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This just in from inside Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles - the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer is set to be previewed to dealers at the biennial dealer show in Las Vegas.
In a similar manner to the Range Rover, the all-new Jeep Grand Wagoneer promises to be an off-road machine that can hold its own when the going gets rough. ABS airbags zij armsteun achter armsteun voor boordcomputer bumpers in carrosseriekleur climate control cruise control elek.
Dear Range Rover, you’ve been waiting for a brawl and the 2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer might give you a run for you money. Building up on the family-oriented character of the former Grand Wagoneer (built until 1991), the new model is set to receive three rows of seats and seating for seven adults.
It's an incongruous mix for sure, Rockstar's controversy baiting seemingly diametrically opposed to the wholesome family appeal that's become Nintendo's stock in trade of late. First and foremost, the 2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer will be imbued with capability and refinement.

Subsequently, it's no wonder that expectations for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars have been muted, with the game's initial announcement last year stoking fears of a quick-fire cash in on the runaway success of both Grand Theft Auto IV and the DS machine. Expertly straddling GTA's top-down heritage and the high production values of more recent outings, it's a game that celebrates the game's past while acquiring the refinements bought about in the latter 3D incarnations. The resultant mix is one that's likely to feel like manna from heaven for series stalwarts, and for latecomer's it's still one of the most beguiling games the DS has to offer. The grit and grime are obvious points of intersection with GTA IV, while the neon glory of Star Square, the low-down squalor of Broker and the high rise glamour of Algonquin retain their character despite the considerable reduction of resolution.
It's all outlined by an impressive level of detail squeezed onto the DS: whether it's the neon under-glow that emanates from the high-end sports cars, the subtle shifting of weather patterns or the news-stands that collapse in a shower of paper when collided with, this is as atmospheric a rendition of urban America as that pulled off in GTA IV. The forced perspective doesn't allow for the digital tourism that helped define GTA IV but nevertheless, Liberty City is still Chinatown War's most engaging character. It's there superficially in the perspective, a pseudo 2D mode rendered in a robust and at times beautiful game engine.
Chinatown Wars feels like GTA IV as witnessed by Claude Speed and if the general aesthetic is borrowed from Niko's adventure then the underlying mechanics are most certainly taken from the GTA of old.

Take a Stallion to the streets and it's a challenge keeping its rear-end in check; get behind the wheel of an Infernus and it's a feat of considerable concentration, keeping your reflexes in tune with the car's ferocious speed. Navigating the slim streets is made somewhat easier by an optional steering assist that helps stabilise the cars but with or without it the handling's a treat. The vehicle roster goes beyond four wheels as well, taking in bulldozers, bikes, boats, jet-skis and, most pleasingly, tanks. Chinatown Wars marks a return of some of the more eccentric elements of the series that were jettisoned to service IV's more sombre tone: vigilante missions stage a comeback, as do taxi driver missions, ambulance driver missions and rampage missions among others, and when it comes to periphery activities Chinatown Wars easily trumps its high definition cousin. No better is this evident than in the all-new drug-dealing mini-game, which proves to be one of the most compelling aspects of Chinatown Wars.
Representing a bustling and very much alive in-game economy, the price of narcotics fluctuates as supply and demand ebbs and flows – and keeping abreast of the shifting economy to nab a sweet deal is a constantly gratifying pleasure.

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