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This whole crackpot scheme of assessing the livability of a rented minivan was born while perusing a travel site a few days earlier.
The more well-heeled among this nation’s unemployed might be able to spend their evenings in a Red Roof Inn or Candlewood Suites.
A small ad offered a $45 a day minivan rental deal to usher in the end of summer in my tourist-centric city.
Throw in a panhandling bonus for gas, food and Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys, and the essentials are more or less covered. The Stow-N-Go system gives you the ability to fold the second- and third-row seats flat into the floor, and the spaces they occupy become valuable storage bins when the seats are in use. But when they wake up in the morning to head off to that interview, they’ll need to either hail a cab or thumb it to get there.
Jeep will bild 50 serialized production Wranglers based on the Red Rock Concept as a tribute..

Operating any of the accessories draws electrical power that will eventually necessitate a fill-up to recharge, costly by any standards in a vehicle with a 20 gallon tank which got just 17 mpg in our hands. Our Grand Caravan resident can simply wake up, find the nearest public park facilities and arrive in style in a new, shiny vehicle that screams middle-class prosperity. With 283 horsepower, highest among current minivan offerings, the choice was basically made for us. What can’t be overlooked, though, is the symphony of creaks, groans and rattles this example with a mere 13,000 miles had already accumulated.
You’ll also need to be very selective when it comes to choosing what possessions you want to bring aboard.
A quick crunch of the numbers revealed that, for a month, this rented van would run $1,350- a figure not out of line with the typical rent for a nice place in most US cities. The acrid smell greeting us upon entry of our tester almost resulted in a last minute play change- turns out the previous renter saw fit to leave a rotting bottle of formula, a spilled full box of cheerios and a bottle of Motrin in the middle-row storage binnacle. 14 separate storage cubbies are placed scatter shot throughout the cabin, great for organizing dry goods like Top Ramen packages and unemployment checks. Unlike with an apartment, your Alamo landlord will also throw in electricity gratis, courtesy of your van-abode’s 12-volt charging system and multiple power outlets- what a perk!

Although all staples of parenthood, and a potential meal-on-the-go for cash-strapped van residents, the purely temporary nature of our poverty ensured all of this stuff was jettisoned at the first pit stop.
This doesn’t bode especially well for the new fleet of Chryslers, especially given how much touting of improved build quality the company has done in recent years. Luckily, the standard sound system is loud enough to drown much of it out, perhaps engineered to help silence the screaming infants that typically occupy rearward rows.
The rear privacy glass keeps out prying hobo eyes, and the low load floor makes for cavernous quarters. Comfortably sleeping two (three in a pinch), the 45 square feet under roof feature door-to-door carpeting at a price lower than a similarly sized Manhattan studio.

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