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From Vector to animal inspired, minimal, real estate, photography related, there are many styles of vector and PSD logo templates available for designers to check out, use them in their logo designing projects, get inspired or share with friends and fellow designers. In the quest to help you in various logo designing projects that ask you to give it a retro look and make the viewer get back in time, here we have come up with some eye-catching and free vintage logo designs for you all to check out and use incase you like any of them. Another one from GraphicBurger that is designed by Razvan Babanthat uses beautiful typography and vintage style. Another beautifully designed free vintage logo templates that is perfect for graphic designers, football club, motorcycle club and others. A perfect combination of vintage style and typography in these vintage logos designed by WebVilla. Designed by Peter Olexa, you can download this set of 5 free retro insignias that are perfect for any company or business. Designed by Ian Bernard, this is a beautiful free logo template that is designed for vintage photography store. We send out our email newsletter with useful tips, trends, resources, freebies and inspiration daily.
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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. You’ll find plenty of old gold intrigue and adventure as you make your way to hill end and the legendary bridle track.
Keeping all those little bits and pieces you want on hand can be difficult, but Stephen James from Bundaberg, Qld, has a simple solution.

As a secure way of carrying fishing rods, Stephen James from Bundaberg, Qld, added a hinge and small door to the end of the chassis rail of his camper trailer.
John and Anita Beer from Terrigal, NSW, created a removable shelf for their camp kitchen by cutting and screwing supports into the side of their camper trailer. Rob Spencer from Mandurah, WA, modified the spare wheel carrier on his offroad camper to improve access to the storage below. Greg Moore from Riddells Creek, Vic, has created a covered storage area from a jerry-can holder.
Bruce Ninnis from Oakleigh, Vic, adapted jerry cans so he could carry his firewood in the holders — an otherwise wasted storage space on the trailer. Russell Dent from Sale, Vic, used a boat porthole cover to improve access to the inside of his camper trailer.
Neville and Rita Arnott from Lumeah, NSW fitted a pair of pole carriers under the rear of their trailer. The item you are attemping to add to compare is a different subtype to the items(s) in your list.
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Here are some tips and tricks that will give you that extra bit of space on your rig, courtesy of Camper Trailer Australia readers. Stephen hangs a shoe organiser in his Jayco Dove camper trailer near the dining table, so he has easy access to sauces, salt and pepper, headlamps, wallets, glasses and more. He can fit three rods in it and, best of all, they are fully protected and away from prying eyes.

The two 4.5kg gas bottles were replaced with two 3kg cylinders providing enough room for a small Honda generator stored in a leather bag.
Constructed from a scrap piece of metal trimmed to suit, the door connects to the guard using a piano hinge and secures using over-centre clips.
Bruce sliced the top of the jerry can and attached a hinge on one side and a latch on the other. The 100mm poly tubes, with locking end caps, carry all the poles for their external awnings plus their TV aerial without intruding on the trailer’s nosecone storage, interior, clearance or departure angle. It has a vintage style and kit comes with more than 60 vector icons and elements with various badges and logo templates. We would love to let our readers know about it by updating our list of latest free vintage logo templates. A hinge inserted in the base allows the wheel carrier to pivot, and the steel pipe sections inserted in the metal frame at the top are secured with locking pins. Car seals on the cut edges conceal the sharp edges of the container and keep the contents dry and ready for use. No matter how small in size, the logo designs appear to be, sometimes designers actually get stuck in between. What’s the solution then, seeking inspiration or taking help from professional designers.

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