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In the future, when the zombies begin to roam through your town devouring all the brains in their path, be prepared to protect your family and defend yourself by grabbing this cool new Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit.
The second half Season 3 The Walking dead is back on the TV so we are bringing back the Apocalypse kit.
An extra pack of 6 x 17" bolts, a pack of three broadhead arrow tips and a cocking rope to make a quick reload stress-free. Pretty much everything you need to survive the apocalypse bar a set of balls and a will to live. The MACHETE - Again I love it, SO LIGHT with a lovley grip, however its still a powerful blade I like it alot.
As for the site itself im well chuffed, very nice site as you can see, and great delivery will deffiantly be using again!

4 the machete is super cool feels awesome and is strong enough to help in the garden it even comes with a sharpening stone!
5 I''m now ready for zombies so that''s 5 stars at a bargin price and super fast delivery!!! First off the crossbow, absolutely amazing, even after watching videos on the internet I was still stunned at the sheer power of it! I’m making a zombie apocalypse kit that will be auctioned for charity and this is perfect! This mega cache of survival blades includes 3 knives, 2 machetes, 1 parang and an axe all rolled up in a durable canvas carrying case. It's the perfect set of sharp tools for lopping off undead heads, cutting through suburban brush and protecting your safe spot from others running from the Walking Dead.

Privacy Policy5685 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.
First shot went straight through some ply wood and cardboard I was using and into the recycling bin!

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