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MCES strives to keep wastewater rates below the national average for similar-sized utilities. The map below compares Metropolitan (Twin Cities) retail rates (city rates which include MCES' wholesale charges) to other publicly owned treatment systems around the country.
When compared to other household service costs, the Twin Cities average retail charge for sewer service is a bargain. The mission of the Metropolitan Council is to foster efficient and economic growth for a prosperous metropolitan region.
This page describes the tariffs and the bill structure for residential customers with Con Edison. With electricity prices rising each year, here are a few ideas for taking the pressure off your energy budget. Another option you can take is to take a look at the rate you're paying with Con Edison, and see if it can be beat by an alternate energy supply company (ESCO).
To learn more about energy supply options in your area, check out our pages on energy in New York, or call us directly at 347-410-8789 to find the best rates in your area.
This introduction gives information about the dates between which the usage is being measured, and the amount of usage that has been read on the meter (253kWh). Market price: this is the price that Con Edison charges you for the purchase of the electricity on the wholesale market, if you do not choose an alternate supplier.
Did You Know?The Electricity Supply charge together with the Merchant Function Charge can be compared with alternate supplier offers to get the best deal for electricity (and gas). Your delivery charges pay for the cost of the utility company to deliver the electricity from the point of production to your place of residence. Delivery charge: this is a charge per kWh, which pays for the maintenance of the grid used to transmit and distribute the electricity to your home. RPS charges (state surcharge): the Renewable Portfolio Standard is a charge which pays for renewable goals set by New York State. The Temporary New York State Surcharge is created to encourage the conservation of energy and other resources provided through utility companies.
The graph in this section will describe your monthly electricity consumption and help you manage your usage. This introduction, just like for electricity, gives the amount of gas that has been used, as read on the meter.
The delivery charges for gas are structured slightly differently from how they are presented for electricity.
In fact, vampire appliances account for about 10 percent of an average household’s energy bill, according to the Association of Energy Services Professionals. If you’re not sure whether an electronic device or appliance is an energy vampire, first check the plug. The good news is that you can have the upper hand in warding off these vampires, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars each year. Unplug: One way is simply unplugging any appliances, electronics and chargers that aren’t in use.

Buy smart: Of course, if you’re like me, you’re spooked by the thought of another thing on your to-do list. Auto power-down: For TVs and game consoles, you can rely on the automatic power-down feature, which turns off the device after a certain length of inactivity. Go green: Vampires or not, it’s always better for the environment and your bank account when you buy appliances and devices that are energy efficient.
PG&E wants to help all of our customers keep their energy bills as affordable as possible.
Tim Fitzpatrick is PG&E’s vice president of corporate relations and chief communications officer.
Solar Water Heaters are a simple and cost effective way of harnessing the sun's free energy. MCES also contributes to the economic vitality of the region through quality and cost-effective wastewater utility management.
Information is from the 2014 National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) Financial Survey, and compares average annual retail rates (the map includes all agencies that treat more than 100 mgd and reported their rates to NACWA -this was 25 agencies). Cable TV: $78--Average cable bill was $78 in 2011 ($53 for basic no frill service) per market research firm SNL Kagan. Natural Gas: $58--CenterPoint Energy average residential customer budget plan in February 2012. Sewer Service: $18--Average retail rate per household in the Twin Cities metropolitan area in 2010.
We give you an example of a Con Edison Electricity & Gas bill, and offer some tips on how to save money with Con Edison.
A lot of the items on your Con Edison bill are charged on a per kWh basis, so improving your energy efficiency at home can go a long way towards lowering your bills.
With electricity markets in New York open to competition, many alternative suppliers can offer competitive rates for electricity and natural gas.
Since the price of wholesale electricity on the market varies at each instant, the market price given here is the average of the market price over the billing period. This is the price that you can compare with alternate suppliers in order to choose the best deal. The measurement unit for gas is a unit of volume, the ccf (centum cubic-feet, equal to 100 cubic feet. Concerning the merchant function charge, just like for electricity, Con Edison will not bill you this if you choose an alternate supplier.
The billing and payment charge for gas can also be possibly avoided if you switch to an alternate supplier, but this will depend on the supplier. But there’s something else lurking around the house year-round that you probably aren’t thinking about: vampire appliances. Many have rectangular adapter boxes on their plugs that stay warm even when the devices are off, indicating they’re still drawing power. Solar hot water systems supply an average 80-90% of a household annual water heating needs.

MCES receives a portion of this amount (about 70%), with the remaining going to city governments. This measurement of volume is then converted into an energy value, the therm using the conversion factor 1.018. Vampire appliances are electronic devices like televisions and game consoles that continue drawing power even when you think you’ve turned them off. Environmental Protection Agency reports that idle gadgets waste more than 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity annually—costing consumers a terrifying $10 billion each year. These cost a bit more than standard power strips, but they have different plugs for different types of devices.
Here the basic service charge also includes a billing and payment charge, which pays for the cost of producing, sending you bill and processing your payment. Indeed, currently, 1 centum cubic-foot of natural gas sold to you by Con Edison will have an energy of 1.018 therm. You can possibly avoid this charge when you switch to an alternate supplier, but this will depend on whether the supplier agrees to pay for this billing charge or not.
This solar hot water tank can be installed alone or together with a gas or electric heater as the primary hot water tank. No hot water during blackouts Benefits of Solar Water Heating Solar Water Heaters Work In Every Climate Today's SWH technologies can be operated efficiently and affordably in any climate. Systems are specifically designed for various climatic and geographical areas of the country. Reduce Energy Costs By installing a SWH system, a typical household can meet 50 to 80 percent of their hot water needs. In southern climates, a SWH unit can meet nearly 100 percent of a household's hot water needs. In other areas, a SWH system usually can meet 100% of household hot water needs during summer months, and around 50% hot water needs during winter months.
The other hot water needs will be supplemented by conventional electric or gas water heating. Proven Efficient Technology Currently there are more than 300,000 SWH units installed across the United States (excluding swimming pool applications) and because these systems have been proven efficient and reliable, the number of installations continues to grow by the thousands every year. Improved Environment Reduced demand for fossil fuels will improve the environment by reducing air and water pollution as well as the heat-trapping gases that cause global warming. And though they cost a little bit more up front to install, a SWH system will save consumers money in the long run as the fuel source (the sun's energy) will always be free.
We will ship together with solar hot water collector using freight if one or more solar hot water collector is purchased. Please use freight shipping calculator to estimate shipping cost, or contact us 636-537-5888 to get quote for shipping.

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