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Designed for law enforcement and personal defense, TAC-XP pistol bullets retain nearly 100% of their original weight and track straight. The lighter bullet weights of all-copper TAC-XP projectiles in comparison to lead-core counterparts enable the shooter to recover quickly due to less felt recoil, without sacrificing terminal performance. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but how does a bullet being made out of all copper reduce recoil? 1 gram is 15.43 grains, perhaps they were comparing the recoil to more traditional 200-230 grain 45 ACP loads? Note that from left, the first bullet which is jacketed lead weighs as much as the fourth solid copper bullet.
If the target is unprotected, then this steel slug would tear on through the target after the main projectile has expanded and stopped. It would also reduce drag and improve feeding if it gives the bullet the profile of a FMJ bullet. More reliable feeding is more a product of the gun and the cartridge overall design than bullet profile. A hollow point can be more accurate, but that is not related to its shape – it is because the centre of gravity moves to the rear, which reduces yaw. If that was true you’d better give a quick phone call to Boeing, they got the shape of the Jumbo Jet nose all wrong! There are non-lead bullets with polymer tips that expand perfectly well, there is no reason why making that tip out of steel would in any have a negative effect on bullet expansion.
Steel cores in projectiles just pencils through target material rather than typical trauma. In the scenario I am proposing, you would still have your expanding hollow point performing as normal, that effect would not be compromised. The point of using only copper is the lighter projectile and decrease of inertial argument.. I just took a white tail buck on opening day of deer season with my AR-15 at about 175 yards with 70gr Barnes Lead Free TSX bullets. Looking to buy at LEAST 1000rds of each for the below prices, not including shipping (if necessary).
I'm not sure how to prove to you guys that I'm not going to just turn around and gouge these to someone else, but I give you my word (something in short supply of these days) that these will only be fired by myself and my family, then reloaded by said persons to use again. Please let me know what you have, I'd love to make a local deal with someone who maybe doesn't need as much, or a certain caliber any longer. Help Launch Mission 51After a tragic, fifty light-year voyage, sole survivor Mat crash lands on a hostile alien world. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Through my reading I learned about the effectiveness of the different caliber bullets in terms of stopping an assailant. You’ll notice the volume of tissue damage is quite similar for the various bullets listed. The sager writers always mention that shot placement is the most important factor when it comes to using a firearm in self defense. I randomly chose three internet ammunition sales sites, toward the top of the google search list. You’ll see that there is only a small difference in prices for the same type of bullet at the different internet sites. At the internet sites, they tend to list prices per box, and since there are boxes with different numbers of bullets, they also list the price per round. Performance through bare gel, light and heavy clothing, car doors, plywood and automotive windshield glass is unmatched by the competition. Specially engineered loads produce almost no muzzle flash – an important feature in low-light conditions. It is possible that some of your ideas may be sound when it comes to traditional projectiles but not with the Barnes Triple Shock Bullets.
A pointed nose would probably help but most modern semiautomatics will feed HP just fine anyway. The X Bullet performs better in almost every area and does not respond to modification like lead bullets.
The energy transfer in the expanding jacket would just scab off and the core stopping part way into the target.
While there will be a difference with this load, I think the end user won’t notice it. Beyond survival, beyond tolerance, beyond acceptance, he must learn to embrace the diversity of his new home planet if he is to ever find peace. That’s obviously important for military purposes, which is where much of the early information came from, and it is also important when one chooses self defense ammunition. In other words, a shot to the head or heart will probably stop your assailant no matter what size bullet you use. One is that when I really think about it, how many times do I think I will find myself in a position to need a gun for self defense? I also randomly chose to compare prices of Remington’s metal case (MC) bullets and Federal American Eagle full metal jacket (FMJ) because they are sold everywhere and are good for shooting paper targets at the range. Expensive ammo, but with an innovative new type of projectile with impressive test results for tactical, law enforcement or self defense applications.
I pray never to have to use my firearms in a defensive manner but if I ever have to, I think this ammunition will definitely end the fight quickly and efficiently.

Distinctive Techni-Crom plated shells feed smoothly from the magazine for reliability shooters can depend on every time. Your assumptions may be true for a traditional bullet (although I don’t think so) but not with the all copper Barnes Bullets.
Lead deforms to transfer energy in terminal ballistics, while steel keeps it’s shape more and keeps traveling along like a sled on packed snow. The terminal energy would be spent more on the disintigrating projectile rather than wounding effect. I notice that people have very strong opinions about which bullet size is better for self defense, but I am not convinced there is all that much difference.
When a HP flies to the target, the HP fills with air which creates a perfect point at the nose. Most of the time the copper jacket peels or even slides off the harder material when entering the target. I am leaning towards Ruger’s products because they have a narrower profile and lighter weight, which are advantages for concealed carry.
In support of that, here is a graphic that shows how modern ammunition is designed to penetrate about twelve inches, so that it enters a body but does not pass through and through to cause collateral damage to other people or property in the area.
Item was as described, priced right, packaged well, and shipped quickly.I will continue to buy SGAmmo. Now, the all copper Barnes bullets are not equal to the 40 S&W loads in the same weight. In other words, the 140 grain Barnes bullet performs on par with the 165 or 155 grain lead bullets where penetration is concerned.
With that said, because pistol bullets move at relatively slow velocities anyway, the weight of the bullet will be the main factor in retained velocity. They will expand after going through denim or sheet metal or auto glass, it really doesn’t matter.
And the recoil of the larger .40 caliber bullet is stronger, perhaps affecting my shooting accuracy. I received detailed tracking information automatically so i don't have to go look it up on line. Also the BC of the pistol bullets are very low already which means there is not much a manufacturer can do to help with retained velocity at longer ranges.

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