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Minimum Security is typically home to inmates convicted of nonviolent, white collar crimes, though there are many exceptions.
The minimum security prison, often referred to as "the camp", is comprised of five cell blocks, several common areas, a Security Housing Unit (SHU) and a psychiatric ward (psych).
When inmates first arrive, they are requisitioned minimal basic items, such as a scant few toiletries and the ubiquitous orange outfits.
All inmates must hold jobs within the prison, apart from the elderly inmates and those excused for medical reasons.
When meeting visitors, inmates are only allowed two hugs: once upon greeting and once before their visitor departs.
Furloughs (periods of authorised leave under special circumstances) are so rare that most inmates do not believe anybody will ever get one. When prisoners first arrive in Litchfield, they are put in a temporary bunk until they can be assigned a bunk and transferred to a regular cell block.
Referred to by the inmates and COs as "dorms" or "cubes", the cell blocks are inmate sleeping areas that are generally separated by race. Cell Blocks D and E have not yet been shown, but inmates who are housed there may be part of the "Others" or "Golden Girls". These sections are surrounded by low (between 5 and 6 feet or 3 and 4 feet) walls made of cinder blocks and are open to a main walkway.
At the end of Season Three, new bunk beds are showed being installed into the cubicles whilst the inmates are not present, meaning that there are now four inmates to a section, instead of two ("Trust No Bitch").
Where inmates can go to get their hair cut or styled either by Burset, who enjoys the work she is doing, or by Danita, who has yet to make an appearance in the show. Better known as solitary or SHU, the security housing unit is an isolation ward that is located separately from the main cell blocks. Referred to as "Psych" by the inmates, the psychiatric ward is used to house mentally unstable inmates.
The chapel is the religious center of Litchfield, and serves all major denominations as well as minor ones, which may include Wicca or druidism. The cafeteria is arguably the most dramatic spot in Litchfield, as it is a common area for all cliques and dorms. A larger space with moveable tables and chairs, the Rec Room is used for group meetings or exercise, such as orientation, Safe Place, Berdie Rogers' drama class, AA or yoga. The Golden Girls refurbished the neglected greenhouse, then started a small garden using a tiny portion of the yard. After MCC's takeover and Litchfield's expansion, a lot of the new inmates are unable to get a job. Inmates who work in janitorial work throughout the entire facility collecting trash, cleaning floors (and, presumably, walls). The electric shop is run by CO Joel Luschek, a slacker who under-performs and somehow retains his job.
Before privatization, the kitchen was a more favorable position at Litchfield, as most of the work was unskilled yet something many of the inmates may have had experience with, such as preparing or serving food. Now, it seems they share all responsibilities, except taking the blame for the quality of the food, which no one seems to like, much less want anything to do with. Inmates working laundry are responsible for washing, drying, folding, and holding for pickup, the prisoner's clothing.
Inmates working in laundry may also wash the MAX uniforms, since they are seen washing jumpsuit uniforms, which are not worn on the show. Before privatization, all the library's shelves were filled, and included law books, which inmates could use to work on their cases. There is a desktop computer that may or may not be connected to the internet because it may or may not work.
One of the first changes MCC brought to Litchfield was the introduction of privately contracted inmate labor.
The entire Whispers factory staff was replaced after Maria Ruiz' rival pantie business was discovered in Season Four. Transportation is how inmates are released and taken into the prison, or transferred to and from Maximum Security. When the smuggled panties are discovered in Maria Ruiz's bunk, all current inmates working in the Whispers factory are fired to be replaced by a new, more "trustworthy" team. The expertise and calibre of the COs has declined rapidly since MCC's takeover and in particular after the experienced guards walked out in protest of their treatment at the end of Season Three. After the original guards' walk out, MCC decides to hire veterans in "Power Suit" so that they can get a tax break, but need to offer something as the budget doesn't allow for good pay. There is to be no running in or outside of the building, with the exception of the running track, when it is open.
There is an alarm that sounds when an adverse event occurs, upon which all inmates are required to lie prone on the floor where they are until the alarm stops. Inmates are not permitted to receive any other clothing or items that aren't books or innocent photos from people outside the prison.
Contraband is forbidden and generally includes any item not purchased from the commissary or made by the inmate. Visiting time is limited and all visitors must be on the prisoners' approved visitation list. Courtesy to COs must be honored at all times and prisoners must follow the instructions of Litchfield Staff.
Under normal conditions, whenever a person is missing, alarm sound and all inmates must immediately cease all activities and lay on the ground, face down, their palms flat. However, this section describes extraordinary events that occurred which necessitated the partial or complete shut-down of portions, or in rare instances, the entire facility. All inmates were moved into the cafeteria and were forced to use buckets for waste elimination. All inmates' shower schedules were altered to accommodate the ones who were assigned to "B"; B-dorm bathroom was completely off limits until repairs were made.
All inmates were forced to wear only a bra and panties as their regular beige clothing was confiscated.
Litchfield Penitentiary also houses a maximum security prison on its property, for inmates with more serious offenses.
For a list of inmates that have been sent from minimum security to maximum security, see here.

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This was changed in Season Four, due to an influx of new inmates and MCCs unwillingness to pay each new inmate the 11 cents per hour they earn from jobs. The room is filled with small tables with at least two chairs around them; one for the inmate and one for the visitors. Within these sections, each inmate gets a locker and a metal bunk with a mattress, pillow, sheet and blanket. Inmates often have to take quick showers due to the lack of hot water, and most wear flip-flops on their feet to avoid fungal infections. It is described as being a hole that can't be climbed out of, although some inmates do get to leave and return to the general prison populus. As a place of relative silence from the rest of the prison, it is used frequently by many inmates for sexual engagement. It has a basketball court and a track, which must be manned by correctional officers to be used.
The least favorite part of the job seems to be finding, handling and disposing of hair from the showers. Inmates working in electrical are the prison's repair force, fixing appliances ranging from small table lamps to the large industrial-sized dryers for laundry, or doing mundane tasks such as changing lightbulbs. After privatization, the job became more about moving boxes of food than preparing or serving any of it as MCC switched to pre-prepared food.
Many books were burned when the prison became infested with bedbugs (the exception being the Qur'an, which the COs were apparently too afraid to burn). The old Whispers workers are taken to work for construction with no pay, under the guise of it being a "training" role. It also includes any item that is made by the inmates that could be considered dangerous, such as a shank.
All inmates must remain prone until an "all-clear" signal is given by corrections officers.
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Antimicrobial Soap has AQIS approval and will clean, soften and protect skin against cracking and drying. Do you have an environmental policy that you simply overlook, or put in the too hard basket? They do not, however, receive footwear for the showers, which is necessary to avoid fungal infections. Jobs are now a precious priviledge and inmates who do not have jobs and do not have anyone on the outside to transfer money to their commissary account have no way to even buy the most basic necessities, such as tampons. This led to a lot of bad feeling towards her from inmates who had previously been denied Furlough to visit closer relatives; for example, Poussey Washington was not permitted to visit her dying mother. Caputo, Healy and Rogers have separate offices, which in Healy's and Rogers' case are used for counseling with the inmates.
Whenever an inmate has numerous visitors at a time, more chairs are added around the table. New inmates do not get given flip-flops and have to improvise, such as Piper Chapman wearing sanitary pads secured with rubber bands, or Sophia Burset constructing slip-ons from duct tape as commisary does not stock her size. The tables and chairs can be used for card or board games, or can be moved against the walls (they are not secured to the floor). However, due to supposed limited funding, they are unable to be staffed and go unused most of the time. Training consists of reading individual manuals for broken units and wandering through huge electronic textbooks with no guidance whatsoever. Meals came in very large sealed bags (at least three gallons by volume) and only required heating by submerging the bag in boiling water, removing after a prescribed amount of time, then dumping the contents into a stainless steel pan for serving. Gloria, who has a very strict non-smuggling policy, replaced her, but quit when the COs wouldn't allow any leniency in her schedule so that she could see her son during visitation. After privatization, the shelves are mostly bare and consist of donated odd and random titles due to MCC's reluctance to spend money replacing them.
The wages earned through their jobs at Litchfield as well as any amount added from outside sources (ie: a friend or family member) are held in each inmate's "bank" (or account) and can be used to purchase items at the commissary. Inmates were told they had to take a test and the new assignments would be posted on a bulletin board.
They are not told what they're building, but Fig reveals to Caputo in "The Animals" that the building they create is going to be used as a new dorm so that MCC can cram even more prisoners into Litchfield. The training of COs has also declined, with staff typically being given very minimal on-the-job training, and instead being told to "read the staff handbook". This is also where Kukudio and Crazy Eyes go when they run away after being at the lake in "Work That Body For Me".
Those who missed out were forced to improvise, such as Alex Vause, who wore a large garbage bag fashioned into a poncho of sorts. After a threatened closure in Season Three, Caputo was able to convince MCC, a private corporation that specializes in prisons, to invest in it so that it could remain open.
The other COs have a shared lunch room and there are dressing rooms for male and female officers. Inmates are not allowed to physically touch their visitors during visitation, although quick hugs at the beginning and end of the visit are allowed.

Many inmates are comfortable with walking around naked, and sexual encounters sometimes happen in the showers.
Once inside a previously unused warehouse, the inmates discovered they would be making lingerie for the intimate apparel company, Whispers. Leon McDonald, the leader of the construction team, is found very attractive by most of the straight female inmates on the construction crew. The prison is reserved for the inmates of minimum security who have acted violently, smuggled or used drugs, or other serious offenses.
Rains the last few days combined with the cooler temps should have the fish in a feeding mood.
Piper came up with an idea to make extra underwear from scrap fabric and "smuggle" them out once work was finished. Until Season Four, it was unseen on Orange is the New Black, though many inmates are seen being transferred there. The minimum-security part of the prison housed about 250 inmates before Litchfield's expansion in Season Four. She asked inmates around the prison to start wearing these knickers and give them back to her used, so they could be shipped out of the prison and sold to perverts who wanted dirty underwear. I did see one HUGE largemouth bass come to the shore and snack onone of those stunted gills. If you plan on doing any trout fishing in the area-- go early and go late or don't go at all. Thanks to Sandy at the Treasures of Oley for allowing us to use her wine and gift shoppe for the class.
It is stocked by the state, but does have a nice population of wild brown trout swimming in it. Fished the Bottoms Down emerger in the deeper pockets and managed to hook 2 real nice stocker rainbows. The creek was tight and a challenge to fish, but it was certainly a great day 2Bonthewater.
Nymph wise, fishing a tandem of a pink larva lace worm with a pheasant tail dropped off the bend should get you into some fish. If you like to sitin your favorite chair and just chill out--- carpin' and catfishing shouldprovide some solid action for you. Local hotspots this weekend: Maiden Creek, Ontelaunee Lake, Trout Run Reservoir, Manatawny Creek, Tulpehocken Creek, Green Lane Reservoir, Deep Creek Lake, Perkiomen Creekand the Schuylkill River. I have not downloaded them onto the computer, as I know---thequality will not be there.My Olympus Camera has finally said no more.
RIP--that camera has served me well.A April 24, 2012Well, spent a few hours chasing some wild trout. Then I moved my way upstream, landing 2 browns in short order, then I noticed another yellow bug. It made my kids smile and gave us a great family moment when my son asked: what does it eat? I know I have plenty going on inmy life and concentrating is hard, but my goodness-- I don't think I have ever had a dry spell like this. I waited and waited, nothing happened.I even made an effort to stop at a likely spot for fish taking spent spinners. Fished a deeper pool and had the fish swiping at emergers.If you could find a riser that would NOSE your dry fly-- the fly was switched to a weightless Pheasant Tail and the fish would swipe at that. A caddis skittering about on the water was dead meat after only a few feet of staying on the water. The kids had fun--but the wind was brutal.A April 11-- Did some scouting on Manatawny Creek for tomorrow.
Even found a very nice sized fish who swiped at a caddis dryand followed a skittered caddis shoreline to shoreline.
We hit a Class A stream and found that the water was low, the wind was ripping and the trout really didn't want to play. It was awesome to watch them try to escape the water as they tried to reach land so that they could dry their wings. I believe I have seen, little black quills, black quill gordons, spring blue quills, quill gordons, a few caddis, BWOs, little black and little brown stoneflies. Landed a few trout on smaller pheasant tails, copper johns or midges fished under a bobber. This is the gentleman who created my prior bamboo rod that was broken by my father while fishing for wild brown trout. So, the sun was out and the second my rugrat was on the bus --I was down the road to fish some Class A waters in search of brown trout willing to take a dry fly on my newBamboo fly rod. Soon the ice will be a few inches thick and it willbe game on.I really miss not having aShowdownDigital Fish Finder.
I ventured downstream and left the best water to the Old Top who showed up 5 minutes after I did. As I made my way back to the best water, fisherman number 2 decided to make a dash to the head of the pool--thanks big guy ! I made a few attempts to fish some midges deep and again my offerings went without a nibble. I figured, the only chance I had at landing a trout on this side of the river was with my spinning rod, stickbaits or the pink worm. So, now we have 4 anglers in a very small area, not what I had imagined for my day of fishing.
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If you like to sitin your favorite chair and just chill out--- carpin' and catfishing shouldprovide some solid action for you.

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