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There are many factors to consider when selecting the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in your work area. Amazon, the company that already automates many of its warehouses and fulfillment centers with robot workers, has unveiled Amazon Prime Air — a new delivery method that will see autonomous quadcopters deliver your order within 30 minutes.
Beyond technological and regulatory concerns, though, practical concerns are by far the largest potential pitfall for Amazon Prime Air. So it won’t work in New York because of an overabundance of scumbags, but in an area with civilized people it could still work.
I”m sure with 30 minute delivery, you will be waiting for it (like the people in the video). What if an emergency happens within those 30 minutes that requires your immediate attention? I think changing your life and behavior for what probably amounts to a less than 1% of a 1% chance is stupid. I am not good enough at math to figure out the stats, but I will post on reddit and see if a mathlete can do so.
I applaud you for using math to prove how low the probability of an emergency is, but that doesn’t make the event negligible. Either way, it’s a legitimate concern, just not one I think matters as there are several easy fixes. Some people think it is, and are upset over an army of some 140,000 workers hired in part with a $700 million taxpayer-funded contract to collect GPS readings for every front door in the nation.
The data collection, presented as preparation for the 2010 Census, is pinpointing with computer accuracy the locations and has raised considerable concern from privacy advocates who have questioned why the information is needed.
Enhancing the concerns is the Obama administration’s recent decision to put White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in an oversight role over the census, which will be used to determine a reapportionment of congressional seats and could be used to solidify a single political party’s control over the nation, its budget, military and future.
According to the Census Bureau’s website, the GPS technology “allows us to reduce the amount of time spent by census workers in locating addresses. Online sources noted that Google Maps already probably has listed most homes in the nation.
Added Williams, “What I do know is this … Coincidences of this number and magnitude don’t happen. A number of concerned citizens have contacted WND about the program, and repeatedly have cited warnings delivered by the GPS squad members that their failure to allow the readings would result in fines and possibly imprisonment under Title 13, which allows the census to be taken. But repeatedly they’ve gotten no answers when asked what a GPS reading has to do with the number of people living at the home – which isn’t supposed to be subject to questions until 2010 anyway.
Another WND reader, from Washington state, reported he is having his attorney look into the legality of the GPS data collection and hopes to have enough support for a legal challenge. The reader, whose name was withheld because of his concerns over repercussions, said a government home data collector ignored his no trespassing sign, and he was threatened by the collector for wanting to refuse to provide “census” information. Census spokesman Stephen Buckner told WND the activity is, in fact, proper, and even necessary. He assured WND that all such personal information is confidential, because employees of contractors doing the work are subject to a $250,000 fine or imprisonment for five years for revealing personal information.
Seems like a waste since Google already has that data, along with pictures of the buildings in question. Cool concept but I think it is this type of thinking that keeps companies like this on the forefront of innovation.
It also doesn’t seem to unreasonable for amazon to be able to produce and sell window ledge attachments that can provide a secure delivery surface to apartments without a balcony. It would be very impressive technology if it could identify a balcony and safely put it down there. I think people are forgetting this is like ordering a pizza except with down to the minute delivery information. IT can fly directly over a location where the customer will already know the delivery time and then drop straight down. Anyone ordering 30 minute delivery of an expensive item and is not waiting for it is stupid, plus amazon could also program in a hover and wait program that makes it hold position until the customer verifies they are ready.
They should have a Amozon tracker that you can look on and see where it is and exactly when it is going to arrive.

Ray, the only way this works is by placing a facility in almost every city that uses amazon.
When the drone starts slicing and dicing birds into little fluffy blood balls, the greenies will scream and the dream will die.
It’s a diagram used in engineering to indicate the flow processes and equipment right from the start to the end.
These diagrams are used not only in the production process but also in service industries including big civil and mechanical construction projects.
John Matthews back in 1969, the Newport Corporation was among the first to harness the power of a laser for industrial applications. Jeff Bezos, speaking on the 60 Minutes TV show, says the quadcopters will be capable of delivering a five-pound (2.3 kg) package to addresses within 10 miles of an Amazon fulfillment center, within 30 minutes. Imagine for a moment a fleet of Amazon Prime Air quadcopters above the skies of New York City.
If Amazon uses this thinking and simply puts a disclaimer such as, “You are responsible for being there when the drone arrives.
The privacy advocates also are more than a little worried over what could be done with that information. They are not locals, maybe are unable to read a map, or perhaps do not have the time to pull out a map, and they need to find you with specific GPS coordinates. After all, with Barack Obama desiring to decrease the number of folks in the military, and with forces committed worldwide, we may not have sufficient military forces at home to deal with a rising national emergency. But I was having trouble thinking up one good reason for it, even one legitimate use that would justify what must be a very expensive undertaking,” he said. Census Bureau has reached with ACORN, the organization of community activists with which Obama worked.
There are homes being built and torn down constantly, and the census needs such information. He also confirmed that the last case that was prosecuted under the law was nearly 50 years ago. I was thinking about this yesterday, it could easily leave it your balcony which is usually a safe place. However, there’s always the issue of gusts of wind pushing the package off the balcony.
Maybe place specific air delivery facilities throughout the country, then just deliver all the orders for that region by air that day to go out by the next day or something like that?
Convenience and necessity are not the same things, no matter what your marketing manager says.
If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is 10W portable rechargeable LED flood light, which is said to be the best flood light for outdoor emergency lighting. Tancred said 10 of the 31 buildings were determined to be inhabitable."We're having plumbing problems, we've got leaking pipes," Tancred told AP. It’s very useful to quickly understand the general production process and to design the factory layout. From my rooftop in Brooklyn, it would be awfully easy to shoot down some Amazon quadcopters with an air rifle and loot their bounty of emergency sriracha and condoms.
Not being there and losing the package is not our problem” would be a really shitty solution. If the government decided to rely on foreign troops, perhaps United Nations personnel, most of which may not understand the street signs, much less know the lay of the land, they could use GPS devices to direct them to your front door,” he wrote.
Local building records and other government databases such as tax records would not suffice, he said. They obviously have GPS built in so they can probably send you a text when it arrives so you can get your lazy ass up for 30 seconds to pick up your box. A delivery time of 30 minutes should be possible, assuming Amazon uses an entirely automated process (i.e. Really, in this age of impulse buying, those quadcopters could be carrying some pretty valuable cargo (video games, engagement rings, etc.) If quadcopter hunting seems a bit over the top, there are also more mundane security concerns. For what possible purpose does the Fed need GPS coordinates for every home, and under what authority do they have the right?

Then amazon should send a notification of the exact time when the drone will be in your front step so they can go down the stair and wait for it. However, it’s worth to mention that these diagrams are used in almost all types of engineering including the civil engineering. However, nowadays computerized process flow charts are used most commonly all around the world. Census workers, whom I asked, had the same holy-crap look on their faces that I had by then,” he wrote. The customer should keep in mind that they must be free in the following 30 mins before purchasing in order to wait for the package. Also, I’m thinking if you are expecting a package in 30 minutes, you will either be waiting for the package or be getting to the package shortly after arrival.
A few years later, he was asked to help the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT Team in the 1984 Olympic Games. If all goes to plan, the FAA hopes to have suitable regulation in place for civil unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) by 2015.
It is energy saving with low power consumption and long life expectancy, allowing you to use it for a long time. It is ruggedly constructed and feels hefty in the hand, which always helps to bring authority to your actions if it’s called upon in a tough situation.Design PackageSurefire manufactures the E2D from military specification hardened aluminum. The light colors of this flood light are warm white and white, with its respective color temperatures 3000 to 3500k, and 6000-6500K. The precision-machined body is thick enough to keep the light safe from disasters like drops, high-energy impacts like bullet or knife strikes and the occasional Monday morning when you realize you just parked your pickup on top of it. Besides, this flood light is waterproof and rechargeable, and it obtains IP65 protection level, but it could not be put in water. The dual-mode LED bulb has a two-way switch in the tail cap, with a blinding 200-lumen output on high and an energy-conserving 5-lumen setting for working with maps or checking gear. For instance, the bezel features a crenellated design called Strike Bezel, with six machined protrusions around the bezel’s circumference. In a situation where an attacker is lunging forward, the soft tissues on the torso are often unavailable for impact. However, with the E2D Defender gripped firmly in fist, it’s possible to defend and attack simultaneously by raising an arm to block and striking the assailant smartly on the forehead to stun him at the same time. A strike anywhere on the arm, shoulder, chest, abdomen, leg, testicles or even foot would be very painful and probably just as effective.As if that feature isn’t enough, Surefire designers had enough foresight to provide a similar feature on the tail of the light, with scalloped edges machined into the tail cap. This means that no matter which direction you are holding your light, there’s a weapon at the ready to aid in self defense.The VerdictNo flashlight is perfect, and the Defender could be improved. In a pocket, the lens is pointing straight up, and there are many times while checking equipment, using keys, radios and the like when it would be handy to clip the light with the lens facing down. One idea is an accessory head that lets a user replace the bulb in that head after purchasing it.Once everything is considered, this light provides quality construction, thoughtful design and reliable operation.
Surefire offers a nice line of accessories for the light, including colored lens filters, trigger adapters for firearms, holsters, carriers for spare parts and more.
Utilizing a virtually indestructible high-performance LED and a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, the E2DL Ultra is activated with a pushbutton tailcap click switch that also selects output levels: press or click once for a high-intensity 500-lumen white-light beam—ten times the light needed to overwhelm the night-adapted vision of an aggressor. Return to off and press or click again within two seconds for a 5-lumen ultra-long runtime low beam that’s suitable for navigating at night or performing close-up tasks for hours. The Defender’s crenellated Strike Bezel provides further defensive options should the need arise. I felt empowered every time I got to use that beast, until I realized that it was not the best torch for every situation I was faced with. That's when it snowballed out of control, I started buying random flashlights just because I did not own it yet.

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