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Introduced in 2004, the Ruger Mk3 represents the latest evolution of Ruger’s target pistol line of handguns. One of the best innovations of the Mk3 is the placement of the magazine release near the trigger guard as opposed to on the heel of the frame like its predecessors. We test-fired the Ruger Mk3 with a variety of commercial 22 lr ammunition and the results were impressive. As a supplementary training pistol, target pistol or for hunting small game, the Ruger Mk3 may be the best modern 22lr target pistol on the market.
Below are Measurements for Props I have made in my tutorials which are found on my channel.
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Manufactured to Ruger's exacting tolerances, the P95 is simple, serviceable, and economical. Since Ruger's entrance into the firearm manufacturing business in 1949 they have led the industry with innovation, quality, and value. Shooting is a deteriorating skill and studies have shown that proficiency can decrease by as much as 40% in as little as one week away from a shooting session. Externally it is similar to the earlier models in shape and size, but incorporates new features including a safety lock and loaded chamber indicator.
This simple change in design allows the shooter to retain crucial muscle memory skills when performing a magazine change as opposed to using a heel type release on a training pistol and a conventional release on a center fire pistol. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

This green laser sight fits most popular full size and compact handguns with accessory rail.
With ammunition prices on the rise, a cost effective method of training can be accomplished by shooting inexpensive 22 lr ammunition. Moving back to the 50 yard line, performance remained consistent, but a flyer opened this group size up to 1.5 inches. That being said, I fed it 1000 rounds of the nastiest garbage ammo I know of (tulAmmo) in under 2 hours.

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