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A decent practice amp should be flexible, capable of good tones at low volumes, and small enough to drag around with ease.
Small amps usually offer on-board effects or modeling so you can dial in a tone that’s close enough to your ideal sound to not be overly distracting while you practice and write. While you consider your amp options, you can also check out our cheap guitars for beginners and best guitars under $500 if you want to give your vintage Strat a break at home, too. For practice, noodling, and writing, here’s our list of the top ten best small combo guitar amps. Even more than the ubiquitous guitar designs, when it comes to amps, you’re usually talking about something that is Fender-like or Marshall-like. The Mustang series evolved as a response to the needs of modern guitarists, packing emulation on-board so that the home musician had access to a wide variety of tones without having to own each amp. If you hate the modeling and don’t want to deal with the fuss, you could also opt for the 20-Watt Champion, which is simpler and cheaper. Aside from the Crate Taxi, Pignose were the first amplifiers I ever heard of being portable. If you want something even smaller, you could opt for the 7-100 Tweed model, which runs off AA batteries and produces only 5 watts. Still, considering that the TH30C tube combo goes for over $1000 more, you could do a lot worse than this offering. Roland amps are known for being reliable workhorses that are versatile and made for the working musician. I test drove this while on the hunt that ended in buying the Orange and I strongly considered it.
The true calling card of this amp is the JC Clean channel, which emulates Roland’s legendary JC-120 tone very well. I would be more surprised to learn that you haven’t already heard or heard of this amp, or at least its little brother, the Rage 158. If you’re missing the modeling and the effects (no reverb, really?), you can get the Vypyr VIP 1 20-watt for exactly the same price.
Of course, if you should need more than one watt, which is likely, Blackstar also makes the ID15TVP 15-watt. If five watts still isn’t enough for you despite being all-tube, there is yet another option. It’s a fully-featured amp that focuses on delivering Marshall-esque tones and augmenting them with add-ons. If you want to go even smaller, check out our list of the top ten best mini guitar amplifiers. We are delighted to offer the fantastic Generac 5858 QP55LP 5,500 Watt QuietPact Propane Powered RV Generator. For this great price, the Generac 5858 QP55LP 5,500 Watt QuietPact Propane Powered RV Generator is widely recommended and is always a popular choice amongst most people. You want to have the best tone when it matters, as well as enough power to cut through the band. Lately, even very low wattage amps are benefiting from novel efficient speaker designs, so driving amp sounds are easier than ever to get at this level.
While Marshall-style amps are generally more compressed and designed to be played wide open, Fender-style amps have more clean headroom and can get shockingly loud before breaking up.
Unlike the Fender, though, this one is primarily designed to run off of the internal rechargeable batteries. Folks who want good versatility and great tones in small packages and at reasonable volumes. I play with a lot of pedals, so I was looking for something with the effects loop so I could emulate my show setup when I’m at home.
Whether you opt for the dirty channel or drive it with pedals, the breakup is very satisfying.

The latest update to the CUBE series means these little amps are packed with options, almost to the point that you could consider forgoing pedals during practice. The Lead channel gives you access to ten amp models, which seem to do best when the gain knob isn’t above halfway.
I’ve had three of them at different points and for different reasons and they all sounded exactly spot-on identical.
It’s also capable of being screamingly loud, coming from a fine tradition of Peavey amps sporting this same quality. There are, indeed, a couple of options at this price point, starting with this ultra tiny Blackstar. Still, the breakup on this is all-tube, so you’ll get that warm, responsive feel that might be lacking in modeling and solid state amps. Sure, you don’t get any frills or secondary channels, but at least they thought enough of you to give you on-board reverb. With options of 0.1, one, and five watts, every volume level should be achievable for at-home use. Kustom will happily hook you up with a practice amp wielding two ten-inch speakers rated at 15 watts each. Somewhat annoyingly, it shares a function with delay, so you can only choose one at a time. You get two clean and two drive channels, with the second being harder-hitting than the first. To my ears, they haven’t spent much effort to emulate tube sounds, but then, the price is right. He plays guitar, wrangles chinchillas, and spends many hours a day listening to music and building the internet one site at a time. The Generac 5858 QP55LP 5,500 Watt QuietPact Propane Powered RV Generator is certainly that and will be a great buy.
The best lp unit for class b and do motor houses, activity utility trailers, towable apps and fifth wheels with a single or dual roof air conditioning.
With the boutique companies, you’re getting something distinctive, something hand-wired and special.
There are certainly smaller and cheaper amps out there aimed at beginners, but this list is for that sweet spot where serviceable tone and convenience live. This is due to the tube configuration and circuit design, but even for their solid-state offerings, this remains true for the most part. There’s a 40-watt version ($199) that still fits below our $300 threshold and would still be acceptable for practice. There are a few options to choose from in the series, with the model names following their specs. It feels to me like they tried (successfully) to fit the voice of an Orange amp into this rather than going for emulating a tube sound necessarily.
Having said that, this will take your pedals just fine (no loop, of course), it just seems a bit redundant with everything this has on-board.
The Solo channel is a fully-programmable setting, so you can dial in your chosen amp mod, gain, and effects and switch to it on-the-fly. Fortunately for practice time, it has a well-rounded tone even at low volumes, with the bass response being a highlight. Me, I’d opt for the 258 to get the tonal background of passable tube emulation and slap a worthwhile reverb in front of it. Powered by a single 12AX7 preamp tube and a 12AU7 power amp tube, this is made for pure sound at low volumes.
The Turbosound speaker is designed to be extremely efficient, so five watts will get you quite a lot further in terms of relative volume.
You still probably won’t keep up with a drummer, but the increased headroom will give you glassier clean tone with the gain rolled off.

The gain is a bit on the muted side, too, but easily addressed with a solid OD or distortion pedal to drive the preamp tubes. At 20 watts, this isn’t much of a fire breather, but it will certainly get the job done for practice. This is pretty well made up for by the fact that it comes with an effects loop, so you can get a pedal or two to help out with that part. There’s a 10-watt version, a 15-watt with reverb but no effects, a micro stack version, even a two-speaker 100-watt version. With all of these, though, you can make tweaks to the settings and then save them to each channel. Revolutionary style and design and prototype screening are important factors of generac's achievement.
It might take a little while, but at least you won’t be stuck with middling practice sounds. The EFX knob lets you choose and adjust chorus, flanger, phaser, and octave effects, though only one can be used at time. This is the straightforward, transparent amp you want if you’d rather just not think about it. You get ever-so-slightly quicker response from the amplifier, which can make a difference for your attack and feel.
I wouldn’t recommend a Tube Screamer type, necessarily, as this amp already has a pronounced midrange bump that might not gain much from the same EQ shape in those pedals. Whole commitment to element screening, reliability screening, environmental screening, destruction and lifestyle screening, furthermore screening to relevant csa, RVia, and other specifications, enables you to choose generac electricity methods with the confidence that these methods will offer outstanding performance. The Squeal overdrive knob controls the gain, and past 12 o’clock switches channels into an overdrive channel. The Voice of the World speaker is fantastic and avoids the anemic hollow quality of other 10 inch cones. On this and the 20-watt 20GX, the delay and reverb are separate, which isn’t true if you go all the way down to the Micro Cube. At 40 watts, this is probably the loudest you’ll want to go for home practice, and certainly would cut in even moderately-sized rooms at a gig. Also like the Roland, you get a knob for the effects that adjusts and cycles through chorus, phaser, flanger, delay, and octave. Solid-state, frequency compensated voltage regulation: this state-of-the-artwork electricity maximizing regulation method is standard on all generac designs.
Guitarists always want good tone, but we might not want to be putting a lot of milage on that multi-thousand dollar half-stack.
I don’t find it very appealing, but then, playing with headphones is always a bit of a drag, anyway. The lead channel is surprising in this amp, relying on the TransTube technology to deliver a responsive, gritty breakup that is just a cut above other solid state offerings.
It provides optimized rapidly reaction to modifying load situations and optimum motor starting up capability by electronically torque-matching the surge masses to the motor. Nevermind the simple fact that these beauties are often simply too loud for the home setting. The ISF tone shaper is meant to be Fenderish at one end and Marshallish at the other so you can call up either tone when you need it. All upkeep items are effortlessly obtainable at the front of the generator for quick substitute. The most significant motor in air-cooled RV electricity era enables for consistent output beneath intense situations.

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