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Our 4 person, 3 day survival kit is packaged in a durable nylon backpack and designed for the car.
Here is the food and water pack.  Go to the post and check out all the other items he has put into his survival backpack. If you have a family you will probably need more than one Grab Bag, as it is unlikely you could carry everything your family requires in one backpack.
In an emergency situation you need to be able to get to your survival backpack as quickly as possible.
If your home is only 5 miles away your get home bag might only contain a good pair of walking shoes, a bottle of water, an energy bar or two, a torch, and a small first aid kit.
However, if you are likely to be stuck one hundred miles from home your get home bag will likely resemble a complete bug out bag.  As it is unlikely you would be able to get home in one day, you would have to include items such as food and water, shelter of some kind, warm clothes, fire making equipment, some cash, etc. As mentioned earlier, your Bug Out Bag should include enough supplies and equipment for you to be able to survive for three or more days and get you from point A to Point B in relative safety.
Many of the basic contents for your emergency backpack will be the same for most people, however each kit needs be customized to suit your individual needs, the season, the likely terrain you will face, etc.  For example, if you live in rural Texas and you have to “bug out” in the middle of summer, your requirements will be totally different than if you lived in New Your City and you had to evacuate in the middle of winter. This Compensation Disclosure has been provided for your protection and to fully disclose any relationship between this sites product or service recommendations and the owners of those product or services. makes use of affiliate relationships with merchants for monetization. Text and image ads that appear on are provided by third party ad agencies such as Google Adsense.
If you have questions about any affiliations on this website, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you’re curious about the temperature, you can use the car windshield reflector to gauge hot or cold. Following is a list of considerations to keep in mind when searching for your survival knife.
My personal choice as the ultimate survival knife especially for primitive living exercises is the USAF Survival Knife, seen in the photo to the right. On the original the sheath is leather, the snap is very secure, it has a number of holes where 550 cord can be tied for securing the knife to your body, and it has a pocket with a small sharpening stone. The Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) company makes a full line of very nice, affordable knives. I also have and older model- the Stiff KISS (pictured above with sheath and 550 cord wrapped on handle)- which I carry as a lightweight survival knife for backpacking and hiking.
The Swedish company Frosts makes a line of fixed blade survival, hunting and fishing knives that are extremely reasonable in price.
When it comes to larger knives, the question of necessity must be asked- do you really need to carry something so large and heavy? There is one machete however that has proved itself in my Utah travels- the Martindale Golok Number 2. The photo above shows the Martindale Golok No.2 machete with issue sheath and an 8 inch Nicholson file for keeping it sharp with its cloth file sheath.
Beyond the reasonably priced and functional survival knife there are hundreds of knives that are overpriced and are basically overkill, no matter how you look at them. This comprehensive survival kit contains the most effective emergency supplies for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, lighting, radio, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare for all disasters. In an earthquake we need to have access to shoes, flashlight, a whistle, and water right away.  They often happen when we least expect them, like in the middle of the night. Ideally it should include enough supplies and equipment for you to be able to survive for a minimum of three days (72 Hours).
It is no use to you if it is buried in your garage under a lifetime of accumulated junk, the electricity is out, it is the middle of the night, and there is a foot of water running through your house and garage, and you need to get out now. Its main function in an emergency situation is to get you from where you might be stuck, e.g. All public transport is stopped, all roads are blocked, and your only way to get home is on foot. The owner of this website is required by the FTC to inform you that a relationship exists between and some of the products or services it reviews, recommends or promotes.

This means when you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in a commission that is credited to this site. I earn a full-time living as an affiliate marketer, so it is essential that I maintain my credibility. Outside Magazine typically makes it their business to focus on high-end, store-bought camping gear and outdoor equipment. And for something to stand or sit on, look no further than the ground cover.A Do you have a few other DIY camping tricks?
Whichever route you choose to go, as with all survival gear, be sure to use your knife, get familiar with it and know its limitations before you need to use it. The knife is a bit heavy for ultralight backpacking, but otherwise meets all of my personal requirements in a blade. The 550 cord acts like a sling to carry the knife over the shoulder and is long enough for use on a bow for a bow and drill fire kit.
The knife pictured below, the Mora Military Survival Knife, has a carbon steel blade and costs about 15 dollars including the sheath.
It is a British-made, military issue machete that is solid, strong and has enough weight behind it to be a functional tool.
Remember, after a disaster, stores will be closed, roads will be down, and you may have to get out of your car and travel great distances by foot to get to a safe or familiar location. Keep a backpack close by your bed with supplies and throw peanuts and granola bars in there.  Earthquakes seem to be increasing the past 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to get the same attention that things like survival knives, guns, and bugout bags get. Before you go looking for your knife, ask yourself these questions: How often will you be using your knife? The handle end of the knife, the butt, is a piece of solid steel and can be used as a hammer. They have a double locking mechanism that makes them as close to a fixed blade knife as you can get in a folder. I have a number of machetes among my knives and all have had extensive use during my travels in Central America for cutting my way through the thick jungle growth. While it is not something I would carry on a long backpack, or even on a dayhike unless I knew that it would be absolutely necessary, I do take it along on all my river trips. WIll it sit on a shelf most of the year and only come out for a couple of backpack trips in the summer? There are sawteeth on the back of the blade- something I use a lot- perfect for creating a notch in a fireboard.. It serves a multi-functional tool for cutting poles and stakes for shelters (from driftwood and beaver-cut willows) and for chopping firewood to fit in the firepan.
I keep a length of 550 cord tied to the belt loop on the sheath for slinging it over my shoulder for carrying.
But it is just too much for me to carry these days, especially as an ultralight backpacker. 3 day supply for 4 people, 5 Year Shelf-life.(10) Water Purification Tablets - To purify unsanitary water. It can be a life saver when dealing with a cut or wound where medical help may be too far away to quickly reach. Mora knives are quite functional, although a bit on the light side for long-term or primitive living use.
It has features such as a solid butt for pounding, a full tang, large sawteeth, and a handle made of DuPont Hypalon that absorbs shock and stays put in your hand even when soaking wet.
Duct tape can quickly and safely pull together an open wound, and can buy you time until you can reach medical help.Butterfly Sutures – Another great way to close up small wounds is to use something know as a butterfly suture.
Will your knife be used for extended periods of time, in primitive living situations for example? The 150 dollars I paid for this knife in the mid-1980's can easily be surpassed these days by custom survival knives costing as much as 800 dollars (I am thinking specifically here of a knife designed by Tom Brown.) I carried the BMF on my LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) for years during my time in the Army and was very happy with it. These types of adhesive strips pull the edges of a small cut together in the same way as a doctor’s sutures.When using duct tape or butterfly sutures to close a wound.

It was very reasonable a few years back, about 20 dollars, including shipping from the U.K. Now it sits in my knife drawer with about 20 other knives I have collected and used over the years. I bought the file at the local hardware store, and the sheath specifically designed for the knife at Brigade Quartermasters. They can help stop an anaphylaxis reaction and buy you time until medical help arrives.Items Specific to Your Unique Medical NeedsNo one kit is right for every person. That’s why special attention needs to be put into developing a kit for yourself and your loved ones. A lot of people are allergic or find very irritating many soaps, some people cannot use Hand SANITIZERS on their skin.
Two grandkids have sleep apnea and have to use a cpap at night to sleep, they both got one way before the age of six.
So can someone come up with a fairly easy tool or way to make a cpap for all to use that need it when we do NOT have electricity, distilled water, ect.
After the #1 in it is alcohol some have aloe which are a little less drying.Reply megan May 4, 2016 at 3:09 pm linda the day you send that comment was my birthday finally yaay!!!!! I talk to people about their health in a professional setting all day long and the thing is people don’t have a clue how to help themselves. Now would be a great time to research that and not rely on an overly busy doctor or others to be prepared for that matter.
If you thing you can dictate what others do because of your needs, your not taking responsibility. While using glue that you can buy in the store to close a wound would work, it also may produce extreme skin irritation and skin death when purchased in over-the-counter form. There are medical superglues that are often used in place of stitches to close certain types of wounds.Superglue is made of a substance called cyanoacrylate. When it comes into contact with liquids like water, it forms a plastic mesh that will keep skin, or anything someone wants glued, neatly bonded together.
Regular superglue has methyl alcohol, however, which creates heat in order to produce the bonding effect. Using this type of glue to close a wound in deep tissue could result in killing some of the surrounding skin cells.It is true that the US military used superglue to close wounds during the Vietnam War. If u have fluids u can use it to replace them faster by using stethoscope.Reply Linda RN April 26, 2016 at 4:16 pm I meant BP cuff buta cheap stethoscope would be good to pack too!
I use wild crafted oil of oregano (one drop under tongue) at the onset of any cold or sore throat and have not been sick in years.
Ten Tiny white pills wipe out that symptom so nothing continues to magnify into real discomfort. Someone else might know how to use it or maybe you just figure it out bc people are dyingReply Linda RN April 26, 2016 at 4:35 pm Emt classes are pricey. People are always picking things up, touching things and then eating without a thought.This can be risky. Clean hands are therefore extremely important out in the field before doing any food or water prep. Washing your hands regularly with soap and water is not always possible and a real faff if you are having to sterilise water to do it.Either there is no soap and water, the water is not reliable or there is no clean towel available.
For all those moments when there is no soap and water available, Care Plus® Clean Disinfect Gel is the solution.It is a softening and cleansing antibacterial gel that protects your hands against harmful outside influences. I would add tampons,panty liners heavy absorbency, which make great wound plugs like gauze, and dressings.

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