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Spring and summer are just around the corner and many of us will do some camping.  This is a great time to try out some of the equipment that we have been accumulating.
Recently I heard of a counterfeit Trangia that was manufactured in China fail by melting.  If you decide to purchase one of these backpacking stoves make sure you get the real thing.
This entry was posted in bugging out, cooking, fuels, Seventy-two hour kits and tagged backpacking stoves. The jetboil is great ONLY if you have ready access to more fuel, and if temperatures are above freezing. If you want a petroleum fuelled stove, the MSR models are the best for versatility and ruggedness. The WHISPERLITE INTERNATIONAL, and UNIVERSAL models will burn 90% of fuels, with the UNIVERSAL having an additional hose that allows the attachment of isobutane (jetboil etc) cannisters- and they can be flipped upside down in the cold.
I have been thinking of giving the silverfire scout a try, and am looking for a good windscreen.
My 30+ year old trangia stove is still going strong and I love it, but it cannot burn wood. These, like the ones you mentioned, are simple, well made, and can use wood and the trangia burner.
120 Walt Disney World DO NOTs: Tips From Real People on How NOT to Screw Up a Disney Vacation! It sounds perfect, but in this article I am going to try and convince you how that might not be the best and first option you should consider.
I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of these reasons are going to seem incredibly simple and obvious, but I think sometimes that is the best way to approach a problem. Yes, I know that some people sleep perfectly well in the woods and I can too, once I am exhausted from hiking all day.
In times of crisis, you can almost guarantee that communities will band together in some ways. Even neighbors you don’t get along with will probably overcome grudges if the disaster is severe enough. I bet that most of you like to keep the thermostat somewhere in the upper 60’s to low 70’s during the winter. If the people in the town do not know you, they will treat you as suspicious, maybe even hostile. Have you ever been walking your dog and seen someone strange walking through your neighborhood? Speaking of walking around in your bulletproof vest and gear, how many of you have walked for 3 days with your bug out bag?
I will write a post about reasons why you may have to bug out later, but staying home doesn’t guarantee you will be safe and secure either.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Just before freezing, the fuel becomes heavier than the propellant, and you end up burning the propellant off and are left with a useless half full canister. All you need for the best chance of survival for your family is a well-stocked bug out bag, a keen attention to your surroundings and careful monitoring of what is happening in the news.
There are many reasons and situations I can think of why you do not want to bug out from your home. As a prepper you have probably started collecting some supplies to help you get through short and long term emergencies. Honestly, you would have to agree that your old lumpy Serta Posturpedic mattress would be preferable to sleeping in the woods or an abandoned building or even a hammock. You probably don’t consider your small neighborhood or dead end street a community but let some disaster happen and you will see humans come together for support, safety and to help each-other out. Of course there is the potential that your neighbors could turn on you for being the lone prepper but I think in most cases, things won’t go Mad Max for a little while.

Maybe if it was raining and you couldn’t find any dry wood or tinder, or there were people that didn’t look so friendly following you.
OK, now add a full complement of bullets and anything else you think you might need to defend yourself. I don’t have IV’s and a ton of medicine but I can take care of garden variety injuries pretty well.
I think each situation has to be taken into consideration as to what is the better option for you and your family. With these bases covered you will be a very informed prepper and will be able to get the jump on all of the clueless sheeple if something bad happens. You may be asking yourself, how can I even say those words on a prepper blog such as this without getting struck by lightning?
Some of you have stored a TON of supplies because you have been doing this for a long time or else you are independently wealthy and you just blew up the Black Friday sales.
Being around even just a few neighbors who know you can give you advantages if you need assistance for things like a neighborhood security plan.
If it does you will have to adjust, but I believe that most people would benefit by banding with their neighbors for support.
Staying in your home, even without power can give you advantages of shelter that you won’t easily find outdoors. Had they been one of your neighbors kids you would have recognized them, but this new person stuck out. It adds up quickly even when you try to reduce the weight of your bug out bag as much as possible.
You will load your family up with your bags and hike off into the sunset way ahead of the approaching death and destruction.
It’s true that hunkering down is not the option that gets the most press, but in my opinion during most (but not all) scenarios, it is the better choice.
Leaving your home will make you potentially have to leave most, or all of your survival supplies at home. You may be working like a dog and having a comfortable and relatively safe place to rest your head, even if that is the living room floor will be an advantage that the people who think they can just bug out into the woods won’t have.
You could have an opportunity for leadership here or compassion by helping out others who haven’t prepared. By staying put in your home, you can set up a neighborhood watch with your fellow neighbors and monitor who is coming in.
That is what you will be faced with if you leave your home and go wandering through other towns and cities. All those supplies you stored in the back of that trailer are either going to feed a lot of other people on the highway or you will most likely die defending them.
Would you rather drag yourself into the house, or be stuck in the woods for weeks unable to move? It is something to think about that and that may help you begin to form different plans for different scenarios.
You could put them all in your best bug out vehicle, the diesel Ford F-250 with the trailer, right? It is much better to strive for this kind of relationship with people than head out the door and face the world with only what is on your back. Of course, but the last place I want to be on a cold winter night is huddled up in my sleeping bag under a tarp even if I did have a nice roasting fire beside me. You can black out your curtains with heavy gauge plastic sheeting and even the heat from a lantern or a couple of candles can put out an amazing amount of heat. This gives you the opportunity to set up defensive positions and plans that anyone walking in with thoughts of taking advantage of you, won’t be aware of. In your home neighborhood you will be dealing with known people that you can grow a deeper relationship with.

Your food will run out, possibly your ammo and that will help you with the weight, but in a disaster where you are walking out the door in full combat gear, do you think Walmart will be open when you run out of something?
If you aren’t already living at your retreat before the disaster happens, you will have to be incredibly fast to avoid getting stranded. Most hospitals don’t stick their patients out in the back yard for a reason so you will convalesce better with a good roof over your head that is hopefully providing some climate protections.
If you are like me, just an average guy with a family and a giant subterranean monster unleashed by nuclear experiments is not headed your way, you might want to stay put. The concept is called the Golden Horde and they will be competing with you for natural resources. If nothing else, it will be a relatively clean and safe place to get better that beats lying under a log. With even a few dozen hunters in the same area game will be depleted in days if not sooner. If you start walking into a strange town with your bug out bags and AR-15 slung over your bulletproof vest, you may not like the attention you receive.
Do you know when the S has actually HTF and it’s time to leave or will you debate leaving with your wife and mother for two days because they think it will all blow over soon? But my particular vantage point might not be what you are looking for to help plan your next Disney vacation.
Then you will be stuck near a bunch of other hungry people who blame you for catching the last squirrel. If you are new to Disney World or planning a first Disney vacation, this article is HUGE and can be overwhelming for first timers. DO NOT exhaust the kidsLana, “Do not expect small children to make it all day at the parks.
DO NOT forget adult stroller etiquetteVeronica, “We have a double jogger we fondly call a ‘Cadillac.’ It’s huge, but when folded, it fits nicely in the bus rows. Even if the folded stroller stands on its own, it will fall on turns, so hold on to it so others aren’t hurt! If you are riding the monorail and it’s empty, the strollers can be pushed right in, which is great for nap time trips! And for the love of Mickey, be respectful of others while pushing your strollers through crowds!!”4. DO NOT forget to pause for a mid-day breakTonia, “No matter how much planning you do, you will not be able to see it or do it all! Some of the best moments are standing in line, forcing you to take time from busy lives to simply talk and get to know your children better. But when at all possible, check those FASTPASS times, and work that system as much as possible. DO NOT make everybody miserable by staying on a strict scheduleKristin,  “Do not forget the trip is supposed to be fun for the family.
DO NOT show up without kiddie entertainmentStephanie, “Do not go without little trinkets to entertain your toddlers while they wait in long lines!! DO NOT forget that kids like a voice in the planningCyndi, “Don’t forget to let the kids choose what to do! DO NOT let your kids ruin your budgetBriget, “Plan how much money you are going to let your kids spend and tell them. DO NOT forget extra clothes for little kids that might get wetAngela,  “Do not forget an extra pair of shoes and socks for the kids, and probably some pants too.
DO NOT forget to take the kids for a bathroom breakJill , “DO NOT go into attractions with long running times without taking kids for a bathroom break first!

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