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Considering that most station wagons at that time had some authentic wood in their bodies, the prospect of building an all steel station wagon in 1946 made a lot of business sense. By building an all steel wagon as a passenger vehicle, Willys-Overland  was able to mass produce the station wagon very efficiently. As mentioned above there were a variety of engines available for the 1950 Willys Station Wagons. Suspension for the vehicle were front independent coil springs and rear longitudinal leaf springs.
You may also be interested in the Jeep Collector’s Library by author Jim Allen from MotorBooks International.
The Willys Station Wagon, like the beauty featured in this article,  overshadowed other Willys models during it’s 1946 to 1964 run. Willys-Overland built the Willys Wagons (Jeep Wagons) until 1953 when they were acquired by Kaiser.

Sheriff's patrol car damaged when suspected DUI driver rear-ends itMuch of popular Yellowstone River closes after thousands of fish dieMom goes bankrupt paying for son's incarceration, court scolds O.C. Other claimed attributes for the Willys Wagon included easy maintenance and superior safety. These were the 463, 473 and 673 models.The 463 and 473 versions came with a 134 cubic inch (Go Devil) engine. Some engines had more power than others but as a whole the Willys Station Wagon was probably underpowered considering the vehicles size and weight. You’ll likely see asking prices in the low to high $20,000 range for examples in excellent condition. The first Willys Station Wagon in 1946 was a 463 model and it was powered with a flathead four engine. Brooks Stevens not only designed automobiles but also kitchen appliances, architecture and even the Miller Brewing logo.

As a side note, the first Jeep MB (Willys MB) was produced in 1941 making it the oldest American off road vehicle. The Station Wagons built by both Willys-Overland and then by Kaiser-Willys have kept that Jeep ruggedness look and therefore are quite unique where Wagons are concerned. One attribute in addition to the vehicles utility is the ruggedness of it’s construction.

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