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We're already paying ?1,750 for council tax while our home fuel bill is nearly ?1,200 a year and now it's just going to go up. We've tried to make our house as energy efficient as possible - there's nothing more we can do. Gabriel was given a heating allowance aged 60 when he didn't need it; he was ashamed as he was in a full-time job.
That is because they like to move as a herd and because they are subject to the same pressures on their costs.
But take heed of what the regulator thinks: the only direction for energy prices in the coming years is up.
Consumer Focus said that the government and the energy regulator should do more to protect households from the effect of growing energy costs."From next year, an average of ?4bn will be taken from consumer bills in the form of carbon taxes," Audrey Gallacher said.
British Gas claimed that customers that had already implemented energy saving measures had seen their fuel consumption drop by up to 40%, and as a result the average total fuel bills of its customers had not risen faster than inflation, despite the increases in fuel charge rates.In addition, under the government's Warm Home Discount Scheme, energy suppliers agreed to give discounts on energy bills to older households who receive certain benefits. Energy firm npower today became the fourth major UK provider to cut gas prices, announcing a reduction of up to 7% in standard bills.
The move, which will take place on 26 March, will see npower's 2m residential gas customers pay on average A?50 less.

It is also overhauling its discounts for those who pay by monthly direct debit, which will see the 12-month anniversary discount available to electricity customers double to A?40, equivalent to 4.8% off their electricity bill. Today's announcement will reduce tariffs by 6.7% on average for npower's single fuel gas customers who pay quarterly on receipt of their bill. It added that, by taking into account the additional discounts offered for paying monthly by direct debit, the average npower gas bill reduces by 7.8%. Dual fuel customers will benefit from a 7.1% cut on average, including the changes to the monthly direct debit discounts.
The group has 100,000 out of 2m gas customers on monthly direct debit payment plans, which allows households to pay a flat rate every month throughout the year - reviewed every six months to check cost against usage. By regions, the biggest cut for monthly direct debit gas customers is 13% in the East Midlands, with the smallest being a 2% cut in Wales. For those who pay quarterly on receipt of bill, the price cuts vary from 9% in the East Midlands to 2% in Wales.
Consumer Focus said that, for those who pay by monthly direct debit, npower would be the second cheapest of the 'big six' for gas, behind E.ON, but is still the third most expensive for electricity. The only two of the major providers yet to cut prices in the latest round of reductions are Scottish Power and EDF.

Energy suppliers may have begun cutting their gas and electricity charges - but some are still a lot cheaper than others. Thousands of customers are due money back after energy firms mix up imperial and metric gas meters: Could you be affected? But now when we need it, it has halved - everything goes up day-by-day while our pension goes down.
We'll have to wear a lot of wool, too, and cut down on our other costs - such as spending on food.
He said: 'This doesn't come in the shape of a full-scale price cut though, but through a boost to the discount available to single fuel direct debit customers. Failure to hit the target each year could result in penalties from the energy regulator Ofgem, so most utilities are offering some form of help with insulation as a way of reducing the amount of gas that households burn.

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