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Nothing is more important than providing food when people find themselves suddenly, and often critically, in need following a storm, earthquake, flood or other disaster emergency.
Stay Updated: Want to receive FREE news updates and disaster-related information directly to your computer or wireless device?. If a disaster strikes your community, you may not be able to get food, water, or electricity for several days. Plan ahead for family members with special diets and allergies, including babies and elderly people.
Only use charcoal grills or camp stoves outside of your home to avoid smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. If soap and running water are not available, use alcohol-based hand gels or baby wipes to clean your hands. Throw out foods that go bad quickly and have been left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Visit for more specific information on when to save and when to throw out different kinds of food.
During a crisis or an emergency such as a tornado, hurricane, flood, or blizzard, buying food can become very difficult.
Staples such as salt, sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate mix, and instant rice or instant potatoes should also be stored. With all of the dog food recalls, you have decided to take control of your dog’s nutrition.
Many dog owners that feed homemade diets to their dogs start with a basic recipe and then substitute proteins and carbohydrates in order to provide variety. Follow Blog via Email Click to follow this blog and receive notificaiton of new posts by email.

Take steps now to stock up on long-lasting foods that don't spoil, so that you will be prepared if something happens. These foods can help lift the mood, and provide comfort to your family during stressful times.
Otherwise, the can may be too hot to handle, the contents might explode, or the label may catch on fire. If there's a power outage, eat the food in your home in the order that it will start to spoil.
This should always be considered since electricity often becomes unavailable during disasters.
To ensure that the no one suffers from malnutrition during a disaster, high-calorie foods should be included in the storage. This means that they do not contaminate the food with non-chemicals and that they are not made of chemicals which are dangerous to human health. Vote for the disaster sayings that strongly resonate with you, and downvote any you didn't like. Although this seems reasonable it actually can result in recipes that are nutritionally inadequate. Remember, it is better to have extra food that you can share than to run out of food during an emergency. Nursing mothers should have formula, in case they are unable to breastfeed during the emergency. To avoid wastage and spoilage, each of the items in the food storage should be prepared in single servings.
Containers which are not considered food-grade include garbage bags, plastic bags, and industrial plastics.

These canned goods should include vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, and pasta.  While canned goods can remain consumable for a long time, damaged cans can lead to food poisoning.
Then you discover that a recent scientific study revealed that 95% of homemade recipes for dogs found in books and on the internet are nutritionally inadequate. Therefore, it is important to properly store canned goods to preserve the integrity of the cans. The authors of these historic disaster quotes are displayed next to each quote, so if you see one you like be sure to check out other inspirational disaster quotes from that same writer. With so few reliable sources, how do you choose a quality homemade dog food recipe? This list answers the questions, "What are the best quotes about disaster?" and "What are inspirational disaster quotes?"This list includes notable disaster quotes by various authors, writers, playwrights, speakers, politicians, athletes, poets, and more.
Vote on your favorites so that the greatest disaster quotes rise to the top, as the order of the list changes dynamically based on votes.
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