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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Simply pop your item in the basket and proceed to checkout, where you can apply online for an instant decision from Pay4Later. A compact, portable and versatile diesel generator, the Kipor KDE 6700A3 is designed for home and business standby, ideal for keep your premises running during a power cut or blackout.
Kipor diesel generators are renowned for their reliability and low miantenance, making this an ideal generator for anyone who wants to minimise the time spent managing the generator. It's also equipped with a digital control panel which allows you to monitor the parameters of the generator in real time, such as the voltage output and overall runtime.
An entry level generator, it's a cost-effective machine for keeping a premises powered during a power cut, with impressive fuel economy and the option to use red diesel to keep it running.
With low oil shutdown and automatic engine shutdown, this generator is also well equipped with the latest safety features.

Designed for home and business backup during power cuts, as well as for powering tools during on-site field repairs, the Kipor KDE 6700TA is an affordable, compact and low noise diesel generator.
Built from high quality components, the KDE 6700TA provides incredible value for money and reliability, making it the perfect generator for anyone who needs a souce of backup power they can always rely on. Equipped with an AVR alternator which produces a clean energy output, sensitive electronic appliances can be safely powered by this generator without fear of causing any damage. Pricing for extended shipping areas like Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and outlying Islands (Outer Hebrides, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, etc) can be found on the map below. It's equipped with a digital control panel which displays the total hours run, voltage and frequency, and benefits from electric key start for easy starting every time. No, but there is a pre-heater button on the generator fascia which in cold weather allows you to warm up the air in the inlet manifold, which helps the engine start easier and run smoother.
With low maintenance requirements, you don't need to be a mechanic to keep this generator running.

Due to the engine which runs at 3000rpm, it's not conducive for daily or what might be considered 'commercial' application.
The nature of a generator like this is that, during a powercut, and even in a prolonged outage, this generator will work without any issues, with the only stoppage needed being a break for refueling. In fact, in December 2013, during the power cuts over the Christmas period, many of our customers who had this generator found that they needed to run this generator from anywhere between 4-7 days just by topping it up every now and again. The generator can cope with prolonged periods of running when needed, but it will require an extended rest period after this. The idea of using it for home and small business backup will mean that once the power is back on, it is stored well and maintenance carried out as and when needed.

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