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67 years later: So here we are, 2012, 67 years after the last military one rolled off the assembly line. The old girl was surprisingly accurate all though difficult for a big guy like myself to get my face down far enough on the little rifle to see the sights. JP, been awhile on that one but as I recall it was Israeli made…and I never found one for sale.
Over the course of creating the last year of content for the Lounge, our online store, and our various social media pages, we’ve amassed quite a few photographs. Here at the tail end of 2014, we wanted to take one final look back at the last year and share some of the best images that have come out of the Lucky Gunner headquarters. Muzzle flash isn’t the only photographic gimmick that I love to shamelessly employ on the Lounge. I had a little down time after I earned my Rifleman patch at an Appleseed Known Distance Event and I was able to grab a few photos of some of the other students. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
This thing would definitely benefit from a forward scout type rail and a red dot raised up a bit.
Low recoil, not much noise and most importantly good memories from my childhood with the old man. She’s more than accurate enough and has more than enough power with some ammo boasting over 900lbs of muzzle energy. Ammo right now is tough to come by for our rifles and it isn’t cheap anymore like it once was.
Some of the best have been featured as the centerpiece of our most popular articles, but a few of our favorites ended up buried at the bottom of a post, or even edited out completely in the interest of brevity.

I’m a sucker for muzzle flash photos, and the lighting conditions were perfect for our photographer Matt to catch the fireworks coming from the muzzle during our Glock 42 review range testing.
I snapped a few quick photos of this Colt 1911 for a profile we ran on the .38 Super cartridge. Click on any of the photos in the gallery below to enlarge and scroll through more of that 2014 Lucky Gunner goodness. This particular old lady is a Postal Meter that somewhere along her life was re-barreled with a 1943 Underwood barrel.
I mean it’s been 67 years since a military one was made and 39 years since it was retired from military service.
Despite the article being about the cartridge and not the gun, the Colt demanded to be the center of attention and literally took the focus away from the ammo in this photo. If you have a family in the house or close neighbors there is a real concern that you could kill somebody else due to all the walls that bullet will plow through after a miss. I didn’t wind up with either one (dag nabbit) Well a couple of weeks ago I ordered a rebuilt Inland from DGR for near 1500 dollars. Solution: aim camera toward the setting sun, and you get some photo magic that would make Uncle JJ proud.
You could have an old action like this one in a modern pistol gripped folding stock set up if you wanted or this rather neat looking bullpup style.
My Gramps and I shooting this when I was a kid saw it would zip right through railroad ties no problem…that’s a lot of heavy wood to zip right through! I see no reason at all your under gunned with this old war baby, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of her.
SG had some a few weeks ago after it was out of stock the first time, hopefully they will get more.

The slide handle picked up from the receiver far enough that the pin would not reach it enough to hold.
These mags I have are some of Grandpa’s old ones, fully loaded since at least the 1970’s, still feeding perfectly today!! This is a picture of my Grandpa with the M1 Carbine he pitched in the Moselle river in WW2. Considering 3 were touching if I were to get into the prone and try I bet that group could have been down to under an inch. That doesn’t make it useless for other lighter work though, even with all the stuff available today this is still a viable self defense or ranch rifle I think. They were designed to be a smaller, easier to use rifle for guys like tankers, artillery, supply and all the guys who were in jobs where the M1 Garand was to big and got in the way of their primary job.
Remember they are old, get your gun checked out by a competent smith and then check your mags and ammo choice yourself.
Incidentally the only part used in the M1 Carbine that is also used in the M1 Garand is the short butt stock screw. These things were in the hands of our troops fighting wars for 31 years,  I think you’ll be just fine defending home base. These babies are not known for being the best HP feeders as they were designed a million years ago for ball ammo.

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