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After a disaster help from the authorities will come but they cannot reach everyone in a short time. Putting together the supplies you might need after SHTF is the most important part of your family survival plan. Use an easy to carry container to put together your disaster supplies kit like a camping backpack or a cargo container that can fit on your car. Make sure you always have a smaller disaster supplies kit in your car in case you can’t return home or become stranded. Non-adherent sterile dressing (2 inch by 2 inch): Use these or Second Skin to cover blisters, burns or lacerations. Scissors: Trauma scissors, which have a blunt end to protect the patient, can be used for cutting away clothing from injury, cutting medical tape, etc. Resealable plastic bags: Many uses, including icing a swollen joint or creating wound irrigation device. ACE, Coban, or other rubberized bandage: Can be used as outer wrap on splints, wound dressings or support for joint injuries. Pain relievers, including Tylenol aspirin and Ibuprofen: Provides relief for minor aches and pains, reduces fever, helps reduce inflammation of sprains and other injuries. After Bite or hydrocortisone cream USP 1 percent: Relieves skin irritation from bites, poison oak, stings, or allergic reactions. Oral rehydration salts: Packet of electrolyte salts and glucose for treatment of dehydration, heat exhaustion, or loss of fluids from vomiting or diarrhea.
This is a photo of some of the medication and supplies available inside the Carnival Legend. Bandages – You never know when you or your children may scrape a knee or get a cut walking on the beach.
Prescription Meds- If you or any of the people traveling in your party take daily prescription medications be sure to bring plenty to cover your entire trip plus a few days just in case. Motion Sickness- Some people may be more sensitive to motion sickness than others, and even if you are an experienced boater it may be a good idea to bring a bottle of Dramamine just in case. Anti Nausea and Anti-diarrhea -Visiting foreign countries, eating different foods and drinking different beverages may not sit well with your stomach so it is smart to have some meds that will help. Remember to bring your travel first aid kit with you especially if you plan adventurous excursions.. Quick access to survival necessities during an emergency can be the difference between life and death.
Your ticket to living fear-free is a 72-hour emergency kit filled with life-sustaining necessities.
No one need be unprepared for an emergency since Legacy Premium™ offers a variety of emergency preparedness kits that allow quick, “grab and go” convenience. Legacy Premium™ has put together an amazing 2-person 72-hour survival kit that is crammed full of the basic necessities (and even some luxuries) that will keep you thriving not just surviving in any disaster.
Legacy Premium™ ready-made 72-hour survival kit is a fantastic choice for disaster preparations. The Premium Family Survival Kit from Legacy Premium provides your family with the necessities and resources needed to get through a disaster.

Having extra supplies , in case of evacuation, will make the difference between life and death and will help you and your family cope better .To be more effective always include all the family in  your disaster preparedness plan. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). This includes blogs, home pages, MySpace, Faceboook, message board avatars, newsletters (both print and web), brochures, personal projects (tee shirts, calenders, mugs, etc). Cut and apply a section to your foot as soon as you discover a “hot spot.” Duct tape also works for this purpose. Bottled PVD iodine 10 percent solution should be diluted to a ratio of 1 percent or less for flushing wounds. Also be sure to keep them inside the bottles with your name on it just in case you may need to prove it is yours. You never know what the weather may be and you don’t want to ruin your trip because of motion sickness.
I have sailed with people who after about an hour on the ship they claim they are getting sea sick.. I pack anti diarrhea pills, anti nausea, and Pepto Bismal to help relieve my stomach if needed. The Legacy Premium™ 2-Person Basic 72-hour survival kit is loaded with necessities like a tent, two sleeping bags, a radio and batteries; this 2-person kit also includes items like a first aid kit, a blanket and two ponchos, to name a few.
Experts say you need to be able to sustain yourself and your loved ones for at least 72 hours, making an emergency kit absolutely essential. This heavy-duty backpack is filled with 2-person emergency necessities that will see you through 72-hour survival.
From first aid to drinking water, playing cards and even a hygiene kit, be assured that you are ready for anything with this portable, lightweight 72-hour kit. Plan to have portable disaster-ready kits for each member in your family with Legacy Premium™ 72-hour survival kits.
Highly portable, lightweight, and easy to store, this is the perfect kit to protect your family and be prepared for disaster. Loaded with critical survival gear, this kit offers everything from tents, sleeping bags, and emergency tools to water, hand warmers, and toilet paper. In case you will have to evacuate, you probably won’t have time to shop or put together the items you need.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. I bring a similar kit with us on every trip including when we leave the ship as you never know what can happen.
If traveling with children bring children’s liquid pain relievers and fever reducers.
Its a good idea to have plenty of bandages for everyone in your family in a variety of sizes.
If you take insulin or other medications requiring a syringe ask your cabin steward for a sharps disposal container or bio bag and they should be able to provide one for you. There are many herbal remedies, patches and wristbands that people use for motion sickness but I can only speak to Dramamine which my family and I always use.

Legacy Premium Survival Kits contain important supplies like tent, two sleeping bags, a radio, batteries, first aid kit, a blanket and two ponchos to name a few. This plus other provisions all fit in a heavy-duty backpack that is lightweight and portable should a quick evacuation be necessary. No one knows how long it will take relief workers to get to you so arm yourself with this 2-person kit filled with quick necessities that will cover you for 72 hours. Quick-grab 72-Hour Emergency kits include necessities such as water, matches, a handy 5-in-1 whistle (compass, whistle, flint, signal mirror and waterproof match container) and a first aid kit.
If you are looking for a comprehensive and portable, ready-to-go survival kit then rest assured: this large, heavy-duty backpack is loaded with more disaster preparedness essentials than anything else on the market. Including a super cool 5-in-1 Survival Whistle (Compass, Whistle, Flint, Signal Mirror, and Waterproof Match Container), a tent, two sleeping bags and even a portable water filtration system good for 50 gallons, you will be set for two persons’ 72-hour disaster survival.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. If you are planning to do some serious adventures I would highly recommend you buying Quikclot If you happen to have a serious laceration, especially a head laceration you can bleed heavily.
Dramamine is a popular medication used to prevent motion sickness, it comes in a regular and non drowsy formula. It is a mental thing for most people but if you do get out to sea and hit some rough water you will definitely feel the difference. It can also help if you contract a stomach virus onboard, although it is rare it does happen. All fitting in a heavy-duty backpack that is lightweight and portable for quick evacuation.
Keep these necessities quickly accessible and take comfort that, should an emergency occur, your 72-hour kit is ready to help you through it. Be assured that you have enough portable gear ready for 72 hours thanks to Legacy Premium™ ready-made kits. Every six months the food, water and batteries must be replaced to keep in working order your kits.
Quikclot can stop the bleeding fast and help you get to the hospital without using too much blood. As soon as you start feeling legitimately sea sick don’t try to fight it, take the recommended dosage as soon as you can. Ask them to think of items that they would like to include in their oun disaster supplies kit. If you happen to hit rough water and run out of Dramamine the ship may  have a few bottles for sale but not only will they be very expensive, but they will quickly be purchased by folks who forgot to bring any at all.

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