic entry into the building, the temperature differential between indoors and outdoors caused the optics on their weapons to fog up rendering them quite useless in that potential CQB scenario. It uses a new type of shotgun shell designed to feed reliably and not deform when stored in detachable box magazines. Standard shot shells, especially low-brass shells, warp when stacked in magazines, and commonly result with failures to feed. It has a flattop rail where you expect one to be and uses a modular tactical handguard with optional Picatinny rail attachment points. Even on their website, pictures of the RAS 12 show it with a magazine that has all the tell-tale markings of a 3D-printed object. I wouldn’t mind buying one, coating it in civilian cosmoline and storing it for 25 years.
Can you imagine the mechanism of not only a six barreled shotgun but one where the barrels are in a diamond configuration(four barrels)? The deep penetration of the Hydra-Shok bullet satisfies even the FBI’s stringent testing requirements.
These Bulk Ammunition packages are (for the most part) purchased together with an Ammo Can for convenient storage, but there are a few that come with basic cardboard containers. We offer Rifle Scopes, Red Dot Sights, and Holographic Sights (commonly called Reflex Sights) from all sorts of brands from Leapers and UTG to Leopuld and Bushnells.
We offer a large selection of Leather Holsters, Kydex Holsters, and even Uncle Mikes holsters if you're looking for something vinyl.
David at Defense Review got an exclusive on the upcoming 60 and 100 round magazines from Surefire.
Not to mention that the vast majority of Surefire products are priced way beyond the individual range. And to provide a smaller target while acquiring targets at longer range, once again, only common for marksmen with DMRs or sniper support rifles. Who is spending all day standing up, crouching, or urban prone, while patrolling areas of interest or out on a specific mission. To keep from pointing out the fact that the 416 is just a fancy AR and not a real machine gun if they start failing under extended firing SAW type use.
He was involved in the 2009 raid on the Mearsk Alabama, the event that inspired the film "Captain Philips." And he now says he was one of the SEALs who shot the most wanted terrorist alive. They're better prepared and better trained than just about any other special operations force on earth.
And while they may not have pinpoint precision accuracy they’re good enough to get the job done. My Accupoint only goes down to 3x, which is enough magnification to make transitioning from target to target just a tad slower. The controls and the trajectory remain the same, and as long as you’ve properly zeroed the iron sights in the new position your shots will be just as accurate as if they were mounted up top.

With offset irons all you need to do is quickly rotate the gun 45 degrees and you have a pair of iron sights ready to go, no messing around with controls.
In addition to having hard case walls they have a plastic nose cone that’s shaped like a bullet, making it feed the same way as rifle cartridges would.
Let’s take a look at each component and what it does, and then see some units that combine some of the uses of each one.
On impact, the notched jacket hydrostatically ruptures along designated fault lines and mushrooms until the hardened center post base stops the expansion, leaving almost 100% of the bullet’s weight in the target. 552 Tactical has for sale 9mm Ammo, Winchester Ammo, Remington Ammo, Hornady Ammo, and Military Ammo including Lake City!
Have a look around & you'll see bulk ammo from trusted brands like Lake City Ammo, and Federal Ammo.
Added to this is an AR-15 style pistol-grip collapsable stock with a 5 round side saddle, effectively doubling the shell count. Is it durable enough that a fully loaded magazine can withstand being drop to the ground at a reasonable height and still be 100% functional.
Then there’s replacement parts (floorplates, springs, followers, etc) for the Marines to buy, since these magazines probably have about zilch compatability with the current 30-round magazines the Marines issue. As a combat infantryman, I have been trained to fight in terrain ranging from mountains to wide open fields to urban environments. What Are Flash Suppressors The purpose of a flash suppressor, or flash hider, as referred to by some manufacturers, is to guard the shooter from a significant portion of the visible flash. A heat shield keeps the hot barrel from coming into contact with the shooter during extended shooting sessions. I’m hoping Magpul makes a 40 and 60 round and leaves the 100 round silliness to Surefire.
In fact, another term for the device is flash guard, although you don’t hear that used very often. We may be able to find it for you, and we'll let you know where you can get the ammunition you want, whether we carry it or not! A fore-end strap keeps the support hand right where it should be, ready to pump the next round into the chamber.
Daniel Defense – Build Your DDM4 ConfiguratorIn the second issue of RECOIL, we took a close look at the Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, V7 LW.
So, if you could carry them without limited mobility caused by your spares in the mag pouch, then I’d probly go with the 100 rounders. A major misconception is that a flash suppressor will hide the flash from the target you are shooting.
Yes, a flash suppressor will reduce the overall flash signature compared to a barrel without one, but light travels in a straight line, and anything completely blocking the flash from what you are aiming at will also block the path of the bullet. Daniel Defense Revamps LE PackagesDaniel Defense has updated their Law Enforcement (LE) rifle packages based on input from LE officers. What Does Muzzle Brakes Do A muzzle brake directs gasses to drive the firearm forward, helping counteract the recoil force back into the shooter. An unfortunate side effect of a traditional muzzle brake is that because energy is being directed back at the shooter, the sound levels and concussion forces generated during firing increase dramatically.
What Compensators Are For A compensator vents some of the escaping gasses upward, reducing the rise in the barrel as the weapon is fired.
This allows the shooter to more easily and quickly reacquire his target for faster follow-up shots. The majority of compensators available today also feature muzzle brake-style side ports for a combination of reduced recoil and muzzle rise.
Hybrids There are muzzle devices that offer a combined reduction in flash signature, recoil, and muzzle rise; we call them hybrids. For this category of muzzle devices, we are identifying those that are truly designed to achieve a synthesis between the essential elements of the three separate components. A standard A2 flash suppressor, while having vents excluded from the bottom, does offer some of the qualities of a compensator, its primary job is to act as a suppressor, so we don’t include it as a hybrid device.
The same goes for the BattleComp 1.0 compensator, which will reduce flash, but is primarily designed to be a compensator. If you are trading out a factory-installed muzzle device for an aftermarket muzzle brake, be sure that the modification does not make your new configuration shorter than the legal, overall length (OAL) requirements of your firearm.
Generally, if your muzzle device is pinned onto the barrel, it may have been to allow the manufacturer to legally sell the firearm in your jurisdiction.
When choosing a muzzle device, the first thing to think about is how you’re primarily going to use your rifle.
In competitive shooting where fast follow-up shots are key, a muzzle brake or compensator may help you win.

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